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Wednesday 28 November, 2012

#86 Fireside Chat: Highlights

Highlights from Episode 86, including our Catching Fire motion poster celebration and interview with V. Arrow, author of The Panem Companion.

Monday 26 November, 2012

'The Panem Companion' Victory Tour: District 1

We’re proud to represent District 1 on The Panem Companion Victory Tour! Not only do we have an exclusive excerpt from the book to show you, but we’re also giving away a copy!

Sunday 25 November, 2012

Review: 'The Panem Companion'

Our review of The Panem Companion, a new guide to the Hunger Games trilogy by V. Arrow.

Sunday 25 November, 2012

#86 Fireside Chat: Motion Posters and Arrows

We share our thoughts on the Catching Fire motion poster (unveiled last Tuesday) and interview the author of The Panem Companion.

Saturday 24 December, 2011

#39 Fireside Chat: Safe & Sound

In addition to discussing Taylor Swift’s “Safe & Sound” and other soundtrack news, the mayors of TheCapitol.PN join us to battle it out and answer questions.

Monday 15 August, 2011

#20 Fireside Chat: The Ultimate Showdown, Round 2

We discuss whether Tyra Banks ripped off The Hunger Games, introduce Perri Nemiroff of Movies.com, and host Round 2 of the Peeta-Gale debate.

Monday 08 August, 2011

#19 Fireside Chat: The Orange Backpack

Our panel chats about the Catching Fire release date, Steven Soderbergh, the newest stills of Katniss and Peeta, and the fabled orange backpack.

Monday 13 June, 2011

#11 Fireside Chat: The Ultimate Showdown, Round 1

Team Peeta, Team Gale, and Team Katniss clash in Round 1 of our Ultimate Showdown. Whether you support the Boy with the Bread, the Boy with the Snares, or the Girl on Fire, you won’t want to miss this!

Friday 10 June, 2011

#10.5 Fireside Chat: Stopping by Fireside on a Snowy Evening

In this special edition episode, we rave about Donald Sutherland, debate the decision to produce four films instead of three, and worry about the “steamy” rumor.

Monday 04 April, 2011

#1 Fireside Chat: Pilot

Meg and V. share the story behind their extraordinary map of Panem, Jennie Duke gives us an Aussie perspective, and we react to the recent casting of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth.