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Sunday 07 October, 2012

#79 Fireside Chat: Peeta's Walking Stick

Topics include filming updates, new cinematographer Jo Willems, the Danny Strong rumors, the sad Hob lady, and Peeta’s walking stick!

Sunday 25 March, 2012

#50 Fireside Chat: Highlights

Highlights from Episode 50, including some of our premiere experiences and our responses to several listener-submitted questions about the movie.

Saturday 17 March, 2012

#50 Fireside Chat: The World is Watching

We celebrate our 50th episode by talking all about our experiences attending the World Premiere of The Hunger Games in L.A. and gearing up for the midnight release!

Friday 16 March, 2012

World Premiere Weekend: Our Pictures and Video

Check out our exclusive pictures and video of the Hob and more!

Sunday 26 February, 2012

#48 Fireside Chat: Seeing Stars

We chat with the creators of a new fan film, round up the latest movie news, discuss the finalized rating and running time, and more!

Monday 12 September, 2011

#24 Fireside Chat: Happy Birthday, Everyone!

We remember 9/11, celebrate the 1-year birthdays of The Hob and DWTC, interview a couple of talented Rockingjays, and introduce football to Panem.