#133 Fireside Chat: Orange Backpack, Yellow Flicker Beat Monday 06 October, 2014

“Orange Backpack, Yellow Flicker Beat”

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The Hunger Games franchise has been synonymous with many colors. President Snow’s white roses. District 12’s black coal mines. Katniss’s orange backpack, which we have popularized on this show in the past. Now, we add Lorde’s “Yellow Flicker Beat” to the spectrum and discuss the quality of its hue.

Episode 133 will air live this Monday, October 6, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include Theresa and Brittany from Down with the Capitol, Tiffany from Welcome to District 12, JJ from Victor’s Village, and Molly from Panem Propaganda!

Courtney, also from Welcome to District 12, will stand in again for Savanna as co-host!

In addition to discussing Lorde’s musical contribution, we will also shed some light on the recent stills.

Do you like Lorde’s “Yellow Flicker Beat?” How does it compare with Taylor Swift and Coldplay’s contributions in the previous two movies? Please sing your hearts out in the comment section, and we will read your opinions out loud during the episode!

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  • satsumarena says:

    I’m torn about Yellow Flicker Beat, I like many of the lyrics, Lorde has said she did draw inspiration from the book, specifically the Peeta rescue/hijack arc, and I can definitely see parallels in the jewel imagery and how Katniss really is a D13 “asset” considered too important to risk in the rescue mission, the nod to the “necklace of rope”; certainly the “my people talk to me, I’m slipping out of reach now” would fit with how Katniss often slips out of the reach of her handlers and does her own thing, both in D8 and later in the Capitol.

    That being said, I found the “ooh I’m going in” attitude and much of the music to a little bit TOO upbeat for MJ-Katniss. Unless they’re planning on continuing to depict Katniss as she was at the end of CF, devastated but determined as well. Whereas book Katniss came across to me as always questioning everything and really not that sure if she’s doing the right thing.

    • Does she sing “I’m going in”? I’ve found one transcription (?) that has that line as “I’m done with it”. Are there lyrics on the single, or is everyone just trying to make out what she’s singing?

  • Quin Landry says:

    I love this song way better than the snooze fest of cold plays atlas

  • Isabel says:

    Yellow Flicker Beat is a good Lorde song to me, the musical style and feel is very her, that’s just it though. It’s a Lorde song it’s not a mockingjay song. I really respect her trying to gain inspiration from the source material and I do like some of the lyrics (“They used to shout my name, now they whisper it”). The two opening lyrics struck me as weird because katniss has little metaphorical resonance to a “princess cut from marble, smoother than the storm”. But the sound didn’t hit the feel of the story for me. The beat is too strong and the sound too uplifting intermixed with weird hums from Lorde. Atlas for Catching Fire was a better match for the material for me, though I know it’s not good to compare.

  • Annie B says:

    I think its really hard to compare Safe and Sound to Atlas and Atlas to Yellow Flicker Beat. Safe and Sound was the beginning, it was that initial fear of the games, but then the turn around for hope for safety even when they will never be “safe” again. Atlas was the push off for the revolution. The lyrics “Some saw the sun Some saw the smoke some heard the gun Some bent the bow,” to me is Panem realizing what a symbol Katniss is, but Katniss not realizing her impact. Finally Yellow Flicker Beat IS the revolution. The lyrics “This is the start of how it all ever ends, They used to shout my name, now they whisper it,” they seem to be that moment that Katniss realizes what an Impact she makes and that there really are worse games to play. Yellow Flicker Beat is really that crumble point, that point where Katniss is learning what she is, but is still unsure of how to play her role. Any wrong step could bring everything crashing down. This song really does represent the start how of how it all ends.

    Another thing that people need realize when questioning each of these songs is the fact that these are artist INTERPRETATIONS of the books, or parts of the books. Everyone has a different picture in their head of how certain scenes are played out, not everyone’s mental picture is going to be the same, therefore the song may not describe behaviors and emotions exactly to a T as you would have interpreted them. In the end all three of these artists wrote songs to interpret the emotions of these books and in the end I think almost everyone can agree that each song to an extent has its “flaws” but also has its really great in depth emotional qualities that we all look for in headlining songs.

  • Unsocializedhomeschooler says:

    I like “Yellow Flicker Beat” as a stand alone song, but I don’t think it is as valuable a contribution to the Hunger Games franchise as “Safe and Sound” or “Atlas” were.

    “Safe and Sound” captured the tone and feeling of The Hunger Games perfectly. It blended a nostalgically soft melody with lyrics that were deep and relevant to the movie. “Yellow Flicker Beat” seems like it’s telling Mockingjay’s story, “My necklace is a rope/ I tie it and untie it,” but something isn’t quite right. It’s almost feels like it’s trying to hard to be the perfect Mockingjay song–hinting at events in the book, providing us with a distant thumping beat to fight too, giving us lyrics to analyze, but it just doesn’t have the heart that “Safe and Sound” and “Atlas” do.

    Don’t get me wrong–it’s a good song and I enjoy listening to it, I’m just not sure if it’s really the *right* song for this movie. Maybe I’m being too picky…

    • Quin Landry says:

      These stills are fantastic my favorite is actually Peetas’ the expression on his face just moves me

    • Quin Landry says:

      I like the secrey in my opinion catching fire was a little weak for me because it was spoiled

  • Kim Buus says:

    Yellow flicker beat was amazing! I loved that she put “They used to shout my name, now the whisper it” That reminds me of the how everyone has to be quiet about the whole rebellion and how they are all quite about Katniss.

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