#132 Fireside Chat: How Things Have Changed Monday 29 September, 2014

“How Things Have Changed”

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Our love for the Hunger Games franchise may have withstood the test of time, but we have all gone through several transformations, both as participants and as spectators. The same can be said for certain characters in the story, such as Effie, and in this episode, we will juxtapose our own changes with those of the characters.

Episode 132 will air live this Monday, September 29, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include Brittany from Down with the Capitol, Ronnie from Jabberjays.net, Ariel from Nerdy, Wordy, and Over Thirty, Rebekah from Victor’s Village, and Jessi from The Fandom!

Courtney from Welcome to District 12 will stand in for Savanna as co-host!

We will discuss the latest news, including the recent stills, along with other relevant pre-Mockingjay Part 1 release topics.

Also, continuing from last week, we will have our favorite Argentinian, Luly (aka Starberry Cupcake), to discuss her profound essay on the need for intelligent, critical thinking within the Hunger Games fandom, especially of late.

How much have you changed since you finished reading the books, and are you still as passionate? Do you feel like the rest of the fans have changed? Please let us know in the comments, and we will read them out loud during the episode!

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  • Maia C. says:

    Well I have changed I’m in love with Josh Hutcherson and I have 4 mockingjays tattooed on my back , that’s change I think!!

  • Unsocializedhomeschooler says:

    I definitely have changed since first reading the book. Other than the whole growing-up-and-maturing-thing that happens when your a teenager and life and stuff–my view of books has changed.
    Though I’d been obsessed with Harry Potter for years, I was never really involved in a fandom until The Hunger Games. I remember googling it and finding something called Panem Radio where they played Sam Cushion and other fan artists (as well as banner adds) and seeing an add for the HGFiresidechat. And boom. I joined a fandom.
    All of the sudden I had internet friends and checked three different fan sites three times a day and all I ever talked about was the Hunger Games. I listened to the Firesidechat every. Single. Week. The whole reason I got a twitter was so I could tweet along with the show and keep up with fandom news.
    This lead to me being active in other fandoms, finding Nerdfighters, writing on blogs, and going to midnight movie premiers, not to mention discovering dozens of new series that I wouldn’t have discovered on my own.
    The books have directly and indirectly changed my life. Whether or not it’s for the better is anyone’s guess (the more time I spend on fandom sites the farther my grades slip….) but it’s been fun.
    And of course I’m still passionate about it. I’m commenting on this site, aren’t I?
    The fans….are different. We’re not as closely-knit anymore but there are a lot more of us, which is awesome.
    So, hurry Hunger Games!

  • Yeah, I have definitely changed over the past few years regarding THG fandom. I think the fandom as a whole has changed as well. It seems like now there’s a typical flow for these kinds of blockbuster YA book-to-movie fandoms.

    Even when all the Hunger Games books had been released, there was constant activity online. I actually was introduced to the online HG world through roleplaying. People were always talking about the books and having deep discussions about the messages it brought up. We’d talk about our favorite moments, head cannons, things we wanted to know more about, what we’d ask Suzanne Collins given the chance, etc. People were also excited about the movie, but with little content to go on, it wasn’t a huge part of the fandom’s life.

    I would say that about the time real footage started to come out, maybe a little sooner, it became the center of activity and discussion. Slowly, people didn’t talk about the actual books as much any more. I would count myself in that group of people as well. For the past three years, my fangirl life has revolved all around these films and not much else.

    Honestly, what I’m most afraid of is the end of it all. Think of how BIG sites like Twilight Lexicon used to be. There were so many visitors there and comments for days. With the movies over, and no movie content to post, the site just seems sad and dead to me. I feel similarly about sites like Mugglenet, though they tend to have a lot of posts just keeping up with the actors’ unrelated other projects. These are sites that had AMAZING discussions and book related postings way before there were movies.

    It’s like these fandoms don’t know how to revert back to the way it used to be, before there was a movie version. Without that kind of news they and readers became so used to, no one knows what to do.

    I just don’t want that to be us. I don’t want that to be the future of the online Hunger Games fandom, but I’m afraid it will be.

  • I read the books a little bit before there was real talk about film adaptions. So I am not sure if I have really changed. I am as passionate for the story as I ever been. For me what is good about these movies is that I can share that passion with friends that do not read. I can still share the excitement and meaning of the story with them. We have a big group of us that are going to the midnight showing this year… I think we may even end up taking a whole row. Which is pretty awesome.

    I feel the fandom hasn’t changed too much. We are all love the story. And I see great discussions happen when I am able to check out some of the message boards. Plus I get to see it and hear it when I tune into a Hunger Games Fireside Chat Episode which is always a treat for me on a Monday night!

  • When I started out with these books, I was a fresh faced 14 year old. I thought that my passion for this series would merely be a phase. Years later, at nearly 20, I have found that no matter how old you get there will always be a universal quality that every person, regardless of gender, color, or creed, can understand. The strange thing about literature, however, is that while it is indeed powerful it doesnt have quite the same expansive power as film does. Everyone loves the thrill and astound of a great movie. That’s why I believe that the films attracted a whole new level of fans. It’s an incredibly unique fandom because you have fans who have read the book; know every quote and every character. Fans who rather indulge in the movies than read the books, and fans who watch the movies and decide to read the books after. There is not one definition when it comes to defining what a Hunger Games fan is. The fandom has changed so much over the years. Not one fan is discovering this series the exact same way anymore. We’ve definitely evolved.

  • satsumarena says:

    First of all, WELCOME BACK! I actually missed the news of the Chat’s return until this week, even though I’d been checking some other fansites, and certainly it seems the fandom has been rather dormant this year.

    Anyway, what I’ve found most enjoyable about my fandom experience, was discussing the series with other fans on web sites and discussion boards, and as other fans started posting less, that gave me less motivation to be involved as well. Also, while the “growing up” issue doesn’t really apply for me since I was already 30+ years old when I got involved, my off-line “real life” is certainly MUCH more busy now and I spend much less time on-line in general.

    Also, while this isn’t quite on-topic, I’d like to say, I really like how THG fandom has seems less contentious than some others I’ve been involved in, compared to some others; Harry Potter had the shipping wars and Snape vs MWPP, and those could be quite nasty. GOT/ASOIAF fandom is so polarized that I find myself wondering at times if, say, the Tumblr fans are even reading the same books as those on Westeros-org and Reddit. There’s also a big “book purist vs show fan” divide in that fandom, that I haven’t really found here, though I’m closer to the “movie-first” faction; since I only read the books a few weeks before movie, and I discovered the books due to movie marketing.

    But my experience with other fandoms also makes me think, that many book series that stir up much fan interest earlier in their runs simply because they are incomplete and fans speculate about the plot, characters, etc. Once a series is complete and we have all the answers, much of that room for discussion gets shut down.

    So, I appreciate how SC has stayed out the spotlight and not commented much on what happened to the characters post-war, or elaborated on their backstories. I personally think one reason HP and Twilight fandom is so “dead” lately is because the authors of both series, released TOO MUCH information and ruined the mystery. Since SC hasn’t done that, perhaps this fandom won’t suffer the exact same fate as others. (Note that my very first “fandom”, Jane Austen, is still going, though of course much less active than in the 1990s when many film/TV adaptations were out. Of course the author can’t give away more info because she’s deceased. And that “fandom” has survived for actual centuries…)

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