#128 Fireside Chat: The World is Watching 2.0 Sunday 10 November, 2013

“The World is Watching 2.0”

Miss Episode 128 live on Monday night? Click here to listen to the recording or simply use the embedded player below!

Episode 128 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, November 11, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include Crystal from Mockingjay.net and FictionalFood.net, Tiffany from Welcome to District 12, and Kait from Victor’s Village.

The wait is over.

The world premiere of Catching Fire is set to take place Monday night (the same day as this episode) at the Odeon Leicester Square in London. Our friends at Panem Propaganda have put together a fantastic rundown of the premiere event schedule, including cast members slated to attend and a link to Yahoo!’s exclusive live stream of the event.

We’ll spend the first half of Episode 128 doing some post-world premiere reflecting and taking a look at some early reviews.

We’ll then chat about the latest Catching Fire clips to have been released (see here and here).

To cap the evening off, we’ll weigh in on a particularly sticky subject: the [very real] possibility of a Hunger Games theme park. Please leave a comment below letting us know what you think of this idea.

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  • Sarah says:

    When I heard that they are possibly making a Hunger Games theme park kind of sickens me. It’s pushing publicizing a step too far. And reminds me of when Katnis mentions Capitol citizens buying to visit and reenact certain games. I just think it’s a bad idea and goes against what the books are saying. And no one wants to go to the hunger games. It’s a terrible and oppressive world.its not like Hogwarts or Narnia or Camp Halfblood where it’d be cool to experience.

  • Twirl4me says:

    I still don’t know how “very real” the possibility of a HG theme park or attraction is (Where the hell would that even go? Six Flags? Universal? Cuz I think Disney is out. :p Plus, they’re already busy with Pandora in Orlando). So far I’ve just taken this idea as a genuinely funny joke. But I gotta say, if somebody can manage to make something fun and entertaining about Panem or the Games, I’ll have to give them some props. Because, HOW? o_0

    And the Facebook-debuted clip… holy crap, the emotions! But seriously, Woody’s Haymitch pretty much stole it for me. “…girl, wake UP!” Luv it.

  • Marce Escoto says:

    As someone that lives In a third world country (Honduras) I see similarities with Panem on a daily basis. Everyday, I see homeless people in the streets, people begging for money and food, mothers that don’t know whether they’ll be able to feed their children and a government that refuses to do something about it. So trust me when I tell you this is no walk in the park. To make a theme park based on a book that’s a social commentary on hunger and government, is a sickening thought. To me it will be like a slap to the face to the very core of the book and everything we’ve come to love about the series, not to mention Suzanne Collins herself.

    As for the FB clip, I can only praise both the directing and the acting. Woody, Jen and Josh elevated the characters to a whole new level. I saw an interview where Jen’s mom even said this is Jen Law best performance ever. To say that after Silver Linings Playbook and Winter’s Bone can only mean we are in for a treat.

    • Katie says:

      Wow, Marce. Thank you for putting this in perspective. I could not agree more. Those are exactly the sorts of things people should be thinking about when reading the books or watching the films.

      Honestly I’m most shocked that some fans actually are OK with this or even like the idea. I mean, were we reading the same books? The theme park concept totally undermines everything the story stands for. The fact that some people don’t see that makes me worried that people are totally missing the important messages. Are people reading the book in a more shallow, superficial way than me, or are they simply ignoring the social and political issues and focussing their attention on the love triangle?

      And I expected more from Lionsgate too. This really disappoints me.

  • Maia says:

    I do not want to see that, it’s like the Capitol citizens visiting the arenas after the games it just seem morbid. Just like that show they wanted to do. Selling merchandise is one thing, but making light of the dystopian way is another.

  • Joe says:

    What would the Hunger games Theme park be about anyway? I think it could be great but a waste of time. Also I think it would be good as after all the movies there is nothing left to look forward to so maybe a Theme park would be cool!

  • Satsuma says:

    I’m very disturbed by not just the theme park idea, but that many fans (who I hope are the more casual ones) actually seem to think the idea is “cool”. Granted, most of them seem to be assuming that the park will be like Hunger Games Adventures and feature the world of Panem but not the Games themselves.

    I also suppose you could argue that the park isn’t that far removed from the HGA game, the Capitol.PN experiences, etc. However, I suspect the people approaching LG about such a park WOULD plan on including Arena experiences. That, to me, would be not much different from the in-story fact that Capitol citizens do visit the arenas, re-enact Games, etc. Note that at the end of the story, all the Arenas have been torn down and made into monuments.

    I think this is one problem that Gary Ross, for all his faults, did not get caught up in; his version of THG may not have been as action-packed or CGI-intense as F-Law’s version, but I think he did a good job in bringing the story to life without glamorizing the action and violence itself. That’s my main fear about CF, that it will wind up glamorizing violence as a solution to problems the way most action flicks do.

    I’m not as concerned about MJ because the subject matter is much more serious, though the D8 and D2 battles are potentially exploitable as action scenes. However, I don’t think it was a coincidence that SC doesn’t even bother to show us the fall of the Capitol in Real-Time, and shows the Katniss never quite gets over her experiences, even the arguably justifiable acts of violence that she takes part in. I also wonder if the people who want to open up a THG themed park have any idea what will happen to Panem in MJ.

    I suppose they’re getting this idea from Harry Potter, but a theme park worked for HP because nothing really changes that much to the world at the end of the story. The people in charge have apparently been replaced by better people compared to when Voldemort was in power, but there still is a Wizarding World kept hidden from Muggles, there’s still a Ministry of Magic, there’s still a Hogwarts with the Four-House system, etc. Whereas, I got the feeling that MJ blew up the whole system and started from scratch.

  • joe says:

    I think people are over thinking the idea of a theme park, people just assume that the park is going to be all about the games. If we just put the games aside, imagine seeing D12 and The Capitol come to life, and eating lamb stew and other Hunger games foods. They can do some great things with this theme park. if they do some type of ride involving the games (which I’m sure they will) I’m pretty positive it won’t be bloody and it will impact people on how cruel the capitol is.

    • Twirl4me says:

      “I’m pretty positive it won’t be bloody and it will impact people on how cruel the capitol is.”
      Would be a way to go, but how fun would that be? That sounds more like an exhibit from a tolerance museum than a theme park attraction. Nothing wrong with edutainment, but that suggestion seems to lack the “tainment”.

      • joe says:

        Whats wrong with a museum? we don’t have a complete judgment on what type of amusement it will be.

  • This is not the first time that a promotional idea from Lionsgate or a HG inspired idea makes me feel uneasy, but it’s probably one of the most alarming ones (paired up with that time when CW’s Capture was first mentioned). I don’t want to dismiss the idea completely because they could find a way to create a HG experience that translates some of the books’ ideas (they’re doing it very well with the movies, after all); but it’s an incredibly difficult thing to do, especially since one goes to a theme park to be entertained, and that’s mainly what the books are talking about, mindless consumption of what should be thought through. If they find a way to create a form of entertainment that lures people in with fun and games but lets them go thinking about their place in society, political and economic oppression and the many faces of revolution, then I’m on board. If they’re just going to stamp the franchise into something that goes completely against the ideals that the books are displaying, then they should choose another franchise for it. In simple terms: this could only go very well or extremely wrong.

  • Whenever this subject is brought up, a lot of fans highlight a specific section of the novel where Katniss describes how the Capitolians celebrate the games such as visit the death sites and take part in reenactments. I don’t believe that if a theme park was to be built around The Hunger games, it would be that exploitative. Lionsgate is just as aware of the themes of the trilogy as we fans are. And they know that if they made an amusement park based on the Games themselves, they would be embracing the exact same ideology that Suzanne Collins was condemning. Before we give this idea the axe (Johanna Mason reference anyone?) we should at least give the possibility a chance.

    They may come up with an experience that is profound and thought provoking.

  • No No No to the theme park! I just don’t think that’s a good idea at all. Where is the “amusement” in Hunger Games? What would they even make? A tram that goes through all the districts? Watching miners and textile workers? Or Fishermen and weapons makers? Are they going to make an arena for park goers to pretend their victors being hunted by each other? I just feel that to make an amusement park would be almost mocking the story that is the Hunger Games. To commercialize anymore (i.e. Covergirl) would be such an insult to what the Hunger Games represents, in my opinion, which is injustice, mistreatment of children, class warfare, objectification, oppression, etc. I just don’t see how an amusement park can be built and NOT indirectly (or directly, I don’t know) be offensive to the lesson of the games.

  • McKenzie Leary says:

    its not bad idea, it dont have to be about that games. it can have a part with all the districts in it, so we can get a feel of them all, if they woukd have one i would go to it.

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