#127 Fireside Chat: Unscripted 11.0 Monday 04 November, 2013

“Unscripted 11.0”

Miss Episode 127 live last night? Click here to listen to the recording or simply use the embedded player below!

Episode 127 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, November 4, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include Kait from Victor’s Village, Courtney from Welcome to District 12, and Ariel from Nerdy, Wordy, and Over Thirty.

Since our last unscripted episode wasn’t quite as unscripted as we’d hoped given the new Catching Fire TV spot and TheCapitol.PN relaunch, we figured we might as well have a little fun before the premiere next week!

Update: Did we jinx ourselves or something? Subway just unveiled another new Catching Fire TV spot set to “We Remain” by Christina Aguilera and…oh, the feels! As we write this, we’re still teary-eyed. Mags! Johanna! So, yes, we will absolutely be discussing this new TV spot (it’s embedded below if you haven’t seen it yet).

We’ll spend the rest of the night pulling all sorts of thought-provoking and crazy topics out of our trusty grab bag/topic cornucopia.

Update: Below you’ll find a list of all the topics we pulled!
From Marce: Do you think if Peeta hadn’t been hijacked that he and Katniss would have been together from that point forward?
From Satsuma: If Peeta hadn’t been reaped for the Games, would he have volunteered?
From Anonymous: Where is Cinna from? The Capitol? District 8? District 12?
From 4LoveIsStronger: If you could spend a whole day with a tribute from the 75th Hunger Games (excluding Katniss and Peeta), who would it be?

We’ll also briefly chat about our experience interviewing Sam Claflin and Jena Malone on Sunday.

If you’d like to submit a topic, just leave a comment below!

You can chat with other listeners throughout the live show by using our hashtag #HGFiresideChat on Twitter! We recommend TweetChat to easily follow along with the conversation.

Click here to listen to last week’s episode.

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Courtney: @WtoD12
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  • Maia says:

    Hey guys do you feel a little sad that even with Catching Fire coming out this month that’s it’s almost over ? I wish it can go on forever. I’ll definitely be listening to the Katniss Chronicles again !! Thanks again you guys !

    • Twirl4me says:

      sad that what’s almost over? The wait for the movie? Because i am NOT sad about that. Now when MJ Part 2 comes around, it’ll be another story…

  • Twirl4me says:

    Topics, topics… um, anybody else excited for Global Fan Day? I still don’t know if I’ll be home or at work (new job, no scheduled shifts yet), but if I am I WILL be stalking all the online events. I even made Facebook and Tumblr accounts just for the occasion, and I’m just gonna delete them after, lol.
    Happy Catching Fire Month! 🙂
    17 Days…

  • TOPIC: Katniss assumes that Enobaria sharpened her teeth so that everyone would be reminded of her savage victory. But do you think the real reason Enobaria sharpened her teeth was to look unattractive so that she wouldn’t fall victim to victor prostitution?

    • Twirl4me says:

      In the Capitol, I really don’t think that would be a turn-off. Probably the opposite for some Capitol people. But I do like the idea of theorizing about Enobaria’s teeth sharpening. I personally think, as part of my own little head-cannon, that the Gamemakers had that done to her while she was still under after her Games (like how they wanted to enhance Katniss’s chest until Haymitch shut that down). And then she had to play it off like she liked it and was proud of it, but she secretly hated that they did that to her. It might even be another reason why she voted for the Capitol Games at the end of MJ.

      • I always thought something like that, not necessarily that she was unconscious,but that it was something the Capitol wanted. They were probably fascinated by her “savagery” and it made her all the more attractive to them, but it was really something she did out of despair when she couldn’t use a weapon and had to fight for her life – why else would someone use their teeth.

        I don’t think Enobaria escaped prostitution – Katniss mentions that Enobaria had a lot of “admirers” in the Capitol – it’s quite likely that at least some of them were the kind of “admirers” Finnick had! I bet that the sharpened teeth, along with her reputation, were exactly what made her all the more attractive to some Capitol people – there’s something sick and racist about the Capitol attitude to the Victors, like they saw the people from the Districts as “oh those sexy savages”. If you’ve watched Starz’ Spartacus – the Roman nobles have this kind of attitude towards the gladiators.

        I remember reading a fanfic – it was from Peeta’s POV when he’s tortured in Capitol, but there was a litle tidbit where Enobaria is quickly released to a wealthy Capitol citizen who comes to collect her, as if he’s her owner, and she looks like she’s not sure if she feels worse about staying or going. It’s certainly interesting to think about the status of the Victors from the “loyal” districts.

        • Satsuma says:

          Why Enobaria sharpened her teeth is very interesting, and I hope this is discussed in a future Unscripted ep. I’m not sure if we have enough proof either way about her attitude toward the Games. Yes, she votes for Coin’s Games, but does she really want revenge, or is she just trying to curry favor with the new regime? She is a D2 Career and they seem to be the most brainwashed of all the tributes in supporting the Games (and D2 itself was the last to rebel). On the other hand, she, unlike Brutus, didn’t volunteer for the QQ, though she likely DID volunteer for the Games she won.

          As I recall, Katniss also notes that Enobaria is a fixture on TV during the Games, and I suppose she fills a role similar to how many retired pro athletes have second careers as TV analysts – some actually do a great job, but others seem to be hired mostly for their name recognition, or as an obvious publicity stunt. And many pro athletes and other celebrities do ridiculous things for publicity; but do they really WANT to? Or do agents and their “people” persuade them to? (Miley Cyrus comes to mind…)

          But as we’ve discussed before, I don’t think it’s as simple as “Careers are just victims of the Capitol, the same as everyone else”. I think that especially in D2, Careers are likely chosen out of kids who are considered too mentally unstable to make good obedient peacekeepers, so I can also see a teenage Enobaria making this choice herself shortly after her victory. I can also see her regretting it later on, the same way people regret tattoos, but then feeling she can’t fix her teeth without risking serious Capitol backlash.

  • Richard says:

    I saw an interview francis lawrence did with MTV and he mentioned that the 2nd Quarter Quell wont be in the film. How do you guys feel about that?

  • Sarah says:

    What is one skit you really want to see Josh do on SNL on November 23rd?

  • Just finished watching the new tv spot. I am still teary eyed. It is official this movie is going to have me crying in the theater. I need boxes of tissues!!

    I love that they are giving us some heart when it comes to the tv spots!

    I loved Johanna’s line “Make them pay for it” The attitude that Jena brings to that line! I can’t wait to see more of here!

    The part with Mags was just too sweet!

    Then the parts with Cinna! Oh my god… I don’t think I am ready to see that all play out!

    It was a beautiful tv spot. I loved the overlay of Christina’s song, “We Remain.” It complemented the emotion withing the scenes very well. Which in turn, made me like the song much more.

    • Twirl4me says:

      I especially loved that last “We remain…” as the tube is lowering around Katniss and she’s looking at Cinna… oh my heart!

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