#118 Fireside Chat: Is Peeta Man Enough? Monday 12 August, 2013

“Is Peeta Man Enough?”

If you missed Episode 118 live last night, you can listen to the recording here or use the embedded player below!

Episode 118 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, August 12, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include Kait from Victor’s Village, Ariel of Nerdy, Wordy, and Over Thirty, and Jessi of TheFandom.net.

We enjoyed our time off last week, but we’re excited to be back! Here’s what we have planned for our first episode of August:

– We’ll talk about one of the Catching Fire book-to-film changes that was recently revealed by Entertainment Weekly: Peeta will be able to swim. While Peeta knowing how to swim isn’t really a big deal, many fans are upset about a comment Francis Lawrence made to EW when discussing this and other changes: “We made some changes to Peeta’s narrative,” says Francis Lawrence. “We manned him up a little.” Why do Lawrence and those involved in the film franchise think Peeta needs to be “manned up”? How do we feel about this? How do YOU feel about this? Let us know!

– We’ll also weigh in on the news that Coldplay will be releasing the first song from the Catching Fire soundtrack! The song is called “Atlas,” and while you’ll have to wait until August 26 to listen to it, you can read the lyrics here.

*FYI: There will be no show on August 19 or September 2. After Labor Day, you can expect us to resume our regular “every Monday” schedule.*

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  • Maia says:

    I can definitely understand why some directors and screenplay writers need to make changes from page to the screen. Everything can’t be like the book, however I always like both versions. They both have something to offer. I think Peeta is plenty man enough !

  • ga says:

    so this made me mad! like you said i was fine with peeta knowing how to swim since its really not that big a change but man him up? seriously! he is man enough! i just love him and to be honest it pissed me off! and “it didnt take much?” i mean seriously, his choice of words..

  • Raven says:

    I think people are upset not over the fact Peeta can swim, but about Francis’s poor choice of words. “He’s a different kind of character” and “manned up” can be taken as meaning that Peeta has been changed into more a conventional male action hero, because that’s the only way the dumb movie audiences can accept him as the male lead and Katniss’ love interest. And that having physical skills is the only way a character can be “manly”. Hopefully that’s just a poor choice of words, and he didn’t mean that Peeta has been changed from what he is in the books and that he’s still artistic, funny, good with words, compassionate and an unconventional male hero. Otherwise, what’s the point? People didn’t like Peeta just because he had lovely eyes and because he was in love with and devoted to Katniss. She has another one of those anyway.

    I think that when Francis says “manned up”, he is referring to the first movie, not the books. You have to admit that in the first movie, Peeta did lose a lot of his fighting spirit (not just by omitting physical fights, but Peeta’s emotional stability and stamina as well). Letting him swim won’t change the grand scope of things; however, I do hope that Peeta’s real strength- his kindess, his bravery, his endurance- does shine through.

    • I would say that I agree with you completely, except it should be the other way round, since your entire first paragraph is copy-pasted from the post I wrote on The Hob a few days ago http://www.thehob.org/2013/08/changes-in-the-catching-fire-movie-peeta-can-swim.html (Ivana on August 8, 2013 at 11:12 PM). I guess I should be flattered. 😉

  • i think there’s a certain sector of the fandom that is VERY defensive about anything and everything to do with peeta. it’s understandable, given that they feel the character was maligned or mishandled in the first movie. it’s an expression of their attachment to the character, and that’s not a bad thing, though of course sometimes it can be taken overboard– and, okay, that happens in every fandom.

    however, francis lawrence’s comments are exactly that: comments, and as such have to be taken in context. his words weren’t directed to those of us who have read the books backwards and forwards and internalized every word and moment, and know there’s more to peeta than just a one-dimensional, sensitive guy who spends his life pining for the protagonist. he isn’t saying “we’re making peeta stronger than he was in the book.” he’s not saying he thought book!peeta was weak. he was telling the people that have only read the books (or worse: only watched the movie) superficially, that there is more to peeta than just a simple love interest. he’s not useless, or weak, and he can fight if he has to. because you know the character was accused of weakness when the books first came out, and the same description sadly followed him after the first movie. it’s not a secret: some people thought peeta was a sissy. it’s horrible, but it’s true. and now francis has to deal with that somehow.

    THAT’S what he’s trying to combat this time around, and whether or not he succeeds, at least it’s a smart thing for a movie director to think of. what in the book comes across as a flaw that makes the character more rounded (if you’re willing to see it that way), on-screen only comes across as something that cuts into the action of the scene. and then you’d have to find a way to have a character explain the whole “katniss can swim while the rest of D12 can’t” thing, which not only is unnecessary exposition (and too much exposition is NOT a good thing in movies), but also is completely off in that particular setting, given that at that point they’re already in the arena and the entirety of panem can hear everything they say.

    i’d admit it probably wasn’t the best way to put it, and that can lead to misinterpretation. but from that to jumping onto the “francis doesn’t understand the character at all!” bandwagon… well, that’s a stretch, at least for me. people got upset because gary ross made peeta “too bland,” and now everybody’s getting upset that francis lawrence is making him too strong? well, all that tells me is that it’s a tough balance to achieve. and it should be! personally, i’m not going start feeling paranoid already when there’s still 100 days to go until the movie premiere. and i say this as a staunch peeta lover.

    • It’s not that they are making him “too strong”, it’s that they – or at least FLaw – seem to think that the strength is defined by one’s physical skills. How does knowing to swim make one strong, or not knowing to – because you never had a chance to – make one weak? The things that make Peeta look strong are his emotional strength, his courage and determination, his intelligence and way with words – not whether he can swim or not. Gary Ross also talked about making Peeta “stronger” before the first movie came out, and this turned out to be mainly about… Peeta not losing his leg? Which doesn’t make sense – it’s not like having a disability makes one a “weak” person?! – and only made him look weaker, since some movie audiences didn’t realize how bad this leg wound was and accused him of being “whiny” because he had to be helped and couldn’t go out and kick ass, which I suppose manly men should do even when they’re on the brink of death and unable to walk, or something.

      I do think that Peeta will be strong in the real sense of the word, based on what we have seen in the trailer and stills, which show him looking determined, raising the three finger salute at the reaping, etc.. I have no problem with Peeta swimming and I can see why they made this change, but FLaw’s choice of words is really unfortunate. I do think that he may be talking about the perception that the movie audiences would get if they saw Peeta being unable to swim (really, if they didn’t understand why he couldn’t go out and fight while he had a leg wound and a fever,. what chance is there to explain to them that, like the majority of people in the districts other than 4, he never had a chance to learn to swim?).

      But still – “manned him up”? It’s a very sexist expression, for starters. I don’t ever see anyone talking about “womanning up” a character. Imagine them proudly saying that they’ve “womanned up” Katniss or Johanna or some other female character. And the statement that they have made him a “different kind of character” is hopefully incorrect and just badly worded, because, if taken literally, it would be hilariously awful: “Oh, it’s the same story, the relationships are the same… We just changed the characters! It’s a minor change!” LOL Characters are the heart of the story. I don’t think they’ve really changed Peeta’s character – if he was “a different kind of character”, his relationship with Katniss could not be the same, either. But this time, I can see why these comments are getting a lot of people upset.

  • lilminiracer says:

    I might be taking a bit of a different track than the other comments, but Francis’ choice of words definitely bother me. What exactly does “man up” mean? God forbid the female and male lead aren’t conventional characters. Excuse me if I want to watch a movie that isn’t about boy superhero saving hopeless girl. This is about Katniss and Peeta completing each other in different ways that they themselves can’t fulfil in themselves. I have a very hard time convincing myself that had the gender roles been reversed, they would “man up” Katniss. Typical Hollywood. I’m very disappointed, but not surprised that this would happen. Is the first movie partly to blame because Peeta’s character was so flat? Probably. The problem I have is that this would never be the case if Peeta was Katniss and Katniss was Peeta. And that really pisses me off. Just think about how many movies you’ve seen with a dynamic male action hero, and his flat female love interest cast for her to be saved and look pretty? UGH!

    However, now that I’ve had some time to digest the quote, it was confusing in general. Reading it felt like they implied that just because he can swim now, makes him manlier. That doesn’t even make sense! I’m not upset that he can swim, I completely understand for movie purposes that’s what they gotta do. I really hope, and it is probably the case, that this quote was taken out of context. There has GOT TO BE MORE around this.

    As always, I will try to reserve judgment until we actually see the movie. If Peeta really strays far away from the Peeta we all know and love, then we have a huge issue with what they’re doing.

  • mse says:

    First of all, I want to make sure that I make it clear that I understand how minor changes to Peeta’s narrative – like he can swim – could possibly have very little impact on his character or the movie itself. But the concept of ‘manning him up’ really genuinely irks me. I’d go as far as to say that it actually infuriates me. The way the THG series treated gender and gender stereotypes were always one of my favorite things about these books, and this quote from Francis, for me, goes against all that. I know that a lot of people were already discontent with Peeta in the first movie, saying that he was more helpless than in the books and kind of a ‘weakling’ (although I must say that as far as character portrayal authenticity and screwed-up narratives go, on a scale of Severus Snape to Ginny Weasley for me Peeta was still a solid Ron Weasley 🙂 ), and they are might actually looking forward to these changes, but… The thing about changing narratives like this is that they can very easily backfire, and by trying to make a ‘man’ out of Peeta, they might just strip away enough characteristics to make him a one-dimensional bland guy instead of the sweet, charming, reassuring presence he is. It won’t ruin the movie for me personally, because as far as I’m concerned Katniss’ narrative is far more important than any other character’s; it’s more the concept of ‘manning someone up’ in this series that actually angers me.

    On a much less controversial note: I’m really excited about the Coldplay news! They are quite possibly my favorite band of all time and the fact that this is the first time that they decided to contribute to a movie’s soundtrack says a lot. It could also mean that we might get a slightly different sound in this companion album, and the Appalachian feel to it might not be that dominant, but we’ll see. 😉

    • Well, I think it *would* ruin the movie if they changed Peeta into a stereotypical action hero guy, because her relationship with Peeta and the symbolism of what Peeta represents to her is a very important part of Katniss’ narrative. It may not have been crucial for the first movie, but it sure will be for CF and Mockingjay. If they’re trying to make Peeta into a slightly nicer version of Gale, then the entire point is lost.

      Fortunately, I don’t think that’s what they are going to do, and I can’t see Lionsgate, Arndt, Josh and of course Suzanne deciding to go that way. Knowing how to swim will not make Peeta a stereotypical macho action hero, any more than not knowing how to swim made Sundance Kid a wuss. Peeta fought humans and monkey mutts in the books, too, he fought Cato in both books and the movie, and he killed Brutus, which I think is a little more badass than knowing how to move while floating in a water. That didn’t make him a stereotypical macho character. And what we’ve seen of him so far doesn’t look like there have been any changes to that effect. There’s no reason to think he won’t be selfless and caring and good with words. We know that Peeta can be determined and even strict, as when he made Katniss and Haymitch train for the Quell. My only fear is that they don’t let him be funny, simply because they could cut a lot of the funny moments for time.

      Also, I’m going to say that, although the first movie ended up watering down Peeta’s character, there are book-to-movie changes that I think do show him in better light. I remember someone – I think it was actually either someone who was a guest on the podcast, or who was mentioned on the podcast – who read the first book and said that Peeta didn’t come off as very smart, because he was so surprised that Katniss was faking it for the cameras. I think that the fact that he doesn’t freak out and freeze Katniss speaks well of movie!Peeta – he doesn’t come off as someone who’s complaining about the way Katniss saved his life, and seems to have figured it all by himself instead of having to be outright told it was an act. Also, while Peeta never really acted with anger over it, I dislike the way that some of the fans act as if Katniss somehow did something wrong to Peeta, or “deceived” him, even though the strategy was something that Haymitch and Peeta both spelled out to her before the Games. (Peeta is even more explicit about it in the book with his comment that her “boyfriend” Gale will recognize the bluff, but while he doesn’t say that in the movie, he’s present when Haymitch talks about the star-crossed lovers strategy). Another thing that I liked in the movie is that Peeta himself didn’t think that what he did when he gave the bread to Katniss was an amazing selfless wonderful act, he thought he could have done more. Katniss always thinks about it as an amazing selfless wonderful act, but Peeta not being satisfied with himself and thinking that, as a relatively “privileged” boy compared to Katniss, he could have done more, is in character for him as shows him in a better light than if he was to think “I was so amazing when I did that”.

  • 4LoveIsStronger says:

    I honestly think people are overreacticing to the manning up Peeta news. They are just comments. We haven’t seen the movie, and we haven’t even heard of any other scene that shows changes in Peeta’s character. For all we know, Francis Lawrence just chose his words poorly and Peeta being able to swim is the only change. I say we wait until the movie comes out before the fandom gets angry at Francis.

    On the other hand, I’m so excited for Coldplay’s Atlas single! They’re one of my favorite bands. I’ve been hoping that they would do a song for the soundtrack for MONTHS now. Their song “Major Minus” sounds like it’s about the Capitol.

    The lyrics sound great so far! I love how they incorporated much of the book’s theme to the song. I definitely have more faith now in Alexandra Patsavas, and I can’t wait to listen to the entire soundtrack!

    • mse says:

      Omg, I’ve got so obsessed with Major Minus lately! And you’re absolutely right, it’s a pretty good Capitol song, although I almost created a fan video to it with the trailer of Jennifer’s new movie, American Hustle (it has a pretty amazing Led Zeppelin soundtrack though to begin with so it didn’t feel right to mess with that. :P). Sorry, this is probably the most random comment ever and totally off topic. 😀

      And I always had faith in Alexandra Patsavas, she was the music supervisor to some shows with the most amazing soundtracks like Chuck and Grey’s Anatomy, and even though I steered clear of Twilight after the first movie, I kept collecting the soundtrack albums because they were always really good.

  • Laura Weber says:

    My guess is the comment just means that peeta will actually have his leg and will be able to fight a bit. In the book, he is pretty much a liability physically in the arena. Not his fault, but Katniss and Finnick basically play his nursemaid in the arena the entire time, and it would be nice to have him take care of himself. I wouldn’t call that “manning him up” but I can see why they changed that for expedience.

    Peeta never was attractive to me because he alternates between acting like a petulant child when Katniss doesn’t return his affection and like a puppy dog/doormat when he doesn’t want to be petulant anymore. I like the moments when he shows backbone like when he calls Katniss and Haymitch on the carpet for keeping him in in the dark in D 11 and making up the pregnancy story in his interview. If playing up those assertive moments is “manning him up” then I’m all for it. It would also be nice to see him pursue Katniss romantically. Josh has plenty of “game” and can be pretty charming, and it would be nice to see him use that to seduce Katniss just a bit instead of waiting for her to throw him a bone or moping about how she’s not into him. That would be “manning him up” in my opinion.

    • First off, Katniss and Finnick didn’t “play his nursemaid” in the Arena the entire time, only when he was electrocuted – which wasn’t either his fault, or tied to his leg in any way, it was simply because he was the one on the front of their little group and walked into it as a result – and immediately after (he was still feeling the effects of the electrocution when the poison fog set in). When else did they have to be his “nursemaids”? He was fighting off the monkeys as good as anyone, until Katniss ran out of her arrows and he had to throw her another arrow sheet. And he killed Brutus, when neither Katniss and Finnick were around. Plus, he was Katniss’ and Finnick’s nursemaid when they lost it after hearing the jabberjays.

      Second, at no point in Catching Fire did Peeta act like a petulant child and whine because Katniss wasn’t returning his affections. You’re confusing him with Gale.

      Third, I hate the idea of Peeta trying to “seduce” Katniss, while he knows that Katniss is forced to act like she’s in love with him, in order to keep herself and her family alive. Peeta “pursuing Katniss romantically” under these conditions would simply make him a jerk, and their relationship pretty disturbing. The fact that he didn’t “pursue” Katniss and make her even more uncomfortable, and didn’t whine about her not being in love with him, unlike Gale, is exactly why I started to really like Peeta. Instead, he behaved like a decent human being, helped her when she needed help, and realized that she has the right to choose who she will love. If that’s what you call “doormat/puppy dog”, I’m all for doormats and puppy dogs. (Actually, I’m all for puppy dogs, period. I have a very lovely dog and I adore him. They are wonderful. Why would anyone use the words “puppy dog” as some sort of an insult?)

      You obviously don’t like Peeta’s character, so you would basically like some other character to take his place and be called “Peeta”.

      • ga says:

        confusing him with gale ha love it! i totally agree with everything you said they were not his nursemaids, its not his fault he ran into the force field or about his leg.

  • Lauren says:

    I understand why they would need to “man Peeta up,” because he’s Katniss’s rock. (no pun intended!) I do wish that they would keep him more vulnerable, because I think it really pushes the story along and makes you feel for him.

  • There are a lot of great comments here. Makes me think about the SNL Hunger Games skit when Jennifer was hosting and the way Peeta was characterized there. http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/hunger-games-press-conference/n31808/

    Obviously, there was a great deal of exaggeration for humor’s sake. But in all humor, there’s got to be an element of truth. I think it says that to many who didn’t read the books or care to think about the series too deeply, Peeta can be seen as a quiet, weak, boring character who rode Katniss’s coattails to victory.

    “SNL Peeta” is clearly an incorrect perception of Peeta that Francis Lawrence is trying to combat, and very rightly so. Changing small plot elements like making swimmer Peeta is a way to streamline the story. I’m fine with that.

    Francis’s use of the phrase “manned up” is where I think he lost everybody. Not a wise expression to use when you’re helming this franchise.

  • I am fine with the fact that Peeta can swim in the movie.Things that are explained well in the books sometimes can’t happen in films.

    Now when it comes to the “manning up” Peeta… I don’t believe the word choice was right. And is hopefully an exaggeration. I think a movie Peeta with more of a spark and presence is great. But please do not stray far from his character. Because he is a character that more people should know. I still have full trust in Francis Lawrence. I can’t wait to see Peeta’s character. Only a few more months!

    I am excited about Coldplay being on the Catching Fire album! That this is their first time writing a song for a movie. And it being for CATCHING FIRE! Just wow! The lyrics are great and I can’t wait to hear the song. I am ready to find out what other artists are going to be on the soundtrack! Because Coldplay is such a great start to what i hope will be something Awesome! 😀

  • satsumarena says:

    I don’t have a problem with making Peeta able to swim, I can see why they’d want to streamline that part and omit the exposition that would be needed to explain why he can’t swim. I think that, much like in the THG movie, the opening Bloodbath sequence will be primary action-oriented, with little or no dialogue. The movie will likely show Finnick proving himself as an ally simply by killing a tribute who attacks P or K. We know the electrocution and “CPR kiss” will definitely be there, I assume the poison fog and monkey mutt scene will be as well, and since Peeta does wind up needing to be saved in those scenes, removing one “Peeta needs saving” scene isn’t going to change the story that much.

    As for the comment about Peeta “manning up”, I agree with everyone who thinks it’s a bad choice of words. But people OFTEN use phrases such as “that took a lot of balls” to praise a brave or audacious act, that imply courage is a uniquely masculine trait, even when the person being praised is a woman! I find that to be just as sexist, but if you challenged someone who used that phrase, I think most people would look at you funny and say “It’s just an expression, get over it.” I’m not going to write FLaw off as a sexist pig over one comment.

    Other than the sexist implications, I don’t see how this comment is that different from comments pre-THG about Movie!Peeta having “more backbone” than the book version. It does make me worry, though, that CF will continue the trend THG started, of showing him to be all-serious all-the-time and cutting out his jokes. (Which is the only way I could say Movie!Peeta had “more backbone”.) That would be a shame, both because Peeta’s ability to joke around isn’t just about him having a sense of humor, but shows his *psychological*, as opposed to *physical*, toughness in tense situations. It’s one thing Katniss misses in MJ once the hijacking makes Peeta psychologically unstable, so removing that WOULD change his relationship with Katniss, because it removes something that she’s attracted to.

    I realize that it’s very difficult to incorporate humor into a work like the THG series. Even SC herself, who did a great job in THG and CF, seemed to give up on trying to “bring the funny” in MJ, with the exception of near-nude Finnick’s “do you find this distracting” scene. But if CF drops the ball on Peeta’s personality, and makes him just a “kinder, gentler Gale”, then that takes away a lot from the relationship between him and Katniss, and turns the “love triangle” resolution into more about Katniss rejecting Gale for his ruthlessness, than Katniss actively choosing Peeta. Even some book fans think Katniss “settled” for Peeta as the safe choice, and I’d hate for the movie fans to wind up with that impression as well.

    • “Even some book fans think Katniss “settled” for Peeta as the safe choice, and I’d hate for the movie fans to wind up with that impression as well.”

      I agree with everything you say, but I just can’t help noting how bizarre this idea about Katniss “settling for Peeta as the safe choice” is, if one has actually read Mockingjay… not just because of how clear it was that Katniss was in love with Peeta, but also because the idea of Mockingjay!Peeta as “the safe choice” sounds like a very sick joke!

      • satsumarena says:

        LOL, I think they mean the “emotionally safe” choice? Because some Gale fans did interpret their MJ arc, not as proof that Gale and Katniss were unsuited, but that Gale as a partner to Katniss would be more equal and give her more of a challenge, while Peeta would just love her unconditionally and be her doormat. Many also think that Katniss just passively let Peeta back into her life and “never actively chose him”.

        This interpretation strikes me as just as “off” as the fanon that Peeta keeps slipping back into full hijacked mode and is intermittently a threat to Katniss for the rest of her life, but that’s cool because Katniss gets to show that she’s capable of Unconditional Wuv by letting him abuse her.

        We’ve discussed this before, but Katniss didn’t HAVE to take Peeta back as a friend, lover, or baby-daddy, she could have rejected him and become a recluse like Haymitch. I also think SC shows us that even if Peeta hadn’t returned, the ship had sailed where Gale was concerned. Also, even before the hijacking, Peeta DOES challenge Katniss, even as far back as THG, when, you know, Katniss had to resort to knocking Peeta out to win a certain argument.

        BTW, I do wish the argument had been left in the THG movie, because that would have been a great way to show Peeta’s “backbone”. To go back to the OP, I think there’s a lot of original CF material, such as Peeta’s D11 freak-out scene, as well as the one in which he cuts off Haymitch’s liquor supply and forces Haymitch and Katniss to “train like Careers”, that shows a “strong” Peeta even though they’re not stereotypical action scenes. We know the JabberJay scene you mentioned in another post was used for Finnick auditions, and hopefully, this will be another chance to show Peeta’s emotional, not just physical, strength.

  • So I get why Francis would wan’t to “man up” Peeta since in The Hunger Games he kind of depends on Katniss during the games because of his injuries and he could have been under Katniss’s shadow due to her being the main character, in some peoples perspective. But I think Peeta was “man enough” considering his situation and Josh is like super FETCH/MANLY/ HAS NICE SKIN. Also the changes Francis talked about seem reasonable , and based on what we’ve seen hes done a superb job and I have total faith in him to do the best job he can do with CF.

  • ANGRY. MY FULL THOUGHTS ARE HERE: http://allponds-y.tumblr.com/post/57880529619/do-i-dare-disturb-the-universe-am-i-the-only-one

  • Marce Escoto says:

    I don’t think it’s a matter on whether Peeta is man enough, I think that we first have to understand Peeta’s upbringing. I mean, he never had a reason to know all the things Katniss did. I think Peeta is man enough in a completely different way, perhaps not physically but intellectually and in the way he deals with a crowd. I understand the decision to make Peeta more of a man in the movie, it doesn’t really hurt the character in any way. I’m excited to see how this plays out in the screen.

  • Annie B says:

    Okay because I just received a headache from reading everyone’s ridiculously long posts, I will say I think the fandom is over-reacting. When Francis said Man him up I would say he meant giving him them stronger more fighter like way of working Peeta gained in the second book in the first place. Peeta makes a serious character change in the second book and I believe that when Francis said that he could swim and that he is manning Peeta up he meant it in two separate statements. Allowing Peeta to swim sounds logical considering he no longer has a missing appendage. How they will explain where he learned to swim is a different topic. As Far as manning him up goes, I will say what we should all know and understand by now is no one will come out of the games they same way they go in. Peeta grew up, Katniss Grew up and taking on a new character trait such as a little more manliness is bound to happen. I think everything was blown out of proportion.

  • Brittany says:

    Having the ability to swim or not to swim doesn’t really make someone more manly. Peeta doesn’t know how to swim because theres no swimming pools in district 12.

  • Tania says:

    I think what they should do is to keep Peeta’s dialogues as they are on the book, ’cause I didn’t like how they omitted many of his best scenes and quotes from book 1.

  • Brittany says:

    I think the reason he used the words more manly is because when in the arena he can’t fight or defend himself unless he can swim.

  • Brittany says:

    I really hope they show more of Peeta’s personality and character in this movie.

  • Brittany says:

    Movie peeta is very lucky. He gets to keep his leg and can swim.

  • laura weber says:

    If a guy is going to go from the “friend zone” to romantic interest as Peeta needs to do in this movie, there has to be something that makes you see them as an attractive MAN, not a buddy. That doesn’t have to be killer abs or a bad-boy smile (although those work too!) It can be passion, it can be romance, it can be sacrifice, but there has to be something sexy about it. I hope they can do that in the movie.

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