#111 Fireside Chat: Who Should Play Boggs? Sunday 16 June, 2013

“Who Should Play Boggs?”

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(The fantastic Boggs fan art used in this promo is by xxIgnisxx and inklou!)

Episode 111 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, June 17, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include Kait from Victor’s Village, Bailey of Hunger Games Network, and Kelsey of My Hunger Games! What do we have planned?

– Since official announcements could start happening any day now, we’ll kick off our Mockingjay casting series by talking all about one of the most important figures in the final installment of the trilogy: Boggs! We discuss fan favorites, our favorites, your favorites, and the qualities that we think our future Boggs should exhibit. Please leave a comment below and tell us who YOUR “dream Boggs” is and why!

“I sneak a sidelong glance at him. He’s probably in his mid-forties, with close-cropped gray hair and blue eyes. Incredible posture. He’s spoken out twice today in ways that make me think he would rather be friends than enemies. Maybe I should give him a chance. But he just seems so in step with Coin…”

“I’m trying to think of a witty comeback, when Boggs says brusquely, ‘Well, don’t expect us to be too impressed. We just saw Finnick Odair in his underwear.’ I decide to go ahead and like Boggs.”

— ‘Mockingjay’

– Additionally, we’ll play a round of What’s in the Backpack? and try to stump our panelists using YOUR submissions!

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  • CakesAndCupcakes15 says:

    I think Jeremy Renner would be a good Boggs. He looks almost exactly how I imagined him. I’ve seen him in his movies and I believe he would make an awesome Boggs:)

  • When I read Mockingjay I pictured Boggs as someone who was older but looked very strong and youthful. Who I pictured was somebody like Lou Ferrigno, Brendan Fraser, Sean Bean, Adrien Brody, or Gerard Butler.

  • Cierra Krause says:

    I think Gerard butler or Sean bean would be good characters for Boggs. They are both good-lookig and finely shaped.they both look like they will fit in as rebellious andfrom being from one of the districts.

  • Rania says:

    Gerard Butler would be pretty awesome as Boggs.


    Following seeing Les Miserables and Man of Steel, I’m gonna say Russell Crowe. It’d be super hard to get him in the movie, cause he’s such an A-lister, but I really think if they somehow managed it, it would be awesome.
    In Les Mis, he’s super strict and clean, stands up straight and keeps it serious, as he should.
    In Man of Steel, you see that he can do tender parts too.
    I think if he played along with the sort of Javert style stoic-ness, but adding a little bit of the compassion that he had as Jor-El, he would make one awesome Boggs.

  • mse says:

    I never really thought of anyone for Boggs – well I rarely ever think of anyone in particular for any character while reading a book, that’s why I pretty much never have a fancasting in mind. And even if I do, I like to be surprised.

    I do like all the choices that were mentioned in the earlier comments though, so just for the fun of it, I’m going to put out a random name myself: Joshua Jackson. Because why not? I know that he’s a bit young and not what most people would imagine Boggs to be like, but that’s part of the reason why I think he’d be an interesting option. Or maybe I’m just a huge Fringe fan. Whatever. 🙂

    Other than that, sadly I feel like I don’t have a real opinion on the matter. As far as I’m concerned, it could be anyone between the ages of 30 to 60, and as long as he’s a competent actor, I don’t really care if it’s a left-field choice (Louis Ferreira, anyone? I feel like I just keep putting these random Canadian guys out there… 🙂 ) or someone ‘predictable’ like Renner.

  • Alejandra13 says:

    I recently have the chance to see Before Midnight, the sequel from Before Sunrise and Before Sunset in which Ehtan Hawke is a lead actor. I loved it just like the others from the Richard Linklater series, and also reminded me of how a good actor Ethan Hawke can be. To me he can perfectly adjust to those full of action movies that he usually does, and take control in those kind of desperate situations, but at the same time I think he has the actoral skills to bring the emotional and protective side that Boggs needs to have with Katniss. Perhaps it sounds like a weird option, but I like it 🙂 and one can dream right? 😉

    PS: Guys, I apologize beforehand if you find any grammar mistakes, but English is not my first language :S

  • Katie says:

    I think Terrence Howard, Clive Owen or Paul Bettany would be excellent choices for Boggs. I guess I pictured a gentlemanly tough guy, with a touch of vulnerability.

  • Gaby N says:

    Boggs needs to have the ‘tough guy look’ while still giving a good vibe to Katniss during his first impression on her. I’ve always imagined Boggs as having a more military look to him, and being in his late 40’s. My fancasts for Boggs include Sean Bean (LoTR) and maybe Jeremy Renner (although he seems a little too young, but that’s okay.) However I do not think Gerard Butler is a fantastic choice for the role. In my opinion I find him too commercial for the role; he’s been in many comedies recently. For some actors though this is not an issue. For example, Meryl Streep has been in God knows how many comedies but if she were to be casted as Coin I think I would pee my pants out of excitement. This is because she is obviously an acclaimed actress who has snagged a countless number of Academy Awards. Sadly, I cannot say the same for Butler. Personally, dare I say it, I don’t think he has the depth required for playing Boggs. In 2011, he was nominated for a Razzie (which are kind of awards for the worst actors.) In my opinion, Boggs needs to be played well and as intense as possible. But if he is casted I hope that I am pleasantly surprised by his performance!

  • Boggs is a bit of a blank slate for me casting wise. I’m open to anyone, outside of the all too obvious meathead variety. Renner’s a fun fancast (Hawkeye and Katniss as buddies!) but I don’t see it happening.

    • mse says:

      I completely agree about Boggs being a blank slate, but why couldn’t Renner happen? I just looked up his IMDb page, and it looks like it might not completely be impossible scheduling-wise. We already have tons of actors of his caliber in the cast, and on top of that, he recently worked with Jennifer on a movie, so if they got along, he might think about it just because of that. Of course, the top fan favorite picks rarely happen (especially since this one’s popularity has a lot to do with the fun fact that he’s playing Hawkeye obviously), and I really want them to just surprise us as they did before on many occasions, but it’s not actually implausible that Renner could be cast as Boggs.

      • I think it won’t happen cause he is the fav fancast. When does that happen? Lol 🙂

  • Mel Cally says:

    Andrew Scott which most will know as Moriarty from the BBC series Sherlock, is someone who I’d LOVE to see play Boggs. Andrew Scott has a way of loosing himself in a character like no one else I’ve seen. I know seeing him as Boggs he’d portray him in a way that no one else could ever think of. He can make the most contrived sentences like: “I will burn the heart out of you.” It seems like such a stereotypical bad guy line. But he makes it into such a way that you believe he this insane psychopathic mastermind. And then turns around and has amazing comedic timing! He’s so out of the box!

    Honorable mention still on the Sherlock Train: Benedict Cumberbatch

    For my second choice usually I try to steer clear of typecasting of characters, like in casting for Johanna everyone was rooting for Michelle Rodriguez or that cheerleader from Glee (don’t know her name sorry) but when it comes to Boggs one name instantly popped into my mind that seems to be the one everyone (for the most part) agrees on Jeremy Renner. He’s a VERY well rounded actor (if you watch some of his movies before The Avengers, Hurt Locker, and The Town (which all happen to be REALLY amazing and different movies)) like in movies like Neo Ned, Twelve and Holding, and The Heart Above All Things is Deceitful (which is a REALLY disturbing movie, so far warning). Those are the movies where I saw that he is a FORCE to be reckoned with!

    So in wrap up fashion Andrew Scott and Jeremy Renner.

  • jasonander says:

    I really want to see Christopher Meloni as Boggs. He played Detective Stabler in Law and Order SVU and that army guy in Man of Steel. He has the right look and the right age.

    • Meloni is a fantastic choice! Look you say, he has the right age and right look, and he can play stoic as well as caring.

      Another choice I really liked when I heard someone fancast him as Boggs is Esai Morales, another actor I’ve liked for a long time. He was really good as a stoic and tough but fair military man in Jericho.

      I’ll be OK with anyone who is 1) not too young, 2) not too young-looking, 3) has the look of a muscular experienced military guy and 4) is a good actor.

  • Roxy says:

    British actor Idris Elba. He’s shown incredibly intensity, physicality, and charisma in the BBC’s Luther. Aside from some solid supporting roles in Thor and Prometheus, he’s largely unknown to mainstream American audiences. However, he’s poised to explode in Hollywood. While I do fear his late summer big budget film Pacific Rim might be a dud, he’s getting tons of buzz for his turn as Nelson Mandela. It would be wonderful if THG could grab him before he really explodes.

    • That’s a great idea. Idris Elba makes everything better. (Although even he couldn’t save Prometheus.)

      • Savanna says:

        Haha, he does make everything better, doesn’t he? Man, I’d love to see Idris Elba in this franchise…I’m probably dreaming, though!

    • Savanna says:

      Ahhh, YES. I am a major fan of Idris Elba and would love to see him in this franchise!

  • Claire says:

    Sean Bean is a good Boggs to me . He is older and he has the figure and face features I pictured when I was reading

  • Out of the actors you mentioned, I like the suggestion of Sean Bean. So far one of my favorite fancasts, in addition to Christopher Meloni, Esai Morales and Idris Elba. James Purefoy is also not a bad choice. Stephen Lang has the right look, but I haven’t seen him in anything other than Avatar, so I have no idea about his range. Also not familiar with Michael Cudlitz, though the article on Victor’s Village made a good case for him.

    Bruce Willis would actually be a decent choice, but I doubt it will happen, unless he reads the books and falls in love with them like PSH did. Gerard Butler I’m unsure of just because I’m not sure if he’s a good actor. I’m one of the people who aren’t that crazy about the idea of Jeremy Renner as Boggs, but for a different reason, he looks a bit too boyish. He was supposed to be believable as a man in his late 20s in that awful Hansel and Gretel movie, and it wasn’t too unconvincing.

    Bradley Cooper would be a bad choice. Not only is he too young, too young-looking, and too cuddly/sweet as you’ve also pointed out, but the fact that he and Jennifer have been in SLP together is only a reason against it, because Katniss and Boggs aren’t supposed to have romantic chemistry. I’m one of the people who believe that it would be a really bad choice to cast someone that people could more easily see as Jen’s boyfriend than her father figure, and Cooper is a prime example of that. They played a couple in SLP and the upcoming Serena, and the media even tried to sell some made-up story about them dating.

    Ethan Hawke, Zachary Quinto and Sam Rockwell are just really bad choices. Yes, Hawke did have some “action” in Daybreakers, but he played a scientist, not a military guy. I don’t think anyone would cast Hawke as a tough military man who bodyguards Katniss. Quinto is too young and has the wrong look, and I don’t even understand the Rockwell fancast. Not only does he have the wrong look, voice and mannerisms, he’s also the king of quirky, odd, comic, overly talkative and possibly annoying characters, it’s the only type of character he ever seems to play. He is the least likely actor to ever be considered for Boggs.

    Oddly enough, I never even saw most of these actors fancast. On the Mockingjay Cast blog, the actors who have the most votes are currently Cliff Curtis (who I’m not familiar with), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (that’s also an interesting choice, but the accent may be a problem), Michael Kenneth Williams, Viggo Mortensen, Jeremy Renner and Jason Isaacs.

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