#105 Fireside Chat: Unscripted 7.0 Saturday 27 April, 2013

“Unscripted 7.0”

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Episode 105 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, April 29, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include some of our fabulous friends from Down with the Capitol, Crystal of Mockingjay.net and FictionalFood.net, Courtney of Welcome to District 12, Tiffany from Victor’s Village, Kim of Reflections of a Book Addict, and Ariel of Nerdy, Wordy, and Over Thirty!

It’s that time again…

Time to go unscripted!

We haven’t done an “Unscripted” episode since February, so we thought it was high time for another one! We have no plan or agenda in place for Episode 105; instead we’ll spend the evening pulling all sorts of serious, funny, and possibly crazy topics out of our grab bag (or topic cornucopia)!

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have a topic you’d like to submit for us to add to the cornucopia. Discussion ideas, Crackpot Theories, What Ifs?, Would You Rathers?, Cave/Marry/Kills…we’re ready for anything and everything!

Update: A list of the topics we pulled out of the grab bag appears below!
– From Banan: When is the new trailer coming out? Do you have any idea?
– From Satsuma: Did the Capitol doctors choose not to save Peeta’s leg in order to punish him for his own subtle acts of rebellion in The Hunger Games?
– Question: Do you think Peeta was the same after he recovered from being hijacked?
– From Matilda: What happened to Beetee, Johanna, Enobaria, Annie, etc., after Coin’s assassination?
– Crackpot Theory: Gale only existed in Katniss’s mind. He disappears at the end of Mockingjay because she no longer needs him.
– What if Peeta had been killed at the Cornucopia?
– From Nicole: What if Gale had been reaped instead of Peeta?
– From Ashley B.: In the book, [Finnick’s death] was so rushed and sudden. What if in the movie they made him die in a different way or took out his death altogether?
– Crackpot Theory (from Lola): Did District 13 bomb District 8 in order to make a good propo?
– From Maura: How did Plutarch, who in Mockingjay is on the side of the rebellion and working with District 13, become the new Head Gamemaker? Out of all the people in the Capitol who could have become Head Gamemaker, it was Plutarch. Was this orchestrated by D13 or was it just by chance that President Snow chose him and D13 just got lucky?
– From Gregory: What inspired Suzanne Collins to base the arena off of a clock? Is there any literary symbolism behind that?
– Crackpot Theory: Cinna is alive.

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  • gagaforladies says:

    Bruno Gunn launched his official Facebook page just this week. Take a peek at his profile picture and tell me that it might not somehow be Catching Fire related! 😉 It looks like grafiti on a wall or maybe just a drawing on a paper but there’s something written to the side…. “fire is”. Hmmm….. “catching”, maybe? While I’m under the impression it’s just fan art, let me know what you think!!

    • Savanna says:

      He’s been using that pic on Twitter/FB for a while now. Pretty sure it’s a piece of fan art someone made for him a long time ago?

  • abdullah says:

    can you guys talk about production design (capitol, districts) and talk also about the tribute parade in CF..do you think it will be as good as the parade in THG or better? that’s it..thanks

    • Banan says:

      WoW Abdullah ? where are you from … I’m Muslim too

      • abdullah says:

        i am from Kuwait. 🙂

  • 4LoveIsStronger says:

    Here are some questions for the grab bag!
    1. Cave/Marry/Kill: Cato, Cashmere, and Gloss
    2. Cave/Marry/Kill: Johanna, Brutus, and Chaff
    3. If you could choose the artists you want to include in the Catching Fire companion soundtrack, who would they be?
    4. if you could spend a whole day with a tribute from the 75th Hunger Games (excluding Katniss and Peeta), who would it be?
    5. Do you think Lionsgate will show footage from the past Hunger Games in Catching Fire? If so, which games should they show?

  • Rachel says:

    This will be kinda long.

    1. Just how long will the Catching Fire movie be? How many minutes will they devote to each segment of the book (the Victory Tour, the D12 stuff like Gale’s whipping, the pre-Quell stuff such as the parade and training, and the 75th HG themselves)?

    2. How do you think the reaping will play out in CF? Will it be short (like the paragraph it was in the book) or slightly longer than that?

    3. Will they show the tributes holding hands during the interviews? They had the tributes stand in a hallway for the interviews in the first movie and not sit in an arc on the stage like the book described so how will that play out in CF?

    4. Similarly, unlike the book, in the first movie Katniss went before Peeta for her private Gamemaker session. How will that affect the CF movie if they follow that order when Katniss hangs the Seneca Crane dummy and Peeta paints that picture of Rue?

    5. How do you think the bloodbath will play out?

    6. Are you disturbed in general about the Quarter Quell? These adults are forced into the arena once again; elderly people like Mags and Woof and people with families (like Cecelia) die horrible. bloody deaths.

    7. Finally, do you think the tributes being adults will allow for more violence/gore to be shown in CF, and do you think that adult tributes create a different dynamic to the Games than teenager tributes?

  • Symscons says:

    has anyone else noticed that on the promo image it says 7.0 but on the episode title it says 5.0?

  • Banan says:

    1- Do you think Prim’s death was necessary ? or it is just to make the choice easier for Katniss ?
    2- I wanted to see all of the districts do the rebellion , but we get district 13 … what do you think ?
    3- I heard that they will delete the stay with me – always scene :'( is that true ?
    4- do you think the new director is focusing on Gale’s character in this movie ? I mean he is important in the next one anyway .
    5- when is the new trailer coming out ? if you have any idea
    thank you so much and sorry for my English :3

  • Marce Escoto says:

    Here are some questions:

    1. How much Peeta-Katniss romance do you think we are going to get in Catching Fire?

    2. When could we be expecting the next trailer for Catching Fire?

    3. Are you pleased so far with Francis Lawrence’s directing style or could he have done a better job? (Taking in consideration what we’ve seen so far.)

  • Sastuma says:

    Are any of you concerned about Peeta’s character development in Catching Fire? This has been a concern voiced by many fans on many sites, that Movie!Peeta is going to be reduced to a sidekick, and many have also accused FL of emphasizing the Katniss-Gale relationship at Peeta’s expense. I’d love to hear some rational discussion about this issue.

  • Holly Sanders says:

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the so-called “Capitol Couture Spring Issue”. What do you think we might see and when might it happen?

  • Gregory says:

    -Are you guys curious in seeing the clock-shaped Cornucopia sea?
    -What deaths are you guys not looking forward to see?
    -What inspired Suzanne Collins to base the arena off a clock? Is there any literary symbolism behind that?

  • Sarah says:

    You guys have talked about your nightmare castings for certain characters; who would be nightmare musicians that you don’t want to see/hear on the companion album for Catching Fire? Provided that there will be another companion album that is.

  • Mel Cally says:

    I’d like to bring out the differences that many have noticed about Peeta. Aside for Katniss I’ve noticed how much Peeta has changed, he looks older, more mature, harder. It seems as though they are hinting at what he’s going to be come in MG.

    While for the most part Peeta was an emotional wreck in THG, Katniss seems to be taking on that role while Peeta seems to be taking a calmer approach, like he’s trying to be her… wait for it… ROCK (see what I did there).

    I really think they’re going for a different direction for Peeta since so many fans seemed to be complaining that was TOO weak during THG.

    With all the attention Jennifer (well deserved) has been getting I think these next few films will really give Josh the attention he deserves!

  • This was a fun episode, in a depressing way. 🙂

    Regarding the speculation whether Katniss would have volunteered for someone other than Prim to help Gale if boys were reaped first and if he had been reaped: No. For multiple reasons:

    – She needed to stay home and take care of Prim and her mother. Taking care of her family was her number 1 priority. If both Katniss and Gale were in the Games, the most likely outcome from their POV would’ve been that both of them would have died, which would have left their families without any providers other than Hazelle, who wasn’t earning an awful lot for cleaning, and Mrs. Everdeen, and they would most probably starve.
    – Katniss had no reason to want to be in the Games with her best friend and be in a situation where just one of them can survive.
    – Katniss wouldn’t have thought that Gale would that desperately need her help to survive…
    -… and even if she did, she had no death wish at that point. She certainly wouldn’t have gone there with the idea to die and give her life for Gale. I don’t believe Katnissat that point would have been willing to sacrifice her life for anyone other than Prim (“the only person in the world I’m certain I love”) – and even there she had hope she would be able to survive.

    Also, it seems that people tend to forget what a huge and terrible thing it is to volunteer for the Games. Unless you’re a brainwashed Career who probably arrogantly thinks they’re almost certain to win, or just does that’s expected of them. For most people, it’s almost like a death sentence. According to Katniss, for people in District 12, it did mean a death sentence. No doubt it was the same in District 11. Liking or loving Rue was one thing, but for a teenager to decide “I want to give my life for Rue, because she’s such a wonderful little girl, and her family needs her” would be a whole different, and unlikely to do, thing.

    Re: the bombing in Capitol. Coin may have known Prim would probably be there, or even certainly be there, and she may have thought that killing Prim would be a neat bonus, but it certainly wasn’t her main objective. Her main objective was to win the war faster, get rid of Snow’s human shield without turning the public opinion against her, pin the bombing on Snow (“look how evil he is, killing the Capitol children just to get a chance to kill some of the rebels”), and kill two birds with one stone by capturing him and turn the Capitol people against him. I’m also speculating that District 13 forces were the ones that captured Snow, and that this was an important propaganda stroke for Coin in her bid to become the President after the war – and tragic deaths of District 13’s medic team would also help. I think she also did not want Katniss to assassinate Snow and reap even more glory.

    If it had been just about killing Prim, there were other, less costly and more certain ways to have Prim killed while making it seem like the Capitol was responsible – and I find it really hard to believe that Coin would make such an elaborate plan just to kill Prim, and that it just happened to help her win the war faster and get more glory and turn the Capitol people against Snow, without her intending to do so. I never thought that Katniss believed that Coin’s main objective was to kill Prim – just that it was one of the things that Coin wanted to accomplish.

    (I also don’t think that Coin killing Prim was the only reason why Katniss killed her. But that’s a debate for another episode, perhaps.)

    Re: the bombing of District 8. No, District 13 did not do it. First off, as you pointed out, they didn’t have that many planes. Secondly, even if they had had, it would’ve been a big waste for District 13 to risk several planes, which could get taken down by the firepower on the ground (and some were) and even more importantly, it would’ve been an enormous risk to be found out. Using one hovercraft for a False Flag operation bears less risk of detection than using an entire mini-fleet, especially when no planes are supposed to be taking off from District 13. It’s not like the battle for Capitol, when hovercrafts taking off from District 13 would’ve been nothing strange. If a bunch of planes suddenly took off from D13 on a random day, that would’ve certainly been noticed. Coin and Plutarch weren’t going to risk the complete disaster that would have happened if someone realized they bombed District 8 – which would’ve hardly helped their popularity in District 13, much less in the other districts. And for what? Just for a left-field possibility they may make one good propo? Which they didn’t even know they would make – they did not know how Katniss would react to the situation.

    As to how the bombing happened to happen at the time when Katniss was there, and if that was too much of a coincidence: it’s because it’s a novel. 😉

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