#103 Fireside Chat: Tease Me Twice Friday 12 April, 2013

“Tease Me Twice”

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Episode 103 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, April 15, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include Theresa from Down with the Capitol, Crystal from Mockingjay.net and FictionalFood.net, Courtney from Welcome to District 12, Kait from Victor’s Village, Amanda from HG Girl on Fire, Natalie from Tor.com, and Ariel from Nerdy, Wordy, and Over Thirty.

The world premiere of the first Catching Fire teaser trailer took place on Sunday night (4/14) during the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. The teaser trailer also debuted online at the same time on YouTube; we’ve embedded the video below.


– We’ll spend the whole show doing a second-by-second, frame-by-frame breakdown of the teaser! If you’ve listened to What a Tease!, Trailer Bash, and/or Trailer Bash 2, then you’ll know that these analyses are our specialty. 😛 Please leave a comment below after you’ve watched the teaser and let us know what you think!

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  • Kristen says:

    There are no words for the trailer. Loved it. I was witching it in the living room with my mom and had to cover my mouth so I wouldn’t yell and was crying. I was like omg The whole cast is somehow way better then in the first moive and I know trust Francis.

  • 4LoveIsStronger says:

    The teaser trailer is absolutely amazing! Lionsgate definitely chose the right scenes to show. The scenes where Plutarch and President Snow are plotting, the Capitol party, and the uprisings weren’t the scenes I would initially think of putting in the teaser trailer, but I’m so glad they were. Lionsgate also made the right decision in making things more suspenseful, with Plutarch as more of a bad guy and Katniss almost getting killed by saving Gale. And I’m so glad Gale and Plutarch got a lot of screen time!
    Lionsgate also did a brilliant job at hinting the Quarter Quell without actually giving the secret away.
    Did anyone notice that girl in District 11 that looks like Rue? Doesn’t Katniss mention her in the book?

  • 4LoveIsStronger says:

    I just have one comment, though, about the trailer. They don’t show much about what’s going on with Katniss and Peeta. I love that they showed Gale and Katniss’s kiss, but I think Peeta should’ve also been shown especially since they’ll be going back into the arena. Otherwise, the trailer is perfect!

  • Banan says:

    I think the new director likes Gale more

    • Katie says:

      No more like Collins wanted us to like Gale in this book. It wasn’t until end of Mockingjay I stopped liking him.

  • Katie says:

    Where’s Finnick? Odair he not is! Other than that I LOVED THE TRAILER!!!

  • My face was like Peeta’s face (when he sees what the peacekeepers do to the old man) throughout the WHOLE trailer. So many emotions!!!!

  • Leah Liakos says:

    I’m so amazed, the trailer was unbelievable! I can already I’ll be crying though, you can feel the sadness. Her life is being turned upside down and she’s scared. I already feel for Katniss in a new way that I haven’t felt since reading the books.

  • Melissa says:

    I think it was SO smart to not show ANYTHING from the Games themselves as much as I’d like to see it. Keep it a surprise for people who haven’t read the books!!

  • I Trust Francis completely now with both Catching Fire and Mockingjay. That trailer just bring such raw emotion from the actors. They showed the right scenes for a first trailer. Is it November yet??

  • Tributeonfire says:

    I loved it so much! But I wish they would have showed some of the arena footage but I think they did a good job at showing how the rebellion really takes off.

  • Gregory says:

    I’m pretty much dead now. That’s all I have to say.

  • Jennifer says:

    The emotions and feelings this trailer brings is immense. I’m just blown away at the intensity of these two and a half minutes. It’s a slice of the pie we will be sobbing over while eating on Nov. 22nd.

  • Jose T. says:

    WOW…… the level of emotion in Katniss, Peeta ,Haymitch and the Rebel/Citizens performances was astronomical!!! Phillip Seymour Hoffman is perfect as Plutarch hes so fooling Snow. Francis has done wonderfully with CF , you can feel the rebellion brewing and we finally get to see Snows true colors!!!!! This teaser is Absolute Perfection!!!!!! 😀

  • Satsuma says:

    Wow! I found it hard to believe that this is only the teaser trailer; love how so many of the gritty scenes, such as the old man being shot and Gale being whipped, were included (as I recall some of us worrying that they wouldn’t be!) I don’t mind Gale’s kiss because this IS the teaser trailer and I assume we’ll get more of Peeta in the “non-teaser” trailer. I love the way the “every revolution needs a spark” them was emphasized!

    Only part I didn’t like were the exposition scenes between Snow and Plutarch; I realize they were trying to foreshadow the Quarter Quell (and it seems the movie confirms that Snow rigged the Quell theme), but they just came across as awkward. Also, while I didn’t mind showing Gale kissing Katniss, I did wonder, will Peeta’s tantrum in D11 be included? Because the shots of D11 seemed to show Peeta as shocked and concerned, but not angry about being kept in the dark. Other than that, LOVE it.

    One final question: So who IS the guy playing Thread? Is it the St. Espirit guy they were rumoring was cast earlier?

  • Clayton says:

    The trailer is outstanding! I have heard rumors of a new director and if this is true he/she did a outstanding job! And if this is just a teaser… who knows what the actual trailer will be. All i know is that i cannot wait till November to get her.

  • Ricardo says:

    It was EPIC. I love it’s cleverness; they didn’t have to show the Quarter Quell to “hook” the audience. They just had to show an upcoming revolution.
    There are some really interesting scenes there with Gale that I don’t remember from the book too.
    I didn’t love that they showed (almost) the entire District 11 (killing the old man) scene, but it was a crucial scene to hype everyone D:
    The music adds much to the epicness, I loved it so much!!

  • Satsuma says:

    Another comment about the general feel of this trailer. I actually found myself in Katniss’s place, becoming increasing scared and terrified about the burgeoning rebellion, the Capitol’s likely retaliation, and the possible repercussions for her loved ones. I must say, I didn’t quite get that horror from the first half of the CF book itself, and I know some other fans have said that the first half of CF was rather boring, but I doubt they’ll be saying that about the first half of the CF movie.

  • Scottsdale says:

    I won’t lie, I was really caught off guard by this trailer. As an 18 year old teenage guy, it’s hard to admit, but I was almost in tears by this teaser trailer. Not because I was freaking out (but believe me, I was), but by the realism that was shown throughout. The burning of the Capitol flag and all the riot scenes were so remeniscent of actual news footage I’ve seen from other countries around the world. Makes me wonder how great of an impact this movie might make some day in securing freedom for all. And for the record, I think my favorite scene was Katniss and Peeta asking Haymitch for his help. The desperation in Jennifer’s eyes looks like It could lead to Oscar nomination Round 2! 😉

  • no words, not even one. i sat there and cried the whole way though, and cry every time i rewatch it. it was absolutly perfect, i can already tell this movie is going to be absolutly amazing. i am very excited to see if they will be releasing anything to do with the arena?? pictures or even somthing in the real trailer 😀 i want to see some finnick!!! Jenn is amazing in this trailer and will be in the movie again, she is beyond perfect for the role of katniss and love her to death, lets just give this movie an oscar right now

  • Maia says:

    Please please read this on air !

    I thought the teaser was phenomenal !!!!

    I don’t see it as a teaser, but a gift, because that was awesome!!!

  • Brandon says:

    The teaser trailer was amazing! I loved the interaction of President Snow and Plutarch Heavensbee, and their scheming of how to get rid of Katniss. It reminded me of when Lord Voldermort and Professor Snape were scheming in Deathly Hallows part 1.

  • Now we see why they needed Philip Seymour Hoffman. He gave me chills. Very few actors can pull that off, and we saw just how amazing he’s going to be with a couple of lines.

    Loved the teaser. Want more now.

  • The trailer was amazing. I now have complete faith in Francis Lawrence to deliver! It was so clever that they got us hooked and super excited for the movie, yet didn’t give anything away about the Quarter Quell, to fans who haven’t read the books. I loved the scene with Katniss & Prim – she looked so mature and grown up! I just love that! All the emotion in the trailer just made me want to cry! Can’t wait for November!

  • Amdillae says:

    The movie is clearly taking a lot of license with adapting the original book. The scenes with Snow and Plutarch were exquisite, chilling and dramatic. However some of the footage seemed IMHO to show a lack of subtlety and subterfuge that was such a focus of the early rebellion. Prim’s declaration and Katniss’ comment to Thread during Gale’s whipping are the points that have me concerned. If things are this dark, violent and open in CF, how will they escalate in Mockingjay to show that full out war is taking place?

    Look forward to the breakdown and will be listening live, I am sure the chatroom will be on fire for the show.

    • Jade says:

      that is the exact feel i had. Absolutly captivating.

  • 4LoveIsStronger says:

    This isn’t related to the Catching Fire trailer, but this got me wondering recently. Since Mockingjay filming starts in September, will Lionsgate announce casting news during CF publicity? When do you think President Coin will be announced?

  • Sarah says:

    I actually liked the fact that they didn’t show anything pertaining to the 75th games because its such a surprise in the book. Granted I wish I got to see some of Johanna and Finnkck and the other victors. But the scenes with snow and Plutarch gave me chills. I was slightly surprised they didn’t show anything about the peers and katnis wedding though. Also the costumes are like a million times better.

  • Colin says:

    I am really happy with the teaser and even more excited for November. I am impressed and pleased they were able to do a captivating trailer without showing the games. They were a surprise for me in the book and hopefully will be the viewers who didn’t read it. The ciematography looks better and beautiful; the film already feels bigger.

  • Laura says:

    Francis Lawrence isn’t pulling any punches! I’m so glad this one feels more intense. Watching Southerland and Hoffman was like watching the best veteran Shakespeare actors in their element. And they nailed Gale! Every shot with him in it shows why he is such an inspiring character.

  • roci says:

    I really liked the tone of the trailer, dark, dreary, tense, perfect. Every character was portrayed in a great way, everyone except peeta. I am not really interested in the whole love triangle thing, well, only a bit hehe, but Peeta doesn´t even have a decent phrase in the trailer, he looks like the scared little sidekick, not like Katniss´ brave and resolute companion that I loved in the books, F Lawrence has spoken about jen and Liam´s chemistry, saying it was great, and he commented on their scenes together, i know it´s just a trailer, but since Peeta was so poorly represented in the first movie, I´m afraid they are going to water him down again, to the point it won´t be believable that Katniss chooses him in the end, i hope i´m mistaken, and i´m only overreacting, but i feel it in my gut that´s what´s going to happen

    • Jorie says:

      Right on. I totally agree.

  • Jade says:

    The trailer for bother catching fire and the hunger games were amazing.
    I hope they don’t shadow peeta out this one is all about him and katniss and finnick what will happen. Everything will be of.

  • Seth Wells says:

    it was perfect by the deflation of the word the only problem is they did give away what happens in the 2nd part of the book when snow talk about the victors for people who only read the book im sure are guessing what that means

  • Moira says:

    Catching Fire looks like it will be even better than the Hunger Games. I LOVE how they are really focusing on the rebellion, as that is my favorite aspect of the books. But after seeing the trailer, I almost feel like THG will be so light-hearted in comparison, and I am not emotionally prepared for November 22.

  • Katie says:

    I really loved what I saw! I think the trailer itself was poorly edited (which killed the mood a bit) but the footage looks great. I really like the tone they’re going for – it’s wonderfully dark.

    The best things:
    – “The odds are NEVER in our favour” (WOW! That’s so powerful!)
    – The guy holding up the Mockingjay symbol in front of the peacekeepers.
    – Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
    – Prim’s scene.
    – Not showing the arena or revealling the Quarter Quell twist.

    The worst things:
    – The discussions between Plutarch and Snow were a bit too ‘on the nose’ and are giving away too much of Snow’s plan.
    – The little, unnecessary deviations from the book, like Thread punching Katniss and pulling a gun on her. Why?
    – The Peeta fans and their ridiculous online paranoid freak-outs. They’re not going to diminish Peeta’s role or change the ending! Calm the hell down!

    I wish we had seen Finnick and Johanna but as it’s just the teaser, I won’t get too picky. 🙂

    • Cassie says:

      I’m sorry but that is a little rude. People can feel the way they want about the trailer. So far, based on the last movie, and what’s been shown so far, Peeta was diminished, and not shown correctly. It’s ok that people are worried. And telling them to calm the hell down doesn’t help anything.

      • I’m sorry, but people constantly flooding every discussion about the trailer with negativity, ridiculous conspiracy theories and paranoia is really annoying. And other people can feel the way they want about this.

  • I love the trailer!

    -First, I’m so glad they switched the silent salute back to the left hand how it should have been in The Hunger Games. That small detail bugged the heck out of me, so I’m glad they did it right this time.

    -Second, I’m so glad they did NOT show the Games. The same with the first Hunger Games trailer: don’t want to give it all away. And with the huge plot twist/spoiler, I don’t see how they can show trailers of the Games with any D12 tributes.

    -Third, I LOVE the conversation between Plutarch & Snow…I can’t wait to see Snow’s face when he realizes the truth about his head Gamemaker.

    -And finally, I’m not sure about some of the quotes. When Katniss tells Thread “Go ahead,” I kind of heard a Clint Eastwood “Make my day…” moment, and it seemed too contrived or hokey. Of course, this is all out of context, so I am sure it will make sense in the movie. I also didn’t know what to think of Haymitch’s quotes. Woody seems to just change things as he likes when they could have been said in a much simpler way. (Like on the train instead of saying “stay alive” in The Hunger games.) We’ll see, though.

  • Michael says:

    I will definitely agree with both Katie and Satsuma (who I usually agree with – such insight) that the dialogue between Plutarch and Snow seemed uncomfortable or stilted or something. I would have thought that rather than talk about the need to snuff out Katniss that we would just see their issuance of orders to make that eventuality come about. I prefer to see Snow as the menacing ruler as he was portrayed during his conversations with Crane in THG rather than sitting reclining in a chair shooting the breeze with Plutarch like they were sizing up the weekend NFL action.

    While Katie mentioned the editing (which I have read for a trailer is somewhat of an art in itself) I was surprised by the lengthy scenes throughout the trailer. At times in the past with other movies, the trailers jump around showing true “teasers” of scenes leaving one guessing about what the scene means and sometimes where it even fits in the movie. Here we get good long scenes (for a trailer). I am not sure how that builds their promotional strategy but I just wanted to draw attention to that.

    cheers M

  • Jorie says:

    Seriously stunned at how awesome it is!!!

    Couple things: I liked how when Snow was reciting that she is now “a beacon of hope” for the rebels, they show what looks like could be Rue’s younger sister and a little girl with blond hair, possibly referencing Prim-ness. In the books its Katniss’ thinking about those like Rue’s and Prim’s futures that plays a major part in her ultimately deciding to join the Rebels.

    I really like them showing Snow and Plutarch conspiring (PSH is FANTASTIC as Plutarch btw!) and how the narration between them sets the tone. It’s, in my opinion, a lot clearer of a message than in the first movie about how hostile whole the situation is and how Katniss is used as a pawn in their games.

    They really edited this well in that you felt what Katniss was feeling… the tension rose throughout and then when she is confronted with Thread, she shows her will the fight and rebel. Total badass!

    I do think it was smart to not show any of the arena yet. Gives us something to look forward to!

    OMG moments: Katniss/Gale kiss! (saaaay what!?! Wasn’t expecting that in the trailer!)
    Peeta at 1:03….. priceless. And my new fav gif 😀
    OMG EFFIE! “Chins up, smiles on!” (Although she kinda looks like a blue Mickey Mouse. Side note: bets on if they’ll actually say her name in this one?)
    Every time I watch it now at the end, when Katniss says “Go ahead.” all I can think of is her saying “Go ahead… make my day.” <– IDK why!?!?

    Dislikes: No Finnick 🙁 🙁 🙁 No other tributes 🙁 and I really feel that I didn't get a full serving of Peeta bread!!!! I really hope the movie isn't this much void of our boy with the bread!!!

  • I really love how they added the Kiss!!! and Katniss emotions are so good like when it her Haymitch and Peeta in District 11 and she is all tearing up Wow that was :O awesome!!!! I love the whole thing. and I just LOVE how Plutarch it looking all buddy buddy with Snow and really he hate snow that is like skilled acting with skilled acting.
    as much as I wish we would have seen some Finnick, it was still awesome. I think it cool how they only showed the Victory Tour and not the games; and it was still breath taking. I also like how they added Gales whipping so you can like know the hurt that District 12 now has with Cray and head peacekeeper. in District 11 when they were about to shoot the old man you could see a little banner with Rues face on it that was pretty cool and it made me sad :/. I think Jen’s acting has gotten so much better like this is going to be so good I mean I was like convinced she was really crying . I wish we could have seen more Peeta but I guess its fine the Theatrical Trailer HAS to show Finnick and MORE Peeta. I love how in the Trailer they show Prim and Katniss, and they are taking. “You saved my life, you gave me a chance.” “Yes to live” “No to do something.” that like brings me to tears because I love Prim and just thinking of MockingJay it just kills me. I just LOVE it when Effie says “Chins up, Smiles on.” she is just amazing ha ha so Effie like. all-in-all I loved it perfect I have seen it over 50 times now like 25 last night and 25 today I can’t get
    enough, when I feel down I just turn it on and I fall in love its amazing I can not wait for the Theatrical Trailer!!!!!!

  • Annie B (@Anniepn23) says:

    I absolutely am in LOVE with this trailer! I have watched it so many times and caught new details each and every time. Francis Lawrence as far as I can tell is staying quite true to the book and adding more dramatic amazing twists.

    Things I loved!

    – I loved Somber looks on Katniss and Peeta’s faces as they walk out this first time, you can tell all the emotion she is holding back and Jenn Conveys that so well!

    – Can we Just take a moment to appreciate the amazing epicness that is the combination on Philip Seymour Hoffman and Donald Sutherland!! That conversation between them is so powerful and really sets things up for the rest of the movie. I have a feeling that that seen will be much like the opening seen between Ceaser and Seneca in the first movie.

    – I love the style and the look of Snows office as well as the worn out look of Katniss’ pin.

    – The odds are NEVER in our favor. That is when I started shaking violently. That one detail added with the Mockingjay poster during the riot is explosive and amazing. That is the rebellion, that is a fight for freedom, it is what will make the transition to mockingjay and the quarter quell.

    – I love how true they are keeping to the books, the shooting scene in 11 is much how I pictured it I cant wait to see it in its entirety. The scene where Katniss is crying to haymitch and peeta is with them, His face, I can tell he is aggravated and cooling down. I think the scene where he is throwing things and cutting loose on them actually got filmed. Just the way his face and his eyes look, my gut tells me that was added, it makes me so happy because it helps develop his character so much more!

    – That Party Scene!!! That was wow!! I love ceasers look and The costumes are amazing! Plus, we finally found out what they wanted fire breathers for!

    -The Burning of the Hob and the build up with gale just floored me. That scene is spectacular, I just… I was amazing to see District 12 filled out a little more and to see it just burn to the ground without mercy. Lawrence captured that so well.

    – The Burning of the Capitol Flag. The Ultimate Sign of rebellion. I have a feeling that that scene is for the ending or when there in the games and the bombs are dropped on the district.

    -Prim had finally become the rebellious Everdeen. She has grown up and is becoming more and more involved

    – The Kiss and then the whipping scene. Along with peeta being there. I lost it completely while watching that part it emotionally destroyed every fiber of my being.

    – Thread pulling that gun on Katniss, and her “Go Ahead” Like miss orman said that is her Clint Eastwood moment

    – Snows line: Her species need to be Eradicated, wow just so powerful and evil.

    This Trailer gives me so much hope for this movie. I literally tried to Film a reaction to this trailer but I ended up dropping my camera because I was shaking and crying. I am so excited to what Francis is going to do with the rest of this film. The cast has all grown so much since the first movie and there developing into their characters so much more now, I am counting down the days till November were once again my life will be completely changed.

  • Moira says:

    Oh, and also, when Effie says, “Chins up, smiles on!” and they show a bunch of Capitol stuff, it reminds me of the Great Gatsby lol

  • I’m glad that they’re portraying Snow’s motives and reasoning differently from what Katniss believed they were in the book. Would the districts really stop being rebellious just because they thought Katniss was in love with Peeta? No way. And it’s not like Katniss stopped being a symbol of the rebellion when everyone came to believe she was in love with him after the QQ; some may have believed even before. (In Mockingjay, the wounded people in District 8 who greet Katniss are all comforting her about Peeta and are really devastated about her “miscarriage”). Even Katniss in the book finally comes to think that Snow knew she couldn’t qzash the rebellious spirit and that he just wanted to distract her from participating in the unrest and from doing something for the rebellion. And playing up the wedding seems like a better strategy to distract the public (it’s reminiscent of the way people get obsessed with celebrity weddings in real life) than to change their perceptions of Katniss by convincing them she’s in love with Peeta. Plutarch’s suggestion to destroy Katniss’ image by portraying her as a spoiled rich Capitolite who is having fun while the people struggle to make ends meet seems like a much better idea.

    I decided to find my old comment on Victor’s Village post where people were predicting what was going to be in the trailer. It turned out that I guessed correctly that the District 11 scene, scenes of unrest in the districts, Gale’s whipping and Gale kissing Katniss would be in the trailer. What is not in the trailer that I thought would be: any hint about the star-crossed lovers story and K and P having to play up the showmance; Snow threatening Katniss directly – but the Plutarch/Snow scenes are serving as a replacement.

    I also thought they would have Snow announcing the Quell but cut away and not actually show what he’s saying, just that it shocks Katniss, and I thought we would get short glimpses of Victors like Finnick and Johanna, and mysterious hints like “Tick tock” and “It starts at midnight”, But this is a teaser trailer, so they may be a theatrical trailer later that doesn’t focus exclusively on the rebellion theme and the first third of the book, and some of these things (or something similar) may still end up in it.

    In any case, I’m glad that they are focusing on the rebellion, and not revealing the Quarter Quell twist in the teaser trailer, and I hope they won’t in the trailer, either. (If only various magazines and websites would refrain from spoiling it all the time!)

    Regarding Jennifer looking older – I do think it’s about the hairstyle and makeup. In the first movie, she looked much younger when she did not have the full Capitol makeup on and when her hair was braided. In this teaser trailer, she looks really young in the scene where she is all by herself (the same one that was released as screenstill a few days ago).

  • Regarding the kiss, I’m thinking that they may have merged the two scenes, Gale kissing Katniss in the woods in the past, and their conversation about running away where Gale tells her “I love you”. Maybe instead of an ILY, he will kiss her, and she’ll have a similar awkward reaction as she had to ILY. (Which would explain why Liam said, in an interview to the French magazine One, that we can’t expect big declarations of love from Gale.)

    • Satsuma says:

      I think this is a very plausible explanation of the timing of the kiss. It would certainly make sense for Gale to kiss Katniss instead of stating “I love you” after her proposal to run away, and certainly would be in line with Liam’s comments.

  • I´ve not words. I died! All they look so awesome, beautiful, charming!!! I cried with Katniss´s emotions, the kiss with Gale, moments with Peeta, the tour, the train, the Snow´s mansion…. Hope 2 C in the next teaser more about Peeta, Finnick or Johanna, just a little. I LOVE THE TEASER!!! REALLY, so excited .lll.

  • ana says:

    “The odds are NEVER in our favor”
    best part

  • I love every second of this trailer! I think the conversations between Snow and Plutarch add a lot, even if there are moments that are a bit stilted. These moments will help the non book reader audience to understand what the rest of us already do: that the Capitol is EVIL with a capital E.

    I also love this shot at the end with Haymitch, Peeta, Katniss, and whipped Gale behind her. Haymitch and Peeta are standing between the Head Peacekeeper and Katniss, just as Katniss had gotten in between Gale and the Peacekeeper. When it comes to character arc, this scene is so critical for all of them and I’m incredibly glad that it’s been included.

  • Lauren Mockingjay says:

    I loved the trailer. I really wish that Finnick and Johanna had been in it, but that’s okay. *Sigh*. Now I don’t know if I am Team Peeta or Gale!!!!! Gaaaahhh!!!!! I really did love it, though. I want to jump up and start rebelling against the Capitol myself! 🙂

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