#91 Fireside Chat: District 3 is Where!? Monday 07 January, 2013

“District 3 is Where!?”

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Episode 91 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, January 7, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include some of our fabulous friends from Down with the Capitol, Crystal of Mockingjay.net and FictionalFood.net, Kait of Victor’s Village, and Courtney of Welcome to District 12.

We hope you’ll all tune in to our first episode of 2013! Here’s what you can expect from us as we spend the evening ringing in the new year (better late than never!):

– We’ll kick things off by weighing in on the recently revealed “official” location of District 3 (pictured below). As we’ve discussed on past shows, the makers of The Hunger Games Adventures — the franchise’s official Facebook game — have been slowly unlocking each district on an “official” map of Panem. What do you think about the location of District 3? Are you beginning to question the validity of this “official” map? Share your thoughts in a comment!

– We’ll next look ahead to the Year that Catches Fire, sharing the moments we’re most looking forward to in 2013 — aside from the theatrical release of Catching Fire, of course.

– As we hinted on last week’s show, we’re also going to spend a bit of time comparing The Hunger Games to Les Misérables. If you’ve observed any parallels between the two, tell us in a comment!

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  • Maia says:

    Yeah I don’t agree with where district 3 is. I also don’t agree with where district 4. I would like if lionsgate would come out with an official map or Suzanne Collins??

  • Satsuma says:

    I have been okay with the locations of the other Districts, even D4, though mostly because I did some Net searching and came across an interview in which SC herself stated D4 was in the “Pacific” area. Since D3, unlike most of the other Districts, does not have an industry based on natural resources, I guess you can justify placing it pretty much anywhere. (Same with D5-Power and D6-Transportation).

    However, I’d expected D3 to be located in the current “Silicon Valley” area which would most correspond to the district to the south of D4. The location is also odd because it borders neither D2 or D4. I’d assumed that the numbering of the Districts was based on how close they were to the Capitol, but D3 is actually closer to D12! It’s also odd because D12 seemed to be the LEAST technologically advanced district.

    All that being said, I’m not quite ready to reject the “canon status” of this map. However, if D7 is NOT in the Pacific Northwest/Canada area, or D10 is not in the “Texas/Mexico” area below D2, I probably would.

  • The Vaultmaster says:

    I love District 3. It’s the my favourite district, most definitely. Beetee and Wiress are my favourite two tributes. Beetee’s my favourite character. I was waiting for this, waiting to see where his district was, and was it where I expected it to be? No. Like everybody else.

    I actually expected District 3 to be where District 4 is on the official map. It seems to make sense, seeing as computer chips and electronic equipment is generally manufactured in Silicon Valley. I would not have been opposed to 3 being where the Dakotas are, either, because I’ve heard that the electronics industry is growing there. I can’t really see the exact states 3 is in, but I think it’s around the Ohio area (forgive me for my woeful American geography, Irish person here) and nothing in Ohio screams “TECHNOLOGY” to me.

    The only thing I think of when I think of Ohio is Drew Carey… Now I guess, District 3 as well. Doesn’t really make sense, does it?

  • Dillon says:

    The fact that the map is being released through a Facebook game and its drawn in a cartoonish way makes me think that the Districts are being randomly placed just to get more people to play the game. It would be better if Suzanne Collins would say that this map is designed by her or release her own hand drawn version. But until then I guess this is as close as official as we will ever get. But if this map is true to the books, It would explain why Effie is eager to get to all the districts on time during the victory tour since they have to travel going back and forth across the country to each District.

    I never thought that would be where District 3 to be, I imagined that would be where District 8 to be. Which makes me wonder where District 8 would be, since it had to be close enough for Bonnie and Twill to walk from to get through District 12 and then hoping to get to 13. So I guess District 8 would be right between District 3 and 11, and 13 being right above District 12. I dont know Im just guessing and getting a head of myself.

  • Sarah says:

    Parrallel between The Hunger Games and Les Miserables. Many of your favorite characters die.

  • Satsuma says:

    Re Les Miz and THG: Certainly, one large parallel is that both stories feature a popular rebellion against a government that is seen as tyrannical, and take place in societies with a large gap between the wealthy and the poor. Both also depict sexual exploitation and abuse, though in the THG series, Collins took the bold approach of placing a male character in the archetypal “fallen woman” or “wh*re with a heart of gold” role. Finnick and Fantine actually are rather similar names, come to think of it. Both wind up dead in part due to decisions they make to provide their children with a better life. (Though we don’t know if Finnick actually knew about Annie being pregnant with his child when he died.)

    I think one parallel is that both stories tend to de-emphasize the role of romantic love, and focus more on familial love. Jean Valjean is jailed when he steals bread to feed his family, and his closest bond is not with a romantic interest, but with his adopted daughter Cosette. The whole Eponine-Marius-Cosette love triangle, at least to me, seemed to be a secondary plotline. Though Eponine’s willingness to sacrifice her life for Marius, knowing he loves Cosette, has Peeta-like aspects to it.

    There are differences as well. Les Miz presents the rebels as idealistic, and only guilty of naivete. THG, obviously, presents the rebels as much more complex than that. Les Miz is also a story of redemption, obviously for Valjean, but also for Eponine, who starts out as a spoiled brat raised by selfish, conniving parents, yet grows into a mature, caring woman, and her brother Gavroche also gives his life for a greater cause. I didn’t really see such a “redemption theme” in THG.

  • Satsuma says:

    Another parallel between Fantine and Finnick; in the Les Mis book, Fantine’s lover is much older than her (she’s a teenager, he’s in his thirties). Now, in the 1800s, a teenage girl having a relationship with a man 10-20 years older was not that uncommon. But there is a line, “he took my childhood in his stride” in her “I Dreamed a Dream” song, that to me seemed to imply that what happened to Fantine was basically statutory rape, that she was a young innocent taken advantage of by an older man who seduced her. Which seems to have parallels with how Finnick was the youngest Victor ever at 14 years of age, and was sold by Snow at age 16.

  • Mel Cally says:

    I agree with what another poster said about it being thrown together. It seems like a cool thing for the casual fan, but SUPER fans are taking it super seriously and expected much more thought to be put into it.

    But I like the map. It’s interesting.

  • Isaac says:

    iM NOT 100% SURE but i thought most factories in the U.S back in the old days (I dont know the exat date 1700-1800?) were located near the Great Lakes which is where District 3 is.

  • Isaac says:

    I found this map of The US during the civil war


    I believe one advantage the North had was that they had more factories than the South

  • i’m not particularly bothered by the location of D3 on the map. one thing i’ve noticed is that most people are judging this map by “current” standards, and i think that’s not very objective (sorry folks, i’m not sure anyone would remember silicon valley even existed after a global disaster ravaged the entire continent). D3 in particular is based on technology, it’s not tied to underground resources that would still be there even after some kind of cataclysm broke out on the surface, so it could virtually be anywhere.

    i still question the fact that the districts are not in some sort of sequential order (it WOULD make travel in reverse-sequential order much harder and certainly inefficient during the victory tour), but i guess with sufficiently advanced technology that point is almost negligible.

  • I don’t think that the location of District 3 has to have anything to do with the location of the Silicon Valley, which would mean nothing to the people of the post-apocalyptic Panem a few centuries from now. Besides, there’s a big probability that it would be under water. However, I do think it would make sense for 3 to be close to 2 and 4, rather than 12, so I don’t think this map makes much sense.

    @Satsuma – I was going to say that I don’t think that THG treats romantic love as less important – since the Katniss/Peeta relationship is so important, and the secondary Finnick/Annie plot is also quite prominent. But then I thought, one can say that it “de-emphasizes its importance” compared to the way that romantic love is often treated in media and a lot of the fiction, i.e. as the most important thing in the universe or the only important thing worth writing books and making films about, especially if we’re talking fiction aimed at women. THG deals a lot with love, of any kind, and it doesn’t say that one kind is superior to another.

  • Satsuma says:

    TTB: Just to clarify, I’m not saying that either THG or Les Mis is sending a message that romantic love is inferior to familial love. Jean Valjean would likely have never even thought to save Marius from death, if he didn’t know Cosette loved him romantically. And you could certainly argue that what really started the cascade of events that led to rebellion was Peeta’s love for Katniss. However, Katniss wouldn’t even have been in the arena in the first place, if she hadn’t volunteered out of love for her sister.

    Now, I am familiar with “traditional” cultures that DO see romantic love as inferior to familial love and friendship love. Some cultures even seem to basically deny the existence of romantic love at all, but see “being in love” as merely an illusion created by hormones and lust. These are cultures in which marriages are either completely arranged by the parents, or at the very least, require parental permission, and actions such as those of Mrs. Everdeen, who likely married Mr. Everdeen against her parents’ wishes, would be seen not just as rebellious, but as an immoral betrayal of familial ties and love.

    However, I don’t think modern Western culture (as opposed to traditional Western culture) is like that at all. So when a pop culture phenomenon like Les Mis or THG manages to NOT present romantic love as the end-all and be-all, it is refreshing.

  • Sym says:

    Atlanta is in District 3!

    • Savanna says:

      Atlanta is in Georgia, which is south of District 12. 🙂

  • Re: Oscar nominations for songs, “Safe and Sound” was not eligible, because it’s the second song in the credits, not the first. (Golden Globes don’t have that rule.) Personally, I prefer “Abraham’s Daughter” (and it was without doubt absolutely the right choice to close the movie, with its epic, haunting feeling), but I never expected it to be nominated, since it’s probably too edgy/alternative for the Academy.
    The songs from Les Miserables were not eligible, either, since they were not written specifically for the movie.

    “Skyfall” will probably win, and it should, since it’s a beautiful song, unlike the movie, which is, IMO, awful, and definitely the most overrated movie of 2012. Fortunately I can listen to the song without thinking of the movie. Apart from the mention of the place Skyfall, the song could almost be about The Hunger Games – I’ve seen a few THG fanvideos set to “Skyfall”, and I bet there will be many more when Catching Fire comes out (in which the sky does fall literally as well as metaphorically!).

  • Just listened to this podcast, and why is everyone assuming the districts must be numbered in geographic order? They can be ordered by when they joined the capital. Example if you go by when states joined the union the east coast joined first roughly but most west coast states joined before the middle states because the requirement was on number of people and more people move to the west coast before the central states. There is some logic that districts closest to the capital would join first but but if a region was important enough that more people gather there or they had something to get the attention of the capital they could join first.

    • Savanna says:

      Not everyone assumes that. But it’s an assumption many people make because Panem appears to be have been a planned creation, with the government having divided up different areas into numbered districts. Additionally, the 74th Victory Tour takes Katniss and Peeta through all the districts in [reverse] numerical order. Do you think they’d use this order if the numbers were thrown out haphazardly all over the continent? That seems like it would be a very inefficient way to travel, even with the Capitol’s high-speed rail technology.

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