#85 Fireside Chat: The Spark Sunday 18 November, 2012

“The Spark”

If you missed Episode 85 live tonight, never fear! You can click here to listen to the recording or use the embedded player below.

(Spark photo by Amanda Lindèn.)

Episode 85 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, November 19, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include some of our fabulous friends from Down with the Capitol, Kait from Victor’s Village, Courtney from Welcome to District 12, Ariel of Nerdy, Wordy, and Almost Thirty, and Crystal from Mockingjay.net and FictionalFood.net (go check out her EFFIE CUPCAKES).

– We’ll spend the first half of the episode talking about the Catching Fire logo and tagline, both of which were revealed before midnight showings of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 on Thursday night/Friday morning. For those of you who haven’t yet seen it, the tagline is: Every revolution begins with a spark. If you’ve seen the logo reveal, leave us a comment below and tell us what you think (you can comment on the tagline, too). We’d also love to hear about reactions from theatre audiences.

(Yes, we are aware that there are illegally recorded videos of the logo floating around online. We will not be posting those here out of respect for Lionsgate.)

– Adam will give a mini-review of Silver Linings Playbook and comment on Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar chances.

– The rest of the show will be filled with grab bag action, since we won’t be doing an “Unscripted” episode this month.

Update: A list of the topics we pulled out of our grab bag can be found below!
– Cave/Marry/Kill: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Katniss Everdeen (from Tess)
– “In the first Games, when Peeta is running with the Careers, they kill the girl who started the fire below Katniss’s tree. But her cannon doesn’t sound, so they send Peeta back to finish her. Do you think he killed her? And if so, how?” (from Emily 414)

You can chat with other listeners throughout the live show by using our hashtag #HGFiresideChat on Twitter! We recommend TweetChat to easily follow along with the conversation.

(If you missed last week’s episode, click here to listen!)

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  • José Torres says:

    I thought the logo was amazing and unexpected, at first I was like what, then the mockingjay turned into the bird on the Catching Fire cover ( I think its a mockingjay or jabberjay not sure) with more dramatic music, and I was going crazy. I think the tagline is mostly for people who havent read the books to tell them there will be a revolution and Katniss is the spark that sets it off.

    • Savanna says:

      The music was so fantastic!

  • Kasey V says:

    Sadly I was in one of the unlucky theaters and didn’t get to see the logo reveal. I was all ready for cheer for it and nothing. However I have heard it is amazing. I love the tagline, perfect for Catching Fire. I do hope that Lionsgate will release the logo for us to view online, soon. For the ones, like me, who couldn’t see it.

    This is totally off topic. But I do want to thank you for your Podcast. It totally helps when I need to drive an hour into town. It is a joy to listen to you guys as well as get my Hunger Games fix. I have even started listening from Episode one, which has been fun. Especially when it comes to casting predictions and thoughts. Plus the discussions on “The Girl Who was on Fire” Essays. So again thank you. Keep rocking it Adam and Savanna! As well as all the Panelists!! 😀

    • Savanna says:

      Thank you so much, Kasey! 😀 I’m sure Lionsgate will release it online soon. (And woohoo, I finally fixed the site coding so that comment replies work!)

  • Anna F says:

    I thought the logo was AMAZING! I thought it was so clever how they went about turning the mockingjay into the bird on the catching fire cover… combined with the tagline and the fantastically intense music, it made for an incredibly dramatic teaser! The whole theater cheered and went crazy! Although I did think it was funny that I had to explain to a few confused and disappointed friends why there was no footage; they were expecting a real preview!

  • The Vaultmaster says:

    Delighted by the logo reveal. I feel like these kinds of things are Francis’s way of spoiling us a little. We waited and waited for something to happen- mainly cast photos and rumours, and we now finally have the tiniest sliver of CF-related promos, and it couldn’t be better.

    This almost feels like the beginning of the whole CF adventure, I think. We’ll be a year to the day of release on Thursday.

    And hey- it’s going to go just like that. Bam. And soon enough we’ll have a teaser. Then a trailer. And before you all know it, we’ll be pre-ordering for the midnight release. And the movie’s going to blow all our minds. Sam, Jena, Jeffrey, Lynn, Amanda and Philip are going to knock it out of the park. And then we’ll complain about how it’s a year until Mockingjay Part 1 comes out. Ha.

    It’s going to be the fastest year of our lives, just wait and see…

  • Danielle says:

    I love the logo. Everyone in my theater was Complaining about it would a year for to come out ! Everyone really like I think and I love the music with it!! I <3 this fandom so much !:)

  • Ysa says:

    Sadly, I wasn’t one of those who got to watch the Catching Fire logo be revealed at Breaking Dawn. But I have a question for the grab bag!
    I know it’s not yet Oscar season, but there has been a lot of Oscar buzz for Jennifer Lawrence for her performance in “Silver Linings Playbook”. I was wondering if any of you guys think that she will be nominated and win the Oscar for Best Actress. Also, do any of you think that “The Hunger Games” will be nominated (and win) for an Oscar?

    • Savanna says:

      That’s a great question — and also very relevant, since The Hunger Games was apparently sent to Oscar voters!

  • Dillon says:

    I really love the teaser its fantastic and the logo looks perfect. With the “release” of the new logo does that mean lionsgate will also release the teaser poster for Catching Fire some time this year, I would imagine it would look very similar to the Hunger Games teaser poster we got last year but instead have the new flaming Catching Fire logo. I hope so, that would make for a really great christmas present this year.

  • I actually was lucky enough to be able to see the logo and I was completely astounded by it. Is it to dramatic for me to say I found my self breathless after seeing it? I loved the way the mockingjay pin logo lit into flames a crumbled into the Catching Fire logo. The music sent chills up my spine and back down again it was riviting. I love the tag line, I absolutely love and adore it. Every revolution begins with a spark. It makes me think of the conversation between President snow and Seneca crane in the movie where President snow tells seneca to contain the spark. I seriously think I cried when I saw it, I think my level of hope for Catching Fire shot up ten fold. I wish november 22 2013 would come faster, but its a wait worth taking.

  • Grace says:

    When I saw the logo and tagline I was just blown away. The logo and tagline really captured the essence of Catching Fire and literally “sparked” the viewers curiosity. It did what all great teasers should do–capture the viewers interest but leave them wanting more. Well done, Lionsgate!

  • Satsuma says:

    Great show as usual! I would like to add my two cents on the “Did Peeta really finish off the D8 girl” question. While I know the “he just held her hand and waited for her to die” theory is very popular, I do think that SC meant for him to have actually done something more active to hasten her death. Even in his rooftop speech about not wanting the Games to change him, when Katniss asks if this means he won’t kill anyone, he does admit that he WILL kill if he has to. (And if he had already allied with the Careers or was planning too, he probably knew that chances were high that he’d have to kill someone in order to keep up the act.)

    As for *how* he might have done it; assuming that Haymitch knew about this plan and had given Peeta SOME idea of how to kill someone “cleanly” if he had to; I don’t think he would have done it by smothering her. That is actually FAR from a quick, painless way to die, even if it’s not bloody. It takes at least five minutes for someone to die from lack of oxygen, and that’s a horrible feeling. Try holding your breath and experiencing that “air hunger” for yourself, if you’re not convinced.

    We know Peeta has a knife, as the Careers even comment that he’s “handy” with it. BTW, this may also be a clue that he’s used it to kill someone else with the Careers watching, perhaps in the bloodbath; I recall a popular pre-movie theory, before the advent of Curly Haired D4 boy, that Peeta killed the D4 boy tribute, and that’s how he was able to get in with the Careers, even though the pack is usually decided on before the Games.

    So, I think Peeta likely killed the D8 girl by using the knife to stab or slash her where he knew there was a major artery, possibly the carotid artery (in the neck) or the femoral (in the groin, and likely where Cato was aiming with the sword strike that cuts Peeta high up on the thigh later). This would also explain why the cannon goes off AFTER he rejoins the Careers. Because if that cannon hadn’t gone off when it did, Peeta would have been in a lot of trouble. But he likely knew that the blood loss was heavy enough that she would die in a few minutes.

    I also agree that Peeta killing D8 girl doesn’t mean he DIDN’T hold her hand and try to comfort her. While Peeta may want to die as himself, he does seem to find mercy-killing to be ethical, since he’s the one who suggests Katniss mercy-kill Cato at the end of THG. Also, in MJ, when he’s trying to convince the Star Squad to kill HIM, he points out that if they just leave him behind he could be captured and tortured again, a fate he seems to find worse than death. So he does seem to think that if they kill him, they would be putting him out of his misery. (Luckily, Katniss doesn’t agree!)

  • Natalie says:

    Great show, guys! The logo is fantastic! I love the fact that the ring turns into a clock, or say a pocket watch 😀 the music aswell is really epic, I hope we can somehow get a copy somewhere. I still re-listen to the other trailer music because it’s amazing! I really hope that now Lionsgate have more of a budget for marketing that they’ll promote it a bit more worldwide. I live in the UK and I felt it wasn’t advertised enough here, my friends had no idea what The Hunger Games was, we only had trailers and a picture on the side of the bus, we didn’t even have posters in the cinema 🙁 hope we get more this time round! So excited for Catching Fire though! Keeping a close eye on the Facebook page and fansites for more updates! K

    • Savanna says:

      Thanks, Natalie! I hope it’s marketed more worldwide as well. Not because I want them to make more money, but because I want more people to know about the series! 🙂

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