#81 Fireside Chat: Building a Better Tomorrow Sunday 21 October, 2012

“Building a Better Tomorrow”

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Image credit: @shack_attack (Thanks to HungerGamesTrilogy.net for finding it!)

Episode 81 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, October 22, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include Ellie from Down with the Capitol, Crystal from Mockingjay.net and FictionalFood.net, Kait from Victor’s Village, Natalie from Crushable, and first-timer Kelsey from My Hunger Games!

– We’ll kick things off by weighing in on the news that Elizabeth Banks broke last week on her blog: Danny Strong is officially in as screenwriter for both Mockingjay films and has already begun work on them!

– Next, we’ll discuss all the latest Catching Fire set photos (listed below). We’ll also talk about the differences we’ve already observed between this production and that of The Hunger Games. Feel free to sound off in the comments below with your own observations!

“Building a Better Tomorrow” billboard (Capitol propaganda in District 12)
Chariots and Friesians
Possible District 11 field + workers

– The Hunger Games fandom was recently ranked #7 on Vulture’s Top 25 Most Devoted Fan Bases list. Do we agree with this ranking and their breakdown of the fandom? Is the average demographic really “[f]emale, teen, or teen at heart”? We’ll discuss! Please leave a comment below and let us know YOUR thoughts. We’ll try to share as many of your comments on the air as possible.

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  • Satsuma says:

    I was, quite honestly, angered, then saddened by how this article portrayed the THG fandom. It seemed to dismiss the “core audience” as shallow fangirls whose primary concern is “Gale vs Peeta”, and whether Sam Claflin is hot enough to play Finnick. And, of course, the obligatory Twi-mention.

    I also found it annoying that the article doesn’t mention male fans AT ALL. I understand this is a majority female fandom, but there are so many thoughtful male fans of this series I’ve come across, that I’m angry on their behalf. that the only mention was the very general one of “the franchise attracts a wider following than its vampire counterpart, Twilight, but the core audience is still young women”.

    It also seems to be dismissing older fans of this series as either immature, considering the words “kids at heart”, or just trying to keep up with the latest teen trends, referring to “elders who read along with them”.

    I wound up wondering if the author of this article has read a single page of the actual books. A non-THG fan reading this would likely conclude that the series is merely a more violent version of a Twilight-like love story. That’s quite unfair. What about the themes of govenment corruption, media manipulation and propaganda, and the toll war and other forms of violence takes on people? Sigh.

  • The Vaultmaster says:

    Hello! HG Fireside! I’ve been listening to your podcast for ages, and only this week have I decided to get involved by commenting and sending in questions.
    I was a little annoyed also by the way the Vulture article talked about the series. I mean, yeah, it’s good that HG fans are being recognized, but I t think Vulture is definitely generalising. My sister convinced me to read HG– I was definitely the kind of person who was completely opposed to jumping on a series “bandwagon”. I was of the opinion that the books were for young teenage girls, like Twilight, and that the series couldn’t in any way be better than Harry Potter, or other stuff I’d enjoyed. But– when I finally submitted to my sister’s request for me to read the books, I was floored. This series is not for young teenage girls, it’s for anybody who enjoys good literature- exciting plots where every character plays a part, an amazing universe with such morals and laws you wold never see in cheap, Twilight-esque tweenage lit.
    I think Vulture had their heart in the right place when they were discussing HG fans, but got the descripton of HG fans completely wrong. They described us as Twilight fans with slightly better taste, almost. Ridiculous.
    Also, Sam Claflin is “not” suitable to play Finnick according to Vulture? They don’t realise he’s now almost been universally accepted. Ridiculous.

  • Addy says:

    Well first of all im happy with the propaganda poster it looks really good, and maybe if they left it up because they might be planning to come back at a time? Also the chariots look like the ones from the hunger games, maybe they are the same ones but i might be wrong. Oh and i strongly think that those are the district 11 workers. That could be the scene were katniss walks through the gates and looks at all those district 11 people working with alot of peacekeepers around them. well thats all i have today love your show!

  • Alexis says:

    can we also talk about http://mockingjay.net/2012/10/22/lucky-fan-meets-catching-fire-actors/ ? can we talk about jen’s hairstyle and makeup and lenny’s outfit. i think it may be for the interviews or the parade

  • Emily414 says:

    While Vulture was right about tumblr being a “main hangout” of HG fans, I don’t think they got much else right. Hunger Games isn’t just for teenage girls; it isn’t about Gale vs. Peeta and all that mellarky (pun intended). My dad has even expressed interest in the series lately, and this comes from a mid-forties guy who loves horror and laughs at Twilight. Yes, a lot of teen girls like The Hunger Games, but a lot of teen GUYS also like HG, along with adults of both genders. I tend to think, like Satsuma, that the author of the article didn’t actually read the series. Moreover, the rude Sam Claflin reference completely turned me off from believing the article at all, because they dismissed him without really giving him a chance. That’s simply unfair. Objectively, I don’t think Vulture did a good job of profiling this fandom on any grounds. Which is not to say their intentions were not good. It’s nice to be on a “Most Devoted Fan Base” list, in any case.

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