#76 Fireside Chat: And So It Begins Monday 17 September, 2012

“And So It Begins”

If you missed the show live last night, no worries! You can click CLICK HERE to listen to it recorded or use the embedded player below!

Episode 76 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, September 17, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include some of our fabulous friends from Down with the Capitol, Crystal from Mockingjay.net and FictionalFood.net, Rebekah from Victor’s Village, Natalie from Crushable, and Tumblr superstar Jenn!

We’re now about a week into principal photography, which is extremely exciting! We’re crossing our fingers that the rest of the cast will be announced soon. CatchingFireCasting.com is still looking woefully empty!

So, what do we have in store for Episode 76?

– We’ll kick things off by discussing the location of District 4, which was revealed last week through The Hunger Games Adventures, the official social game for the Hunger Games franchise. Did YOU think District 4 would be located in the [former] Pacific Northwest? We certainly didn’t! (See image below.)

– Next, we’ll talk all about the set photos that exploded onto the Internet this past week, showing us that (a) Sam Claflin’s hair is now bronze, (b) Jeffrey Wright is reading Mockingjay, and (c) this movie really is being made! Please leave us a comment below and share any interesting observations you’ve made about these images and/or questions that they’ve raised for you.

– To conclude, we’ll pick some fascinating and amusing topics out of our grab bag and make a very “adventurous” phone call…

– You can call the Hunger Games Hotline at 404-698-2903! (Thanks to @ethanjudelson for the tip!)
– Tonight’s grab bag topic was from Kelsey: “Could the Hunger Games arenas have been in other countries besides Panem?”

You can chat with other listeners throughout the live show by using our hashtag #HGFiresideChat on Twitter! We recommend TweetChat to easily follow along with the conversation.

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  • Ysa says:

    I’m extremely excited that the cast is getting together and filming the movie! I love that Josh, Jennifer, and Sam all look more like their characters now. Looking forward to more news and pictures from the set!
    I find it really weird that the unknown tributes haven’t been casted yet. The famous ones like Finnick and Johanna have been revealed, so I don’t quite understand what Lionsgate is waiting for. There are still a lot of empty spaces in the website. Plus there’s that unknown woman next to Jennifer that we still don’t know about. We need more casting news from Lionsgate!

  • Katie says:

    My observations of the photos:

    – For such a secretive film, their set security sucks, and their efforts to conceal the costumes are woeful. 😀
    – Looks like the victors are wearing their area outfits. And seeing as they’re all there, they’re probably shooting the Cornucopia scene.
    – Josh Hutcherson seems to have blonder hair this time.
    – Jena Malone’s hair seems shortish but not cropped (not like many expected) and she has a patch of bright red in her hair.
    – Jena is reading The Things They Carried, which is a semi-autobiographical novel written by a Vietnam veteran. It deals extensively with PTSD and the coping methods of soldiers in some pretty gruesome circumstances (and BTW is an excellent book!). Useful background reading for her character, I would think. Even some of the soldiers are rather Johanna-like.
    – Lynn Cohen’s costume seems to be a little different. Perhaps that is what everyone will be wearing and those singlet tops are worn underneath?
    – Sam Claflin likes to carry around a big foam stick, for some reason.
    – Alan Ritchson never stops smiling. 🙂

    Exciting stuff!

  • Kalina, but you can call me Delly says:

    I’m convinced that the outfits they’ve been wearing is the training center outfits, since they’re in Atlanta, and I’m pretty sure the arena is going to be filmed in Hawaii. But I could be wrong.
    I’m so excited that they’re filming, I jump up in down in my mind every time I think about it! (Does that sound weird?) Its so exciting :3

  • Phillip Levsky says:

    I too was surprised on the location of District #4, but it does make sence.

  • i wasn’t expecting D4 to be located so far north, but even so i have no problem with it. i think a lot of people forget that THG is a post-apocalyptic tale, and as such there could be a number of explanations as to why D4 seems to be almost tropical even if it’s up in the northwest– drastic climate changes and other disasters, for one. all i needed from D4 was that it be in the coast, so this location works IMO.

    as for the set pictures, it’s all so exciting. for the longest time it felt like it would take forever for the ball to start rolling on catching fire, and it’s only with these pictures that i feel it’s real, it’s really happening. i love everything i’ve seen so far.

    i think the black outfits they’re wearing are their arena outfits. yes, most of the arena scenes will be filmed in hawaii, but some scenes, particularly if they require a lot of CGI, need to be filmed in a soundstage (they did that in the first movie, too). those could be the training outfits too, but i’m leaning more toward the arena uniforms because they have that neoprene surfer bodysuit feel.

  • addy says:

    OK OK i am still in my BRAIN OVERLOAD phase! Anyway sam looks great! And i love Meta goldings hair! but the rest looks the same considering they are all wearing robes. I noticed that peetas hair is shorter and blonder but i like it! Because when peeta is rich he can take better care of it! Cant say nothing about Jennifer because she is covering herself! but i can see she is keeping the braid! Anyway i think those are the training outfits because the arena outfits are jumpsuits and i thought they are filming the arena scenes in hawaii. Well Thats all i have to say. I LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!!!! i listen live every night! and keep doing what your doing! ~ Addy

  • Emily414 says:

    I definitely didn’t picture D4 to be in the Pacific Northwest, but then again the southern part of it crosses into present-day California, so maybe Finnick and Annie and Mags lived there. Also, who knows? The natural disasters that caused Panem to arise could’ve caused serious climate change and/or changes of migration in things like fish and shrimp, which I’ve noticed a lot of people are confused about.

    I totally agree with @Katie’s observation of Jena reading The Things They Carried-I’m reading it right now for my AP English, and when I saw that Jena was reading it a bell went off in my head. Also Katie the big foam stick is called a foam roller- have you ever heard of anyone rolling over a tennis ball when they’re sore? This is kind of like that. It’s like a self massager of sorts. My soccer team uses them all the time. that’s the only reason I know what it is :). Also, did anyone else notice that the trailer that Jen was near in some of the pictures was labeled Peeta/Katniss? Are Jen and Josh sharing a trailer? My God, that will make for some hilarious set stories. (The Glimmer dummy/Jen peeing her pants comes to mind. 🙂 )

  • Kasey says:

    For me it was a happy surprise to find where District for was located. Being in North California. Just makes me smile 😀

    I am very excited that filming has started. In a way it is just nice to have some proof that they are filming! *laughs* Also has been nice to see the cast, seems they are having fun filming.

    I just hope the paparazzi do not get too carried away.

    Btw love this show. I sadly can not always listen to you live. 🙁 But love being able to whenever I get the chance 😀

  • Miranda says:

    I think Sam looks perfect! He’s tan and buffed up. I especially love the fluffy hair! It’s color is perfect. Many people debate on what “bronze hair” is. I think it’s the perfect shade. It’s a mix of blonde, red, and brown. So I think it makes everyone happy. 😉

  • Miranda says:

    I saw a lot of the Sam Claflin skeptics come around after seeing these shots! Which makes me super happy.

  • Satsuma says:

    I know the podcast was almost a week ago, but figured I’d post this here since it seems relevant: I actually came across an old version of the Hob Blog in which the admins discuss a private Q and A with Susanne Collins herself, in which she actually does state that District 4 location is “Pacific”.

    That’s here: http://thehoborg.blogspot.com/2010/09/hob-exclusive-part-2-suzanne-collins.html?m=1

    Here’s the summmary of the info she gave out on District locations:

    “• Districts 1 and 2 – “Rockies”
    • Districts 12 and 13 – She wouldn’t really answer, other than that she already gave us clues with the “Appalachian accent.” You can walk to District 13 in a week from District 12.
    • District 11 (Rue and Thresh) – “Deep South”
    • District 4 (Finnick, Annie and Mags) – “Pacific”
    • District 10 – “West”

    So, sorry Adam, it does seem that D4 location WAS based on information given by SC herself. Though I don’t know if she specified the EXACT location, she did NOT mean for D4 to be in the Gulf/Mexico.

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