#74 Fireside Chat: Look Your Best Again Sunday 02 September, 2012

“Look Your Best Again”

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Episode 74 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, September 3, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include Shylah and Ellie from Down with the Capitol, Tiffany from Victor’s Village, Courtney from Welcome to District 12, and Natalie Zutter from Crushable!

– We’ll kick things off by chatting about all the latest filming-related news: who’s in Atlanta, when principal photography might start, what secrets the extras casting calls may reveal, etc.

– We’ll also weigh in on Trish Summerville, who has replaced Judianna Makovsky as costume designer. How do we feel about this? Many have said that the costumes in The Hunger Games were a weak point. Do we agree? How might the costumes for Catching Fire change with a new designer on board? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

– On a similar note, we recently learned that jeweler Dana Schneider, who created the mockingjay pin for the first film, will be crafting “pieces of jewelry for two other main characters.” Who do we think these two characters are, and what pieces of jewelry will they be wearing?

– Lastly, we’ll talk all about the exclusive Target, Walmart, and iTunes DVD/Blu-ray special features.

– And to conclude, we’ll pull a few fun topics out of our grab bag! (Update: We pulled out a couple of fun questions! “What do you think happened to Bonnie and Twill from District 8?” and “Would you rather eat wild dog or squirrel?”)

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  • tfgeekgirl says:

    Regarding the jewelry, I’m thinking that one of them has to be the complementary “fire” bracelet that Haymitch is forced to wear, which he then gives to Finnick. I’m thinking the second one would be Peeta’s mockingjay pendant, because if that’s not in there, then… uh, uh… it’s just not right if it isn’t in the movie! And of course, it would be silly for them not to have it, as it would be another great marketing idea. For those who didn’t get their chance to get a mockingjay pin, they can now have their chance of getting the pendant.

    As for Trish Summerville, I’m not quite sure how different her style will be compared to Judianna as her creds don’t show much in regards to “futuristic/crazy” fashion, but I’m always willing to give someone a chance.

  • Sarah says:

    There’s going to be an HG Fireside Chat on my birthday!! Greatest bday present ever!! And I thought the costumes for the first movie were pretty good. But the fire dress was slightly disappointing and that the after games interview outfits were slightly random, but I’m excited to see what the new people will do. Like with the wedding turned Mockingjay dress.

  • Colin says:

    I liked Judianna Makovsky’s costumes for Effie and Heymitch but the rest were unremarkable but not bad. I hope she’s the only major change though. Sincethere is a new director continuity of the production staff is important.

  • Jewelry: Plutarch’s clock! 😀 😀 😀

    Costumes: I didn’t like the tribute parade costumes, none of them. But I liked Effie’s clothes, Katniss’ jacket, the arena clothes, Katniss’ interview dress, the training clothes… so yeah, there were some bad costumes, but there were also some really good ones!

    Can’t wait to see what the new costume designer will bring to the table.

  • Jason says:

    I thought the some of the costumes in Hunger Games looked dull. Not all, though. The arena uniform, Effie’s wardrobe, Haymitch’s wardrobe, and District 12’s clothes were great and true to the book. Everything thing else just looked cheap and unimaginative. I don’t know whether it was the budget, but I wasn’t a fan.

    I think Trish Summerville would bring a realistic and edgy look to the Capitol. Crazy, but contemporary. Maybe she’ll even bring some variety to the outfits, so they don’t all look like they were created by a single Capitol designer.

  • i liked what judianna makovsky did with the costumes in the first movie, but i’m also happy to hear trish sommerville is coming in. giving things a new perspective could be a really good thing, because the story is evolving and so should the look of it. i don’t know much about her work, but i hear she designed for girl with a dragon tattoo, so here’s to hoping she can give catching fire something of an edge– particularly katniss’s bride-turned-mockingjay dress.

    i literally JUST finished watching the extra features on the DVD (it took for-EV-uhr for my target deluxe edition DVDs to get to me, since i live outside the US), and i have to say i absolutely LOVED the tribute diaries. i just adore the young cast, they’re all so sweet and funny and just plain great, and it’s always nice to see them interact behind the scenes because they’re so crazy when they’re together. i also really liked the segment they had on casting the six of them (notably, foxface was missing from that one. why is that?). it was a really nice extension of the casting segment of the “making of” documentary that came standard with the DVDs, and it’s particularly relevant as lionsgate is revealing the cast for catching fire right now. for me, personally, those two features alone were well worth the price of the DVD.

  • Mel Cally says:

    I think the change of designers could actually be a good thing. I thought all the costumes for The Capitol were really cool and the arena outfit perfect. Even if Trish makes the Capitol completely ” look like the type of place to keep a certain “stylish” trend for a long time. They should always be looking for new ways to be outrageous! Sure Judianna could probably re-envision the style but, Trish will give whole new eyes to these embarrassingly ignorant superficial people.

    Oh my i also just remembered about the wedding dress! Trish seriously has her work cut out! I can’t wait! Hey, they may even give Katniss the right sized hunting jacket, instead of that trendy, slim-cut, tailor made jacket Katniss wore in the first one. Correct me if im wrong but wasn’t that supposed to be her dad’s jacket? I know D12 people are supposed to be skinny and all but unless Katniss’ dad was built like a hot woman I doubt he could fit it.

  • Maia says:

    I am worried about this new change! I thought the costumes were great in the hunger games , but they have to be great , they also have to be somber as well , because this is the beginning of the rebellion.

    Why did they change designers anyway.

  • Satsuma says:

    Re new stylist/designer: I think that Judianna did great with Effie and the other Capitol clow…*cough*citizens, but I was underwhelmed by the THG costumes otherwise. Basically, I just didn’t think Judianna was able to channel her inner Cinna when it came to the “girl on fire” outfits; both the parade costumes and the “girl on fire” dress. The tribute outfits were okay, but nothing special.

    Agree with Mel Cally about how Katniss’s hunting jacket did NOT look like a worn, cherished memento of her father. To me, it looked like something she bought at Eddie Bauer a few weeks before the Games. So, I hope Trish Sommerville will improve on matters for CF.

    Also agree with Mel that we can easily explain the change in fashion styles since the Quarter Quell takes place a whole year afterwards, and you know those Capitol fashionistas will have discarded the clothes they wore in the first movie as “sooo yesterday!” I’d also like to see a sense of how fashion trends differ among the districts. In THG we had a big contrast between the Capitol and the squalor of D11 and D12, but the other districts, especially the “career districts”, might be a bit more well-off.

    As for the two pieces of jewelry; I can think of three candidates. Plutarch’s watch, Haymitch’s bracelet, and, obviously, Peeta’s locket. But since Plutarch isn’t a main character, I think she was probably talking about the bracelet and locket. Though she may be involved in designing the watch as well.

  • Anna says:

    I definitely think regarding the jewelry Haymitch’s bracelet is a big contender. Since he gives it to Finnick which lets Katniss know they are allies, this plays a pretty important role. The other one for me comes down to the watch and Peeta’s locket. I have a feeling it is Peeta’s locket considering the bracelet and locket are created for Katniss’s “team”. When I think about it now it makes sense that they would both be designed by the same person.

  • Anna says:

    As for the change in designers… this could be a good thing! I personally thought the costumes in The Hunger Games were very strong, but if the new stylist changes it up… it could go with the story! I can just imagine the Capitol citizens adopting a new style, considering the clothing they wore during the Hunger Games “last season”! I have faith in Lionsgate so I’m not worried!

  • Anna says:

    I’m really more worried about the CGI artists… hope they fix the fire this time! Imagining Katniss’s Mockingjay wedding dress with that terrible chariot fire… I just can’t afford to think like that 😉

  • Allisonvt16 says:

    Don’t forget, its episode 74. Remember the importance of that number. 74 *dun dun dun*

  • I’m hoping the new costume designer can do away with some of the bad prom feeling that was going on in The Hunger Games costumes for the Capitol. Most notably in the tribute and final interviews and the citizens. I thought some of the costuming was great but the Capitol lacked sophistication and diversity. I know they’re supposed to be frivolous but as someone else mentioned, it looked like they all shopped in the same cheap store. And am I the only one who hated Seneca Crane’s pants? Every time he was on screen those damn pants were a total distraction.

  • Isaac says:

    I loved the costumes in THG! If you thought the tribute costumes during the tribute parade was dull was the book was duller. In the book district one wore only tunics and so did the avoxs. I thought the costumes had a futuristic feel!

  • reflections, now that i’ve actually listened to the podcast: i love the idea of the calligrapher extra being needed to write out the card, but i can’t imagine the president would actually do that himself. it just sounds beneath snow to do such menial work. but what if it’s plutarch? he IS the head gamemaker after all, i’m sure the responsibility would be delegated to him since he’s probably the official “keeper” of the quarter quell cards, and it would probably add to the creepiness/ambiguity about the characters’ intentions. and PSH is also a caucasian male (a younger one, at that) so it would still work with the casting call.

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