#73 Fireside Chat: Where's Finnick? Odair He Is! Sunday 26 August, 2012

“Where’s Finnick? Odair He Is!”

(Image credit goes to John Wright.)

(Title credit goes to the Internet and whoever first created that meme.)

If you missed Episode 73 live last night, you can click here to listen to it recorded or simply use the embedded player below!

Episode 73 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, August 27, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include Mary from Down with the Capitol, Crystal from Mockingjay.net and FictionalFood.net, Courtney from Welcome to District 12, and Kait from Victor’s Village!

So, what can you expect on Monday night?

– We’ll open the show by addressing last Wednesday’s EPIC (but not entirely unexpected) news: Sam Claflin was cast as Finnick Odair! Finally, after over a MONTH of rumors and speculation, it’s now official! “Finnick Watch 2012” has officially ended and Hunger Games history has been made. We’ll share our opinions of Sam and this casting decision and also talk about what fan reactions have been like thus far. Be sure to let us know what YOU think by leaving a comment below! As always, we’ll try to share as many as possible during the show.

– After getting all of our Sam/Finnick feelings out, we’ll revisit the non-exclusive DVD/Blu-ray special features. We talked about them last week, but now that everyone has had a chance to watch them, we’ll go a bit more in-depth with our discussion. NEXT week, on Episode 74, we’ll take a look at the special features that can only be found on the Target, Walmart, and iTunes editions of the movie.

– We’ll cap off the show by pulling a few fun topics and questions out of our topic cornucopia (grab bag). Yay!

Update: Here are the topics we pulled out of the grab bag!
Crackpot Theory: Was Seneca Crane really against the Hunger Games?
Survival question: What unlikely object can you make fire from?
Question submitted by Wally: Could Liam Hemsworth win a Hunger Games against all the other Expendables 2 cast members (excluding Chuck Norris)?

In case you missed it, check out Sam’s reaction to getting the part of Finnick (he tweeted us!):

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  • I think Sam Claflin will be great.

    Saying this from a man point of view, so maybe my beauty perception is a bit off, his face is sexy. His face is extremely gorgeous. His face screams Finnick to me.

    His body is not a Finnick body right now, he’s more of a thin man, but he has lots of time to build up some muscle, so I really trust that when the time to film comes, he’ll have a really build-up, Finnick body. Just look at what Josh Hutcherson did for Peeta. It can be done, and I’m 100% sure he’ll have a great body when his time for filming comes.

    About the acting chops, I haven’t seen Pirates of the Caribbean 4. I haven’t seen Snow White And the Huntsman. But I have seen scenes of him in his other movies / tv things. I think he’s great, he has the acting ability needed for a character with a depth like Finnick. He can definitely act cocky, but he can also act the other, sad / darker sides of the character which would require more acting skills.

    He’ll be great. Plus, he went through the auditions and all the casting process, so they definitely saw something in him.

    Now, yeah, he isn’t my perfect Finnick. He isn’t 100% alike the Finnick in my head. But I don’t care, cause he’s as good as the Finnick in my head, and he also happens to exist. So yeah, I’m very happy with the choice.

  • Debbie says:

    I think he will be an awesome Finnick. He impressed me tremendously in Pillars of the Earth. It was a small part but the character went through a significant arc and had to change physically, and he did it very convincingly.

    Looks are a totally subjective thing, no matter who they picked there were going to be unhappy people. A lot of the suggestions for “better” Finnicks are not really more handsome than Sam, and quite a few are mediocre actors. People also have to remember what a great job the make-up people did in transforming Jennifer, Josh and Liam into their characters. They will do the same with Sam.

    Finnick needs to be much more than a pretty face. You need an actor to show how damaged and sad he is underneath the charm and bravado. I predict Sam will blow the naysayers away.

  • Anna says:

    So excited that Sam has joined the Hunger Games party!! Back when all the Finnick rumors were circulating I just couldn’t find a bandwagon to jump on, and just as I was getting used to Garrett Hedlund I saw Sam and he did it for me! Everyone who is disappointed with him needs to remember he was not chosen solely on looks; he must have given an amazing audition! There is more to Finnick than looks and I am completely confident that Sam can capture all the emotional aspects of Finnick perfectly!

  • Allison says:

    I don’t know, throughout this Finnick watch I have focus on making sure he is not cast. I know he probably gave a good audition, but Finnick is supposed to be sensual abd attractive not British abd coffe shop cute. Although I hope he won’t disappoint it’s hard to have it, but again hope is the only thing stronger than fear…

  • Annie B says:

    I would be a liar if I said I loved Sam Claflin right away. Truthfully I hated him when the rumor first came out, I was riding the Garrett Hedlund for Finnick party bus. As the Rumor persisted, and the more and more realistic it became, I relized if Lionsgate liked him, if Francis Lawrence Liked him, and possibly even Suzanne then I should trust there Judgement and Like him to. Before the official news broke I was pretty warmed up to him after looking at pictures and watching Snow white and the Huntsman, he could do it I told myself and then the news broke and I was estatic. I, now looking back at it knew i dident want to like him because he wasent what I saw, when we all have a picture of the Roman god with a million dollar body, this kind of person does not exsist., and we have to relize this and accept it. We were never going to get that perfect dream Finnick that all of us pictured but If you ask me Sam Claflin is close anough. Finnick isnt just this attractive god of a man he is a emotionally scared person who has been to hell and back, I know sam will portray this to the fullest. He will be an amzing Finnick that even the haters will eventually fall in love with. I have full faith in Sam now, and november 22 2013 is not coming fast anough, because I want to see our Finnick in action. Congrats Sam.

  • Miranda says:

    I’m very happy with this choice.

    I feel like it was a good thing that his casting announcement was leaked weeks and weeks ago. It allowed all of us to let it sink in, and for us to really get used to the idea of Sam possibly becoming Finnick.I think that if it was just randomly announced we would be seeing TONS more hate towards Sam.

    I’ve heard people say that Sam “isn’t hot enough for Finnick”. I disagree. One thing I have been slaying is that people need to remember that Finnick was not from the Luxury district. Sam has sort of a rugged look to him, and to me that is a great direction for Finnick to be portrayed.

    Sam is perfect!

  • Miranda says:

    I also think that people are used to Sam’s look in movies like Pirates and SWATH. And he looks VERY different than his usual self in those movies. In Pirates he covered in dirt and sweat during the whole movie. If you look at pictures of Sam clean-shaven in photoshoots he TOTALLY looks like a Finnick ;D

  • Becky says:

    I think he will make a really good Finnick. When I pictured finnick it was how I pictured in my head. My friend said at first he did not look strong enough. But now I think we’re both used to the fact that he is Finnick. Also I trust lionsgate with everything and have proved that they know what they are doing.

  • Michael says:

    I think that Francis/Nina and LG made a great choice. He has the previous acting experience in action movies (POTC4, SWATH) so that we know he can do the jungle scenes. He is a great actor so we know he can follow the character arc not only in Catching Fire but more importantly in Mockingjay when his damaged nature really needs to come through. He is also close to the age that we are expecting for this character. He is very good looking (when cleaned up). Also importantly, like the other main actors he is an up and coming actor who is drawing a substantial amount of press. He will fit in nicely to the “family” of up and coming actors (JLaw, JHutch etc.) who are all at about the same point in their careers. This will support their bonding in the jungle. I also actually like his look alongside Jena. There are a fair number of scenes with them together and I definitely see them complementing each other. Looking forward to tomorrow night’s show.

  • i am very happy about this choice. as many others out there i had my favorites for finnick and sam claflin was certainly not on that list, but i’ve loved him since BEFORE finnick watch started (he absolutely stole my heart in pirates of the caribbean 4). i think he’s gorgeous, a really talented actor, and such a sweet guy in real life. i’m sure if he was chosen, it’s because he embodied finnick the best in all aspects of the character, and i cannot wait to see what he brings to the table. i’m sure he will give our finnick the depth he deserves.

  • Emma says:

    I like Sam Calfin as finnick he’s one of the few cast members I have seen in a movie before which was pirates of the carribean 4 and personally I thought he was great in that movie mostly cause he was cute……but I’m excited to hear his American accent 🙂

  • Colin says:

    He wasn’t my first choice but he has a very respectable resume and Lionsgate’s casting hasn’t failed us yet. A lot of people have complained about his looks. I would rather have a good actor than a no-talent Adonis.

  • Satsuma says:

    My completely unscientific breakdown of overall fan responses so far, is that about half the fans are neutral to cautiously optimistic about this, a quarter are very happy, and another quarter are completely devastated. So far there doesn’t seem to be that much infighting, at least not the fansites I’ve browsed through. I personally would be in the cautiously optimistic camp.

    I just feel like I’m not familiar enough with Sam’s body of work (which is MUCH more than just POTC and SWATH, most of his acting has been for TV both in the UK and the US), to make a decision on anything other than his looks and general personality. And I don’t think that’s enough to base it on. Finnick is such a deep, complex character, that I don’t feel I can honestly evaluate Sam’s performance until I actually see him play Finnick.

    Also re looks, I never thought that Finnick’s looks would be make-or-break because physical attractiveness is quite subjective. I think Sam is attractive enough that casting him as Finnick is plausible. You could argue that one reason he was so “popular” in the Capitol was because he was seen as having a more rugged allure, as opposed to more classical, District 1 type beauty.

    I think that no one cast by LG would have fit every single viewer’s notion of what a Finnick level of attractiveness is. So, I think we should evaluate Sam’s performance on a much deeper level than just “Does he make me go weak in the knees”. If Sam can get Finnick’s personality, his hidden struggles, his love for Annie, etc., across, I’ll personally be satisfied.

  • Heather says:

    So excited for Sam as Finnick!

    Now we’re on Beetee watch!

    I’m hoping Hank Azaria! He can do EVERYTHING =)

  • Ellie says:

    I think he will be great. It’s kind of sickening to see all of the negative response to casting so far. As an actress myself, people need to realize that auditioning is a not a process where you pluck random people off the streets and they’re going to play a character. Auditioning, ESPECIALLY for such a coveted role, is a long, grueling and difficult process, especially when I’m sure there were a lot of talented actors who were up for the role. We might have an image of the character that reflects a particular actor, and we might even think they would be good to play this role based off of previous performances and interviews. However, only the casting directors see the actor actually perform scenes from the movie or show that they are going to do. The first movie had such a good cast that I would have hoped that people had more faith in Lionsgate. They saw in Sam Claflin something none of us have seen; and that is him being able to ring true to the character. They had to weed out many hopefuls before they picked him. And auditioning for a movie isn’t just going in and reading the scripts; you have screen tests, they see how well you work with the other actors, etc, etc. I’m 100% positive that once people see him in costume they will warm up to him more, and 125% positive that once we see him in the movie people will think he’s great and not be able to imagine anyone else in the role.

  • Audrey says:

    I think Sam will bring a lot to this role. His accent will do well translated into American and create that even more sensual sound that goes perfect for this role.

  • Samantha says:

    I see a lot of comments of people saying, “He’s just not how I imagined Finnick to look!” But that’s just it. Sam Claflin will never be the Finnick you imagined, and neither will anyone else. I’d rather have someone who could pull off the Finnick persona than someone totally wrong, but totally good-looking. Besides, what’s attractive to you and whats attractive to the Capitol are very different. I Stopped worrying about Lionsgate and casting ages ago. The best thing is to trust them because worrying too much about it wont make it a better movie. P.S. I think Sam is perfect.

  • I may have never seen him prior in any other show/movie, but my faith is totally with Lionsgate and the casting crew on this. I can tell this one thing from his looks though: He can give me some sugar (cubes). *wink wink nudge nudge*

  • Amanda T. says:

    I’ve seen Sam Claflin in one movie and that is Snow White and the Huntsman. Based off of just that I think sam could play Finnick but someone else could do better. I just hope Sam feels what Finnick felt in the books. Lastly I imagined Finnick to be a much larger man.

  • Mel Cally says:

    I don’t hate Sam nor do I like him… he’s a MEH. But I have put all my faith that Debra Zane is doing her job correctly and putting more thought into it that the average fan. If you’ve read the books you know that there’s WAY more to Finnick than his looks.

    I couldn’t have stressed this enough, before this official casting, that everyone should have not to set their expectations so high! FACT: There is no such person as Finnick (So do expect an exact replica of the description). FACT: Debra Zane was not looking to cast that guy YOU imagined as you read the books (so stop stating the obvious). FACT: As cliched as it sounds beauty is in the eye of the beholder (Sam isn’t ugly!).

    Give Sam a chance! I believe he’ll be a GREAT Finnick, and prove all those haters WRONG!

  • Katie says:

    Lolz at the title! 😀

    I’m fully on board with Sam now. I admit I was a little sceptical when the rumours first surfaced but I got used to the idea of him in the role. I think he’ll be fantastic!

    And BTW I think people should give him a break. No matter how talented he is as an actor or how attractive he is, it must be pretty intimidating to play a character that is basically described as god-like. Having the fans doubt him on top of that, can only make it worse. We should lend him our support.

  • Buttercup says:

    I was really afraid that they’d just cast a pretty face/body. I am so relieved that he is not what everyone was expecting. To me, it indicates that he must be a better actor. Anyway, I am far more attracted to Brits than pretty much all of the men in Hollywood combined (except maybe RDJ). Also, I find an enormous amount of sexiness is derived from a person’s voice, and he definitely has a great voice. I am definitely a fan even though I’ve only just found him. 🙂

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