#69 Fireside Chat: Parade of Districts Monday 30 July, 2012

“Parade of Districts”

Did you miss Episode 69 LIVE last night? Never fear! You can listen to the show recorded by clicking HERE or, you know, you could just use the embedded player below. Whatever floats your boat!

Episode 69 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, July 30, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include Aldrin and Jessica from Down with the Capitol, Crystal from Mockingjay.net and FictionalFood.net, Sam Cushion, Kait from Victor’s Village, and Courtney from Welcome to District 12!

So, what do we have planned for our last episode of July?

– We’ll begin the show by discussing and analyzing the first official map of Panem, which was released through the Facebook game The Hunger Games Adventures. If you haven’t seen the map yet, check it out at the bottom of this post (you can click on the image for a high-res version)! Let us know in the comments what you think of the map. Is it what you expected? Any surprises? What questions does it raise for you?

As you’ll see, only the locations for the Capitol and District 12 are labeled on this version of the map. Inside the game, however, you can also unlock the locations for Districts 2 and 11. Click here to see a screenshot of the map that includes those locations. FYI: The actual populated district locations are where you see the symbols/emblems on the map. The rest of the land in each district is wild and uninhabited.

New districts will be unlocked in the coming months, so be sure to sign up to play The Hunger Games Adventures if you haven’t already.

– In honor and in celebration of the London 2012 Summer Olympics, which officially opened this past Friday, we’ll challenge ourselves and our panelists to assign Olympic events to our favorite Hunger Games characters. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know which events YOU think the characters would compete in! We’ll also talk a bit about how The Hunger Games has boosted interest in archery at the Olympics.

You can chat with other listeners throughout the live show by using our hashtag #HGFiresideChat on Twitter! We recommend TweetChat to easily follow along with the conversation.

(If you missed last week’s episode, click here to listen!)

And click here for an index of all of our archived episodes.

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Down with the Capitol: @HungerGamesDWTC (Aldrin: @agamos, Jessica: @jalissie)
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  • Maia says:


  • McKenna says:

    Peeta weightlifting
    Katniss and Gale archery
    Careers fencing
    Madge, Rue, Prim floor gymnastics
    Rebels shooting
    Finnick diving and swimming

  • Agree with McKenna’s suggestions. Peeta is supposed to be good at hand to hand combat as well… is there a wrestling category in the Olympics? And since I doubt there is an ax throwing category, perhaps Johanna could do discus instead? Also, Katniss, Peeta, and Cato could run in the 400 as shown by their sprint to the Cornucopia to get away from the mutts.

  • Marvel has got to be throwing a javelin, right?
    Rue is a gymnast probably specializing in the uneven bars. Johanna is also a gymnast but her specialty is the vault.

    Katniss is archery (of course). Glimmer also tried her hand at archery, but didn’t make it through the qualifying round.
    Peeta is wrestiler.

    Finnick and Annie are both swimmers– though Annie holds more total medals.
    Clove’s quickness and accuracy with a knife makes me think she might be a good table tennis player.

    Cato enjoys fencing, but reacts poorly when he loses.
    Prim doesn’t compete, but she provides excellent first aid to the Panem athletes.

  • I think Peeta could do really well in Hammer Throw, not only in weight lifting and/or wrestling. Even if both Finnick and Annie are amazing swimmers, maybe Annie is a better diver and Finnick a faster swimmer. Marvel definetly goes for javelin and Katniss for archery, that’s out of the question xD And, for a bit of fun, how awesome would be to see President Snow and President Coin doing a one on one table tennis final? xD random one, I know xD

  • Satsuma says:

    Seems my post’s too long, so will split it. Starting with the obvious:
    1. Katniss in archery, of course!
    2. Peeta in wrestling (which FYI certainly is an Olympic sport, actually one of the original Olympic sports, before the “modern” era). And he’d probably wind up with an upset victory over the favorite, like Rulon Gardner beating Alex Karelin!.
    3. Finnick and Annie in swimming. Agree with Shylah that Annie would likely wind up with more medals! 😉 Or maybe Finnick might branch out into water polo…
    4. Gale in archery, or perhaps shooting if we’re talking post-war Gale.

  • Satsuma says:

    5. Johanna in hammer throw (yes, this is a real event, though ax throwing isn’t) or shotput throw. Or maybe the heptathlon, which consists of the following seven events: “100m hurdles, High jump, Shot put, 200m race, Long jump, Javelin throw, 800m race”.
    6. Rue in gymnastics, likely medaling in the uneven bars
    7. Cato in fencing
    8. Clove in table tennis actually is plausible…
    9. Marvel in javelin throw
    10. Thresh in boxing (or weightlifting)

  • Aside from Marvel, Finnick would also be good at the javelin as he is skilled with the trident. Thresh and Peeta could do weightlifting. Katniss and Peeta in hurtles (they seem to be pretty good at running and avoiding obstacles at the same time). And just for fun, Haymitch doing rhythmic gymnastics.

  • Satsuma says:

    Unfortunately, men are not allowed to participate in rhythmic gymnastics yet (so farit is an all-female sport). But Haymitch could still compete on the trampoline, which is an official Olympics sport! After all, he does seem to have a grasp of how to use the rebound effect to his advantage.

  • Tess says:

    The only thing I can say about the map is I’d have thought it’d be smaller. I always envision the Districts (well maybe except for 11) has one town.
    Achery- Katniss, Gale maybe swimming)
    Weight lifting- Peeta, Cato, Marvel, Thresh, Glimmer, Clove,
    Boxing- Cato, Marvel, Thresh, Glimmer, Clove
    Judo- Peeta, Cato, Marvel, Thresh, Glimmer, Clove
    Fencing- Cato, Marvel, Thresh, Glimmer, Clove
    Swiming, sailing, rowing, – Annie, Finnick, (maybe Katniss)

  • annie says:

    Katniss in archery (well duh)
    Peeta weightlifting (once again duh)
    Marvel Javelin throw
    Rue Gymnastics
    Cato Fencingng
    Thresh Shot put
    Foxface Sprinting
    Finnick and annie Swimming diving rowing
    Johanna Discus
    Clove Javalin throw
    Boxing Brutus
    Judo Glimmer

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