#68 Fireside Chat: Who is Sam Claflin? Saturday 21 July, 2012

“Who is Sam Claflin?”

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Episode 68 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, July 23, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include some of our fabulous friends from Down with the Capitol, Crystal from Mockingjay.net and FictionalFood.net, Tiffany from Victor’s Village, and Ariel of Nerdy, Wordy, and Almost Thirty!

– We’ll kick off the show by recapping the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, which are set to air on Sunday night in the U.S. How did The Hunger Games fare?

– Next, we’ll welcome the amazing Amanda Plummer to the franchise! We learned last Tuesday that Amanda will be playing Wiress, and we couldn’t be more excited about this casting decision. Let us know in the comments what you think about Amanda — we’ll share as many of your opinions as we can!

Update: We’ll also briefly talk about Jena Malone and welcome her to the cast as Johanna! Since we already did an entire episode centered around Jena and the possibility of her playing Johanna, we won’t spend too much time on this.

– We’ll then turn our attention to Sam Claflin, who is rumored to have been offered the role of Finnick. We first talked about Sam on Episode 63 after Lainey Gossip reported that he had auditioned. Now Zap2it is claiming that he has been offered the role, and according to Gossip Cop, he has accepted. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THESE ARE RUMORS. Contrary to a lot of the headlines that have been floating around out there, Sam Claflin has NOT been officially cast as Finnick. To stay abreast of all OFFICIAL casting news, follow @lionsgatenews on Twitter and keep an eye on CatchingFireCasting.com. And, of course, make sure you’re following US on Twitter and Facebook as everything we report will come directly from Lionsgate.

Leave a comment and let us know if you think Sam would be a good Finnick!

– Lastly, we’ll chat with YouTuber extraordinaire CassJayTuck (real name: Cassidy Tucker) about her love of the series and a certain lovesick baker that has taken up residence in her home. (For a taste of what Cassidy is all about, check out her Hunger Games movie reaction or her “How to Get the Fangirl Look” tutorial!)

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  • Tess says:

    I am not familiar with much of Amanda Plummer’s work. However, after all of the tumblr edits, and glancing at her IMDb filmography, I can definitively see her as Wiress. I think she’d handle Wiress’s “Tick Tock” line very well.
    As far as Sam Calfin is concerned, I’m trying not to think about it too much. That goes for most casting choices too, I don’t want to get too attached and then have it be cast as someone else. That being said, I never thought of him on my own, but I think he’d do well.
    (Continued below. Do you know that on your site, if you type so a long comment, soon you can’t see the post comment box? or is that just me)

  • Tess says:

    (Continued from comment above) He’s familiar to THG’s younger audience with his roles in Snow White and the Huntsman, and the Pirates in the Caribean movie. But he isn’t so well known that you’d think (or I would think) of him automatically, similar to Jennifer Lawrence or Elizabeth Banks. I saw both moives, and he did well with what he was given. He’d do a great job with Finnick. (Also a side note, I found it funny that now he’s in rumors for Finnick, and many people considered his Priates costar, Astrid Berges-Frisbey, as Annie)

  • Maia says:

    Hi all HG fireside chat !

    I am very excited about Amanda Plummer being cast as Wiress she is an amazing actress. My most favorite role of hers was Season episode 6 titled Weak of Law Order SVU
    In which she played a schizophrenic who is Raped. She did a really good job and her characters mannerism of schizophrenia was amazing. I have a masters in psychology and thought very good or her portrayal.

  • Katie says:

    I think Amanda Plummer will be fantastic. A talented and experienced character actress like her can really do Wiress justice. I’m not sure about Sam Clafin, though. He wouldn’t exactly be my preferred choice (I’m sticking with Garrett), but he’s not a disastrous option. If he ends up as Finnick I will certain accept him and wish him well in the part.

  • I am very very happy with the casting choices for CF so far. Three great actors have been cast and will make great additions for the second film. I think they will spark (sorry for the pun) interest in the film. My dad was talking about he’s excited for Phillip Seymour Hoffman because he is such a respected actor. As for Amanda and Jena, I am not as familiar with their films but they look their parts perfectly.

  • lexi says:

    British accent?? His accredited resume lists Pirates of the Car….hmmmm I would rather go for a good actor than a pretty face anyways.

  • Morgan says:

    I am absolutely delighted that we had such a talented actress to bring on the role of Wiress! She can definitely pull off the slightly crazy personality even though I haven’t seen a whole lot of her work, I know she can do it and I have complete faith in their decision, but they nailed the casting with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jena Malone, so I am certainly very happy with Amanda Plummer, and cannot wait for the rest of the casting news!

  • ThatKaylaPerson says:

    I am definitely happy with Amanda Plummer. Granted, I only know her from Pulp Fiction, but knowing her performance in that, she will be great as Wiress.

  • Skyler says:

    I <3 U CASSIDY!!!!

  • Carly says:

    Hopefully the rumors about Sam Claflin dont become true. He is not what I pictured Finnick looking like. If he gets the part I will be very upset but wish him good luck. As for Wiress, Plutarch, and Johanna – they are all wonderful choices;.

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