#66 Fireside Chat: We Need Some Malone Time Monday 09 July, 2012

“We Need Some Malone Time”

Did you miss the live show tonight? You can click here to listen to it recorded, or use the embedded player below.

Episode 66 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live this Monday, July 9, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include some of our fabulous friends from Down with the Capitol, Crystal of Mockingjay.net and FictionalFood.net, Sam Cushion, Rebekah from Victor’s Village, and Natalie of Crushable!

– To kick things off, we’ll discuss the news that broke last Tuesday: Jena Malone has [reportedly] been offered the role of Johanna Mason!

– We’ll also chat about Philip Seymour Hoffman — our Plutarch Heavensbee! Lionsgate made it official earlier today (Monday, 7/9/12), and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Click here for the official press release. We’ll be talking more about PSH on NEXT week’s show, so stay tuned for that!

– We’ll speculate about Lionsgate’s new Catching Fire casting page, located at www.catchingfirecasting.com. Assuming the Mystery Man below Snow is Plutarch, who is the Mystery Woman at the bottom of the page!? Leave your theories in the comments!

– We’ll conclude by talking to a recent Hunger Games convert about why he changed his tune, AND we’ll do some Comic-Con forecasting!

You can chat with other listeners throughout the live show by using our hashtag #HGFiresideChat on Twitter! We recommend TweetChat to easily follow along with the conversation.

(If you missed last week’s episode, click here to listen!)

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  • Emma says:

    on twitter somebody that i follow pointed this out and i thought it was pretty kool sooooo i decided to post it here since it’s to long to say to u on twitter. The Hunger Games has 3 books. 23 people die each year in the games. There are 12 districts. The movie came out 3-23-12.
    i thought that was really awesome and i just wanted u guys to know that 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    i wonder if it’s a new character? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • My first guess would be that Mystery Woman is Hazelle? Bonnie & Twill would need a two person space unless they are going to break the space in half later. It has to be someone that is NOT a tribute, since there are slots for all of the districts. My second guess is that they might end Catching Fire with a glimpse of the coming President Coin, just to whet our appetite for a Mockingjay showdown. OOOOH! I changed my mind about first guess; It might be Annie Cresta!

  • Sarah says:

    There is also a myserious boy/man underneath President Snow/Donald Sutherland and above the spot for the tribute boy for district 6. At last that’s what it looks like to me.

    • Savanna says:

      That’s presumably Plutarch Heavensbee. He’s only up in that featured banner right now because the announcement was made today. 🙂

  • tfgeekgirl says:

    It should be Annie, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they added someone else that didn’t quite have a big role in CF… like maybe Paylor or Coin. Another possibility is that it’s Maysilee, because IF they showed Haymitch’s Games, Maysilee would make sense.

  • Tess says:

    Well the mystery woman is obviously Drexler Hoverhound making a return! But in all seriousness, my first guess is Hazelle Hawthorn. Other options for me are Delly, or maybe we’ll see Annie at the reaping and watch Mags take her place.
    Also, did anyone else notice the mystery man? He’s beside Lenny Kravitz’s and under Donald Sutherland. And it could be think that maybe Darius or Thread.

  • I really think that Annie makes the most sense. If it was going to be Maysilee, they would have to include a spot for Young Haymitch, who would share screen time with Maysilee and is more important to plot (especially since we never met Madge in THG movie, so why should we see her aunt?) Although my second guess is Hazelle, I don’t think that is as likely, since there are only two scenes (I think) with Hazelle in Catching Fire… Katniss dropping off meat to her, and when she comes to Katniss’ house after Gale is whipped. Hazelle is briefly mentioned in Mockingjay when she cleans Haymitch’s house, but I don’t think that is important enough to make it in the film. However, Annie definitely has an important albeit minor role in Mockingjay… and I think it is key for Madge’s character development that we see her volunteer for Annie’s place in the reaping, and also to introduce Annie so that we have an understanding of the girl that Finnick really loves during the horrific scene of the mockingjays mimicking Annie’s screams.

  • Amanda says:

    I think the mystery woman is Annie, and I am sooo thrilled thas Phillip Seymour Hoffman is Plutarch!

  • tfgeekgirl says:

    @HungerGamesBookclub, that is true. It would be weird to have Maysilee in there for the mystery spot. I’m sticking with my gut that it’s Annie. You can’t have Finnick in there without Annie to tie into what Peeta says to Katniss after the jabberjay attack. Plus, we need to make more out of Finnick’s character than just that suave exterior he’s forced to bring out at the Capitol. The inner turmoil of Finnick would resonate more with audiences if they were able to see Annie as well.

  • My guess is that the two blank character spaces don’t actually stand for anyone specific. I think they’re just there so we don’t freak out about all the new characters not being listed.

  • Ysa says:

    I don’t think the mystery girl would be anyone like Annie, Hazelle, Bonnie, or Twill because they don’t need to hide the fact that they’re adding them to the casting list. It would make sense to add them to the list because they were in the book.
    It might be President Coin but wouldn’t it better for those who have read the books to be surprised that they’ve introduced Coin early? And for those who haven’t read the books, wouldn’t they start to wonder why there’s another President after Snow??
    My guess is it’s a character from Mockingjay that they’ve decided to introduce early or a completely new character.

  • Ysa says:

    I also agree with the other comments. It could also be Maysilee. She was the one who had the mockingjay pin first, after all.

  • Emily414 says:

    I think Emily’s guess is probably accurate. As some have stated in comments on Mockingjay.net, I am afraid they might not even cast Annie until Mockingjay- since she never actually makes an appearance in Catching Fire the book, she might not in the movie. I would love for her to make an appearance, obviously, but I worry she won’t. I think the mystery woman might be no one, like Emily, or perhaps Hazelle.

  • assuming the space under snow is for plutarch, i think the easiest guess would be annie, since we know that we DO see her in CF, just barely. however, this whole time i’ve thought it more likely that they just won’t include annie in CF. we know she at least makes an appearance in the book and we’re waiting eagerly for it, so the fact that nobody has heard anything about actresses auditioning for annie tells me they’re simply not looking for her. when they DO begin looking for her, we’ll know.

    so annie would be my safe guess, but the one i REALLY want it to be is coin. mainly because of the way the first movie ended– with them giving us that little scene with donald sutherland being all obviously evil, basically letting us know: “it may not seem that way from this one movie, but i’ll be the BIG BAD of the series.” i would be blown away if they were to do the same with coin in CF. maybe instead of it ending in the hovercraft, they’ll end with katniss & co. arriving at thirteen. it would be a great sequel hook, especially if they cut the bonnie & twill scene and thirteen’s existence is not brought up at all.

  • Forgot to say last week that I was very sad when Adam’s friend would not commit to reading the books! Even if he reads the book after each movie, that is like denying yourself ice cream forever. Come on! This is America – Land of Pleasure… don’t deny yourself literary genius!

  • Satsuma says:

    I know this post maybe rather obsolete, since the Malone rumor seems to have faded away, but thanks for posting that pic of Jen Malone with the spiky hair; she does look much more like how I picture Johanna than in some of the other pics I’ve seen. Though I really don’t understand why fans are still being so nitpicky about whether actors resemble the book descriptions of the characters. You’d think they’d have learned a lesson from how Jen and Josh were transformed…

    • Savanna says:

      Not obsolete yet! Haha. Hopefully we’ll get a Malone announcement sometime soon. And you’re welcome — I tried to find a picture of her that was a bit more Johanna-esque than some of the other ones I’d been seeing.

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