#41 Fireside Chat: The Calm Before the Storm Monday 09 January, 2012

“The Calm Before the Storm”

If you missed Episode 41 live, you can click here to listen to it recorded, or just use the embedded player below!

Episode 41 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live TONIGHT, January 9, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include some of our fabulous friends from Down with the Capitol, Crystal of Mockingjay.net and FictionalFood.net, Rebekah of Victor’s Village, and Natalie of Crushable.

The last couple of weeks have been very slow, news-wise, but we’re expecting things to really pick up during the latter part of January, especially as Hunger Games TV spots start airing and the cast begins to make more public appearances. We have a feeling that this may be the calm before the storm, so to speak, so we’re going to take advantage of it and just have fun!

– We’ll kick off the show with a few brief announcements, some quick Lionsgate/Summit merger updates, and a short discussion of AFM’s picketing of Lionsgate.
– We’ll then do one round of Pick a Page (since it’s been awhile), so get your books ready! (We ended up picking pg. 334 using Random.org and talking all about the wolf muttations!)
– We’ll spend the rest of the evening digging into our topic cornucopia (a.k.a. grab bag), which is absolutely overflowing with all sorts of conversation topics, Crackpot Theories, Cave/Marry/Kill line-ups, and more!

Here are the topics we pulled out during the live show:
– Crackpot Theory: Foxface and Thresh were in an alliance (Foxfresh?)
– Question: If you all were in the Hunger Games, who do you think would win?
– Cave, Marry, Kill: Beetee, Darius, Seneca Crane

You can chat with other listeners throughout the live show by using our hashtag #HGFiresideChat on Twitter! We recommend TweetChat to easily follow along with the conversation.

Follow this week’s participants on Twitter:
Adam Spunberg (Host): @AdamSpunberg
Savanna New (Co-Host/Producer): @MlleNouveau
Down with the Capitol: @HungerGamesDWTC
Crystal: @pikko / @mockingjaynet / @FictionalFood
Rebekah: @Rebekahdg / @VictorsVillage
Natalie: @nataliezutter / @crushabledotcom

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  • Michael says:

    Adams comment at (39:24) into the chat made me wonder. What’s the possibility for a hunger games anime? If you guys read this, you should totally talk about it for just a little while next week.

  • Savanna says:

    Hey Michael! I’m not sure if you’ll see this or not, but that’s definitely an interesting question. I love anime and could totally see The Hunger Games working in that medium, but I’m not sure if everyone would agree with me… 😉

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