#39 Fireside Chat: Safe & Sound Saturday 24 December, 2011

“Safe & Sound”

If you missed Episode 39 LIVE, you can listen to it now in all its recorded glory by clicking here, or simply using the embedded player below.

Episode 39 of Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live on Monday, December 26, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include some of our fabulous friends from Down with the Capitol. We’ll also be joined by Sam of District Tribute, Tiffany of Victor’s Village, and V. Arrow, author of the upcoming Panem Companion.

This is our last episode of 2011, and after such an incredible year, we decided we had to go out with a bang. Just take a look at what we’ve got planned:

– We’ll spend the first half of the show talking about “Safe & Sound”, a song written and recorded by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars that will be appearing on one of the Hunger Games soundtrack albums. We’ll also briefly address the news that indie bands Arcade Fire and The Decemberists will also be contributing songs to this “companion album.”

– We’ll spend the latter half of the show talking to some VERY special guests: the mayors that YOU elected to represent you and your districts on TheCapitol.PN! In addition to answering YOUR questions in a fun Q&A session, the mayors will go head-to-head in an epic “Battle of the Mayors.” Who will triumph and show the most district pride? You’ll have to tune in and find out! (Since we weren’t able to ask ALL of your questions on the show, the mayors kindly took the time to respond to everything else in writing here.)

Please note: The mayors of Districts 6, 11, and 12 will not be present due to district uprisings.

You can chat with other listeners throughout the live show by using our hashtag #HGFiresideChat on Twitter! We recommend TweetChat to easily follow along with the conversation.

Follow this week’s participants on Twitter:
Adam Spunberg (Host): @AdamSpunberg
Savanna New (Co-Host/Producer): @MlleNouveau
Down with the Capitol: @HungerGamesDWTC
Sam: @sam_cushion
Tiffany: @twiffidy / @VictorsVillage
V. Arrow: @aimmyarrowshigh
Claudia (District 1 Mayor): @lilshawty139
Aldrin (District 2 Mayor): @agamos
Eli (District 3 Mayor): @shewasonfire
Hunter (District 4 Mayor): @PhillipsHunter
Gabby (District 5 Mayor): @iBidoof
Nick (District 7 Mayor): @NickRKim
Jenn (District 8 Mayor): @andweallcollide
Kayla (District 9 Mayor): @thefakekayla
Alison (District 10 Mayor): @dezzila

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  • Sinner says:

    I’m here to listen if my slow connection will let me. Never read the Hunger Games but heard the song Safe and Sound and saw comments by others as to what the song was about, and now I’m planning to get the books as soon as I can. I’m not sure tho if I should see the movie first before reading the books, as most of the time movie versions of books I’ve read have sorely disappointed me, and I generally can enjoy the movie more if I see it first, without it detracting from my pleasure in the books if I read them later.

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