#26 Fireside Chat: Meet the Gamemaker Wednesday 21 September, 2011

“Meet the Gamemaker”
A Panem October Exclusive

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Welcome, citizens of Panem October! If you’ve never listened to our podcast before, we encourage you to read more about us and check out all of our past episodes. Thank you and enjoy!

Episode 26 of  Hunger Games Fireside Chat will air live on Monday, September 26, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts will include some of our fabulous friends from Down with the Capitol. We’ll also be joined by Crystal of Mockingjay.net and Fictional Food, Sam of District Tribute, Kait of Victor’s Village, Natalie of Crushable, and Ariel of Nerdy, Wordy, and Almost Thirty.

We (Adam and Savanna) are thrilled to announce that Rowan, the enigmatic Head Gamemaker of Panem October, has granted us an exclusive interview and will be appearing LIVE on Episode 26 at 10:45pm ET. While we have heard from Rowan in several written interviews, his voice and true identity have — until now — remained a mystery. Join us as he breaks his silence for the first time!

We want you to be a part of this interview as well, so please use the form below to submit questions for Gamemaker Rowan. Don’t forget to include your name, email address, and district (according to Panem October). We will include the best questions in our interview!

[Question submission period has ended.]

As for the first 45 minutes of the show, here’s what you can expect:
– We’ll share our Top 10 Hunger Games Pick-Up Lines. (Update: We added all of tonight’s pick-up lines to this Facebook note.)
– With the release date now officially less than six months away, we’ll speculate on what the timeline leading up to the film’s premiere might look like.
– Another Haymitch-related Crackpot Theory — Was he just pretending to be drunk? — will be discussed and debated.
– And, lastly, we’ll introduce a new segment: Pick a Page! What is Pick a Page, exactly? You’ll just have to listen and find out!

You can chat with other listeners throughout the live show by using our hashtag #HGFiresideChat on Twitter! We recommend TweetChat to easily follow along with the conversation.

Follow this week’s participants on Twitter:
Adam Spunberg (Host): @AdamSpunberg
Savanna New (Co-Host/Producer): @MlleNouveau
Down with the Capitol: @HungerGamesDWTC
Crystal: @pikko / @mockingjaynet / @FictionalFood
Sam: @sam_cushion
Victor’s Village: @VictorsVillage
Natalie: @nataliezutter / @crushabledotcom
Ariel: @Madam_Pince
Gamemaker Rowan: @PanemGovernment

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  • Courtney says:

    Sooooooo excited to hear what the Gamemaker!!!!! Should be an amazing show (like always!)!!!!!

  • Amy Fannin says:

    I have a question for Rowan.

    Will players be encouraged to create a persona that they will develop over the course of the Games or will we be assigned characters by the Gamemakers?

  • liam says:

    how will the tributes be chosen ??

  • Numra says:

    Everyone should ask their questions in the question box above, not in the comments.

  • Amy Fannin says:

    Yeah, the question box didn’t appear for me until now. Last night there was just a blank spot. Guess my browser glitched on me.

  • Savanna says:

    Amy, sorry you experienced that glitch! If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and re-submit your question using the form. 🙂

  • grace says:

    hey just really excited about HungerGames and just curious about the whole set up but i guess we will just have to wait. GO DISTRICT 12. Have fun everyone XD

  • Why is there no selection for The Capitol?
    I want to submit my question!

    • Savanna says:

      President Snow: We apologize for neglecting to include the Capitol as a choice. That was very careless of us. If you would still like to submit a question, simply choose a random district and add a note to us indicating that it’s you.

  • Ember Smith says:

    Will we be able to chat with the other tributes if we are chosen for the games?

    • Savanna says:

      Ember, that’s a great question. If it’s one that you’d like to ask Gamemaker Rowan, please submit it using the form above. Thanks! 🙂

  • Cassie says:

    Can we ask another question if we thought of something else we wanted to know bit did ask with the first one?

    • Savanna says:

      Cassie, of course! Go ahead and submit another question. Keep in mind, though, that we’ve received HUNDREDS of questions for Gamemaker Rowan and won’t be able to ask them all! 🙂

  • polly says:

    i just signed up for this and its amazing

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