#25 Fireside Chat: Unscripted Monday 19 September, 2011


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Episode 25 of  Hunger Games Fireside Chat aired live Monday, September 19, at 10pm ET/7pm PT! This week, our panel of experts included some of our fabulous friends from Down with the Capitol and The Hob. We were also joined by Kait of Victor’s Village and Natalie of Crushable.

To commemorate our 25th episode (or 1st Quarter Quell), we conducted the first ever Hunger Games Fireside Chat: Unscripted. We had absolutely no plan or agenda for Episode 25. We did, however, have a grab bag full of listener-submitted questions, discussion topics, Crackpot Theories, What Ifs?, Would You Rathers?, and even a few Cave, Marry, Kills. We chose topics from the grab bag at random and discussed, debated, and speculated!

Here’s a list of what we pulled out of the bag:
– Question: Who writes the names on the papers in the reaping balls?
– Question: Are there any specific quotes from the book that you really hope make it into the movie?
– What if Rue hadn’t been killed and made it to the final three with Katniss and Peeta?
– Cave, Marry, Kill: Haymitch Abernathy, Caesar Flickerman, Plutarch Heavensbee
– Discussion: How big is Panem? If tours are given of the old arenas, they must still exist. Is there space in Panem for 75 massive arenas? Where are they located?
– Discussion/Crackpot Theory: Was Haymitch in a relationship with Maysilee Donner (despite having a girlfriend “back home”)? Was Haymitch in a relationship with Chaff, his “drinking buddy”?
– Would You Rather: Be reaped as a tribute in the Hunger Games or see someone you love be reaped?

You can chat with other listeners throughout the live show by using our hashtag #HGFiresideChat on Twitter! We recommend TweetChat to easily follow along with the conversation.

Follow this week’s participants on Twitter:
Adam Spunberg (Host): @AdamSpunberg
Savanna New (Co-Host/Producer): @MlleNouveau
Down with the Capitol: @HungerGamesDWTC
The Hob: @TheHobOrg
Victor’s Village: @VictorsVillage
Natalie: @nataliezutter / @crushabledotcom

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