#10 Fireside Chat: Music Night Monday 06 June, 2011

“Music Night”
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Episode 10 of the Hunger Games Fireside Chat podcast aired live on June 6, 2011, at 10pm ET. We celebrated our 10th episode in melodious style with a musical extravaganza featuring Hunger Games-inspired music and “Tribute Rock” from a variety of immensely talented musicians!

If you missed it, we began the show by talking to some notable Wizard Rock musicians (including Ariel Birdoff of Madam Pince and the Librarians, Stacy Pisani of Swish and Flick, Steph Anderson of Tonks and the Aurors, and Alex Carpenter of The Remus Lupins) about the evolution of Wrock and the future of “Tribute Rock.”

The rest of Episode 10 featured music by and interviews with your favorite Hunger Games musicians:
District 13, who debuted their new song “Real or Not Real?”
Kaysy Ostrom
Steph Anderson
Alex Boyd
Rachel Macwhirter
Alex Carpenter, whose Freedom to Panem album you can purchase here
Sam Cushion, the creator of unofficial scores for both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire (available on iTunes)

We concluded with the debut of an extraordinary collaboration between Sam Cushion and Rachel Macwhirter:

Remember, you can chat with other listeners throughout the live show by using our hashtag #HGFiresideChat on Twitter!

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Rachel Macwhirter: @ShinyNinja
Alex Carpenter: @AlexCarpenter

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