Fansite Exclusive: Beetee's Capitol Portrait Revealed Wednesday 06 March, 2013

He’s eccentric…
He’s electric…

Along with the rest of the Capitol Tastemakers (i.e. some of your favorite Hunger Games fansites), we’re thrilled to bring you this exclusive Capitol Portrait of Beetee, District 3’s most famous victor! This is our VERY FIRST look at Jeffrey Wright in character — what do you think!?

(Click here for a super high-res version of the portrait.)

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The Capitol Tastemakers:
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  • Caitlyn says:

    He looks amazing!!!! I love how Francis didn’t leave the white rosé out and I luv how Beetee is holding the rose as well!:) It’s perfect! Just how I imagioned it 🙂

  • Maia says:

    I love it he looks amazing.

    couple of question what is his tie made of , and does his suit reflect light or maybe has lights on it since he is from District 5 ?

  • Kasey V says:

    OH WOW! The high res of this picture. Just wow. The details. I am even more in love with his look now. Soooo I believe I NEED the other photos in High res. I would love to see the rest of all the pretty details! Thank you guys! 😀

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