Official: Lionsgate Reveals Remaining 'Catching Fire' Cast Members Wednesday 26 September, 2012

With no fanfare whatsoever, Lionsgate just announced who will be playing the remaining tributes/victors in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. We now know who will be playing Woof, Cecelia, Blight, and “Mystery Woman”!

You can click on the names of the actors for more information; some of the links will take you to IMDb pages, others will take elsewhere (if the actor doesn’t have an IMDb profile). You’ll notice that many are stuntmen/stuntwomen and that Jackson Spidell actually did stunts for the first Hunger Games film!

James Logan as District 5 Tribute Boy
– Twitter: @JamesLogansRun
– Showreel:

Ivette Li-Sanchez as District 5 Tribute Girl
– Twitter: @ivette_li

Justin Hix as District 6 Tribute Boy
– Twitter: @justinheathhix

Megan Hayes as District 6 Tribute Girl
– Twitter: @megan_hayes
– Website:

Bobby Jordan as Blight

John Casino as Woof

Elena Sanchez as Cecelia
– Twitter: @TheElenaSanchez
– Stunt reel:

Daniel Bernhardt as District 9 Tribute Boy
– Interview:

Marian Green as District 9 Tribute Girl

Jackson Spidell as District 10 Tribute Boy

Tiffany Waxler as District 10 Tribute Girl
– Twitter: @TiffanyWaxler

And the “Mystery Woman” is…Mrs. Everdeen??? Really?

Click the image below to make it larger!


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  • Maia says:

    I am happy they announced the rest of the cast but I don’t know who they are ? I hope you guys talk a little more about them on the next show , thanks so much

    I know there is not much I can find ? Perhaps you’ll have better luck

    • Savanna says:

      Of course! We’ll probably spend the entirety of the next episode talking all about them. Granted, there’s not a TON to say since most of them aren’t “famous,” but they all have pretty interesting backgrounds!

  • Addy says:

    OK NO!
    MRS EVERDEEN?! what is wrong with lionsgate????? all that anticipation! that is trolling to the max! And was getting me to believe it was madge….

    • Savanna says:

      LOL! Did you read Crystal’s piece about Madge? She had such a convincing argument! Everyone’s pretty confused about the whole Mrs. Everdeen thing. We’re wondering if it was originally meant to be another character that ended up getting cut…

  • Satsuma says:

    Gee, I feel…I don’t know, kinda disappointed about Mystery Woman turning out to just be Katniss’s mom! =( I’ve also read some comments on other sites that question whether the D6 tributes will actually be presented as “morphlings”, but the actors both seem to have the waif-like look that I associate with RL heroin addicts, so I get a feeling this will still be presented. (We also have that “Idiom” casting call for special “Type 6” people that seemed to represent morphling addicts.)

    • Savanna says:

      I definitely think they’ll be presented as morphlings. It seems like they’re putting more effort into getting appearances accurate in this film, so I don’t see why they’d just skip over that aspect of those characters. But you never know! I think everyone is disappointed about the Mrs. Everdeen thing. We’re guessing that it was originally going to be someone else whose role was cut… Any other explanation just seems weird.

  • Satsuma says:

    Hey Savanna: I don’t think that the morphling abuse storyline will be cut out completely. However, the unceremonious way these two were presented, as simply “D6 tribute boy” and “D6 tribute girl”, does makes me think they’ll be treated mostly as background characters who are there only to make the point that they, like Haymitch, resorted to substance abuse to deal with their post-Game trauma. I doubt that the scene in which Peeta comforts the D6 female tribute will be included. I am curious as to whether they will try to age up the actors a bit, since the book describes the morphlings as looking much older.

    I also wonder if the whole “Cecelia leaves three kids behind when she’s reaped” storyline will be cut as well. That scene was heart-wrenching to me, but it’s really not that important to the main storyline. Interestingly, Maria Howell got her own day to shine when they presented her for Seeder, who also dies in the bloodbath, and really doesn’t do much in the story beyond reassuring Katniss that Rue and Thresh’s families are safe. And considering the many “Idiom” casting calls for african-americans who can cry on cue, I wonder if they’ll transfer the tragic “well-adjusted tribute who managed to achieve domestic happiness being torn away from family” storyline to Seeder, and reduce Cecelia to cannon fodder like the other tributes who were announced? (And didn’t even get a press release…)

  • addy says:

    yeah! crystal got me by the whole gray is the district 12 color! but mrs.everdeen never crossed my mind cause she isnt really knew.

  • Dillon says:

    I still dont think Katniss mom was meant to be that “mystery woman.” Why wouldn’t they just release her when the facebook page first went up when it only had the cast that was returning from the first movie. Instead of including her now in an unnamed spot with all of these new actors and characters. Did they just forget to add he in that spot a long time ago?

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