Official: Jeffrey Wright Cast as Beetee Friday 07 September, 2012

Finally, after nearly two weeks of no casting news, Lionsgate just announced that Tony/Emmy/Golden Globe Award-winner Jeffrey Wright will be playing Beetee in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! We are absolutely thrilled about this, as we think Jeffrey is an exceptional actor (to say the least). Fun facts: He has a bachelor’s degree in political science and shares a birthday with Savanna (Dec. 7)!

Click here for the full press release.
Click here for an interview with Jeffrey Wright about Source Code.
Click here to watch Jeffrey Wright talk about his favorite movies.
And click here to watch Jeffrey in a scene from Quantum of Solace!

About the Character:
Hailing from District 3, Beetee earns the nickname “Volts” because of his electronics expertise.

Jeffrey Wright:
Critically acclaimed and known to theater, film and television audiences alike, Wright garnered a Tony® Award in 1994 for his work in Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer Prize-winning epic “Angels in America” and reprised his “Angels” role in HBO’s 2003 mini-series adaptation of the play, earning both a Golden Globe® and an Emmy® for his groundbreaking performance. Since then he has played memorable roles in films as diverse as BASQUIAT, SOURCE CODE, CASINO ROYALE and QUANTUM OF SOLACE, W, SYRIANA, and CADILLAC RECORDS. Wright can next be seen with Mark Walhberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Allen Hughes’ political thriller BROKEN CITY.


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  • Satsuma says:

    Well that was a nice way to start the weekend! I encourage everyone to watch the YouTube clip, though he talks about Source Code, the comments he makes about how his character, Dr. Rutledge, is a “mad scientist” type, and that he actually did research on quantum physicists and incorporated that in his portrayal, I think give us clues on his approach to Beetee. Considering how Rutledge turns out to be a rather grey character, I can also seem him doing well portraying Beetee’s more ruthless side, such as the bombs he works on with Gale…and make him a much more well-rounded character than a stereotypical geek.

  • Maia says:

    I am so happy for him he is an amazing actor, you should see him in Angels in America miniseries, and remake of manchurian candidate ! Wow he is very talented

    The only thing I have say is my understanding is that Beetee and are kind of the same the complimented each other, but Jeffrey and Amanda are so different ! I wonder how they are going to do that ?

  • Maia says:

    Beetee is also my favorite character from the books ! He has such humanity

  • Michael says:

    Amazing casting announcement. I really enjoyed Source Code and think Wright got the role of the scientist running the show perfect. It is also great to see that the CF producer(s) and director are attracting amazing talented individuals for the roles that surround the core actors who appear in all four movies. Wright’s work in the Bond movies was also nicely understated and low key which I think is exactly what we are looking for in Beetee. Some one who is using his knowledge and smarts to react to the surroundings. He knows he is older now and so will need to support Katniss in the arena with his understanding of the unnatural workings of the world that the tributes are thrown into. I think that from watching him in previous movies, he can definitely pull that off perfectly.
    Can’t believe principle photography starts this week….best of luck to the entire cast as they get this show on the road.

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