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When it was announced by the Hollywood Reporter last night that Francis Lawrence had been officially offered the Catching Fire directing gig, representatives from your favorite fan sites (including us!) shared their immediate reactions with Perri Nemiroff for a piece on the news at You’ll find a sampling of our thoughts below. Please click here to read the entire article.

Lawrence is probably best known for directing Water for Elephants and I Am Legend. What you might not know about him, however, is that he’s an experienced music video director and has worked with scores of famous singers and bands, from Britney Spears and Beyoncé to Aerosmith and the Black Eyed Peas. He’s the guy that directed Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video!

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Adam of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat
Francis Lawrence is a bit of a question mark, and that’s probably a good thing. Keep in mind, Gary Ross didn’t fit everyone’s ideal image right away, and he proved to be exceptionally equipped for the task. What you didn’t want was someone like Alfonso Cuaron, who would spin this into a critically acclaimed picture that spits on Suzanne Collins’ words. As long as thisLawrence makes use of the other Lawrence the way Ross did, this could work out. I do have some concerns about Lawrence’s track record with book adaptations, but I’m going to see dandelions here; this could turn out extremely well, and we’ve still got Suzanne and Nina to steer the ship from here to kingdom come.

Savanna of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat
I’m okay with this choice. I like the fact that Lawrence isn’t a super famous director who feels the need to put his “signature stamp” on everything and make his movies all about him. He seems like someone who will respect the source material and be willing to build upon the framework that Ross laid in The Hunger Games while incorporating his own creative vision. As far as his previous work goes, I wasn’t a fan of Water for Elephants, simply because I thought it was a terrible adaptation of the book (script-wise), but Lawrence’s directing was fantastic. I haven’t seen I Am Legend in a while, so I don’t feel qualified to comment on it, but I think it’s good that Lawrence has experience working within a post-apocalyptic setting and dealing with a lot of special effects. And as a seasoned music video director, we know that Lawrence is used to working within short time frames and making quick decisions, which should [hopefully] be an advantage as he dives into Catching Fire.

Sara of The Hunger Games Examiner
I was really pleased with Gary Ross’s work on The Hunger Games and I was sad to see him go, but I am thrilled with the choice of Francis Lawrence. Here’s a director who understands all of the elements needed to make Catching Fire work, action, special effects, romance, and working with a novel as your source material. Both I Am Legend and Water for Elephants were book adaptations, and in both cases, Lawrence did a great job bringing them to life on the big screen. I’m excited to see what he can do with Catching Fire.

Tanvi of The Hunger Games Network
As the reports have said, Francis Lawrence has been chosen mostly because of his open schedule rather than any spectacular work. They’ve chosen Lawrence under a time crunch, and I am not sure how I feel about the snap decision. When I think of Francis Lawrence, Britney Spears’s music videos are what come to mind – which isn’t exactly comforting. Of course, Lawrence has directed I Am LegendConstantine, and Water For Elephants. With that, he has worked with versatile actors like Tilda Swinton, Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Weisz, Keanu Reeves, Robert Pattinson (let’s throw his name in because, well, you can’t ignore anything with Pattinson these days) and more. Two of those movies are adaptations, and not that great from this point of view. To his credit, I will say that I Am Legend‘s Manhattan was pretty good, and if he can stick to the script prepared by Simon Beaufoy (and hopefully, Suzanne Collins will give her once-over on it), I’m prepared to say I’m cautiously optimistic. I’ll trust Nina Jacobson on this for the time being.

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