Sign the GROW Pledge Today! Thursday 22 March, 2012

The Hunger Games opens in the United States tonight at midnight. It’s already hit theatres in many parts of the world. We’re ridiculously excited and proud, and we know you are, too! But it’s also time to buckle down and get serious; we have a great opportunity to show the world that we aren’t just crazy, obsessive fans. Well, we are — but we’re so much more than that. We understand what The Hunger Games is about. We get it. We know that it’s not just an action story or a love story or a coming-of-age story. It’s a story about survival and social justice and the power of one individual to change the world. It’s a story set in the future, but it’s a future that could very well be ours if we don’t start making some changes NOW. This is why we’re encouraging all of you to sign the GROW Pledge and help us get #notagame trending tonight.

In Panem, the Capitol enforces scarcity. Though there are a multitude of resources throughout the Districts, the Capitol uses its power to control and limit these resources and keep the nation hungry. Our system is broken, too. As in Panem, there is plenty of food in OUR world to go around, but millions of people still don’t have enough to eat. As a child, Katniss risks her life to feed her family. 1 in 7 people are going hungry as we speak. Help us fight artificial scarcity and the other causes of hunger! There are a few ways that you can do this:

1. We want all of you to sign the GROW Pledge. Our goal is to get 5,000 sign-ups by Sunday. We can do this!

Every person who signs the GROW Pledge TODAY (Thursday, 3/22/12) will receive a free electronic copy of Sam Cushion’s Music of Panem (Deluxe Edition). This album is $9.99 on iTunes, so this is a pretty sweet deal. If you’re unfamiliar with Sam Cushion, he’s a brilliant composer who writes music based on books. He has composed instrumental scores to accompany all three books in the Hunger Games trilogy, and this Deluxe Edition includes ALL of those scores. Check the end of this post for a small sampling.

To get your free download code, you will need to FORWARD your GROW Pledge confirmation email to us at This offer is only good through 11:59pm Pacific Time/2:59am Eastern Time tonight.

2. If you’d like to do even more, you can print out paper versions of the GROW Pledge and take them to your local movie theatre tonight. Try to get as many people as possible to pledge their support for Hunger is Not a Game and the GROW Campaign.

If you do get people at your theatre to sign the paper GROW Pledges, you can scan them when you get home and email them to OR you can snail mail them to the Harry Potter Alliance at the following address:

The Harry Potter Alliance
c/o Taekia Blackwell
PO Box 6343
Arlington, VA 22206

3. The folks at the Harry Potter Alliance and Oxfam are hoping to get the #notagame hashtag trending tonight. Add #notagame to all of your tweets if you’re interested in conversing with other fans involved in the campaign.

Thank you so much for your support! Tonight is OUR night — let’s make it count!

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