Meet the Hosts

Adam (Co-Founder, Host) is a law school graduate with a B.A. from Columbia University, District 13 campus. He fully admits he would have died the first day in the 74th Games. Inspired by his adorable friend Buttercup, he founded The Potter Games and Austen Twitter Project. He also watches far too many movies and usually has something quirky to say about them. A huge fan of dark chocolate, empowered heroines, and ridiculousness, it was natural for him to love The Hunger Games and subject himself to being one of the few guys in a female-dominated fandom. He loves traveling, sports, Irish music, and Delly Cartwright. Twitter | Tumblr

On 5/24/11, Adam spoke with MTV about the decision to cast Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. Click here to watch his reaction.
On 2/29/12, Adam chatted with Celebuzz about the “scenes he’s dying to see” (train scenes!) in The Hunger Games. Click here to watch the video.
On 3/16/12, a quiz that Adam helped create — “Which Hunger Games Character Are You?” — was featured in PARADE magazine!
On 3/23/12, Adam was featured in a roundtable movie reaction video on Celebuzz: 100 Days of Hunger Games: Film Review!
On 3/26/12, Adam participated in a live Hunger Games Fan Forum broadcast on Sirius XM Book Radio.

Savanna (Co-Founder, Former Host) was born and raised in the wilds south of District 11, spent several years learning how to recycle and eat organically in District 7, and now resides in an underground bunker in District 13. She has Master’s degrees in both French and education and hopes to eventually get a PhD in a related field (after taking a long, long break from school). She discovered The Hunger Games a few months before the release of Mockingjay in 2010, and her obsession has done nothing but grow since. Her favorite book in the series is Catching Fire, and her favorite characters are Cinna, Finnick, Peeta, and Haymitch. And Katniss, too, of course. Outside of the fandom, Savanna’s passions include 19th century literature, tragic musicals, the veggie burger at The Farm Café, and Oxford commas. She also likes movies and often writes about them at ScreenPicks. Twitter | Tumblr

On 7/28/11, Savanna spoke with MTV about the “Men of The Hunger Games” edition of Entertainment Weekly. Click here to watch her reaction.
On 3/7/12, Savanna chatted with Celebuzz about the “scene she’s dying to see” (Thresh!) in The Hunger Games. Click here to watch the video.
On 3/16/12, Savanna was featured in an article about The Hunger Games in the L.A. Times.
On 3/23/12, Savanna was quoted in an article about the Hunger Games fandom in the Christian Science Monitor: ‘Hunger Games’ fandom: Can it become a force for good?

You can learn even more about Savanna and Adam and their relationship with The Hunger Games by reading Down with the Capitol’s Airtime Assault feature on the show:
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Savanna (fourth from left) and Adam (only guy) with Jackie Emerson and some other fan site representatives:

Image credit: Denise from Welcome to District 12