We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have had an amazing variety of special guests on our show, from noted bloggers and bestselling young adult authors to artists, musicians, and teachers. If you have a suggestion for a future guest, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Aaron Geary and John Owen: Authors of The Hunger But Mainly Death Games. Episode 34
Adrienne Kress: Children’s and YA author, contributor to The Girl Who Was on FireEpisode 3
Alex Boyd: Rockingjay artist. Episodes 10, 20
Alex Carpenter: Wrock/Rockingjay artist. Episode 10
Amy Wilkinson: Writer for MTV’s Hollywood Crush blog. Episode 4
Andrew Slack: Creator, Co-Founder, and Executive Director of the Harry Potter Alliance. Episodes 49, 50
Ashley Gonzales: Divergent Lexicon admin. Episode 99
Betsy Bird: New York Public Library Children’s Librarian. Episode 5
Brianna Hicks: Hardcore Hunger Games fan. Episodes 11, 15
Caroline Carpenter: Author of Guide to The Hunger Games. Episodes 54, 55
Cassidy Tucker: YouTube sensation. Episodes 68, 72
Creek Stewart: Author of The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide. Episode 107
Delly CartwrightHunger Games roleplayer. Episode 7
District 13: Rockingjay band. Episode 10
Emily Ansara Baines: Author of The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook. Episode 32
Edward Underhill: Composer of the Hunger Games Music ProjectEpisode 13
Fong Sam: Organizer of Haxbee, Inc. and Blacksparrow Auctions’ Hunger Games costume exhibit, tour, and auction. Episode 96
Gamemaker Rowan: Head Gamemaker of Panem October. Episode 26
Girls in the Stacks: Literary bloggers. Episodes 8, 11
Hello, the Future! (Blue): Rockingjay artist. Episode 24
The Hungry Hungry Games (Creators): An unofficial live parody of The Hunger Games. Episode 121
Jen Scott Curwood: Lecturer of Secondary English and Media Studies at the University of Sydney. Episode 44
Jennie Duke: Australian literary critic. Episode 1
Jennifer Canzoneri: Marketing Manager for Smart Pop BooksEpisodes 2, 14
Jerome Preisler: New York Times bestselling author. Episode 2
Jon Rosenthal: Headmaster of The Group That Shall Not Be NamedEpisodes 15, 17
Kat Rosenfield: Writer for MTV’s Hollywood Crush Blog. Episodes 2, 8
Kate Wheeler: Hunger Games fan artist. Episode 6
The Katniss Chronicles (Creators): An [unofficial] audio drama based on The Hunger Games. Episodes 36, 114
Kaysy Ostrom: Rockingjay artist. Episode 10
Keith Cardin: Founder and director of Wizarding Life Networks. Episode 7
Kelly Croy: Motivational speaker/artist/7th grade teacher at Oak Harbor Middle School. Episode 4
Kim Shelby: Creator of the Hunger Games Project trailersEpisode 5
Kit Bowen: Film critic, box office expert. Episodes 16, 136
Kristen Zimmer: Creator of the Hunger Games Electronica Project. Episode 31.
Kristin Reed: Teacher at Montgomery High School. Episode 16
Lacey Gilleran: Creator of G33king Out. Episode 124
Leah Wilson: Editor of The Girl Who Was on FireEpisodes 5, 86
Lenzi Hart: 8th grade teacher at Frenship Middle School. Episode 4
Lilit Marcus: Author of Save the AssistantsEpisode 20
Matt Bukaty: Composer of the Hunger Games Music ProjectEpisode 13
Mayors of TheCapitol.PN: Claudia (District 1), Aldrin (District 2), Eli (District 3), Hunter (District 4), Gabby (District 5), Nick (District 7), Jenn (District 8), Kayla (District 9), Alison (District 10). Episode 39
Meg: Along with V. (aimmyarrowshigh), creator of this incredible man of Panem. Episodes 1, 3.5
Melanie Brackney: Hardcore Hunger Games fan and Team Gale supporter. Episodes 11, 15, 20
Ned Vizzini: Author of It’s Kind of a Funny Story, contributor to The Girl Who Was on FireEpisode 6
Patrick Wells: Music blogger. Episode 23
Perri Nemiroff: Writer for Episodes 20, 40, 47, 106, 135
Phil Wallace: Founder and president of ScreenPicks. Episodes 7, 23, 136
Rachel Macwhirter: Rockingjay artist. Episodes 9, 10
Rebekah Hawker: Rockingjay artist. Episode 24
Saph: Manager of Episodes 13, 18
Sarah Brannen: Children’s author and illustrator. Episode 35
Sarah Darer Littman: Award-winning YA author, contributor to The Girl Who Was on FireEpisode 4
Schmoes Know: Film critics (or as they say, “a bunch of regular dudes giving regular movie reviews for the regular folk out there”). Episode 35
S.D. King: Author of The Younger Games. Episode 34
Star Squad (Caroline Framke and Brendan Bradley): Hunger Games fan film project. Episode 48
Steph Anderson: Wrock/Rockingjay artist. Episode 10
Sue: Representative from WhyHunger. Episode 17
Susan Shan: Sports writer. Episode 8
Tim Koleto: Figure skater. Episode 35
Tracee Orman: Teacher, creator of Episode 23
V. Arrow: Author of The Panem Companion. Episodes 1, 10.5, 11, 19, 20, 39, 86
Valerie Estelle Frankel: Author of Katniss the Cattail. Episode 93
Victoria Luong: Staff member of the Harry Potter Alliance. Episode 20