100 Things to Do Before 'Catching Fire' Opens Friday 29 March, 2013

To celebrate our 100th episode, we decided to make a “sequel” to our 100 Things to Do Before The Hunger Games video and make a list of 100 MORE things that fans can do to pass the time until Catching Fire opens in theaters on November 22, 2013. We hope you enjoy!

If you do anything on our list, please take pictures and send them to us. We’ll post them on our site or Facebook page!

Please watch in HD!

The beautiful music is a violin cover of Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” by DrMattViolin.

We’ve also uploaded the list in non-video form for you to download and print (click the link below to open the document in another window, or use the icons to download and zoom in and out):

(Psst…we’re also running a 100th Episode Celebration Giveaway right now. Prizes include copies of The Hunger Games on DVD and Capitol Portrait posters! Click here to find out how to enter.)

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#101 Fireside Chat: Leftovers
#101 Fireside Chat: Leftovers


  • I totally want do Number 52 and read The Underland Chronicles.

  • CakesAndCupcakes15 says:

    Omgosh THANK YOU!!!!!! Hahaha some of these are just hilarious !!!

  • I have done a lot of them here they are
    #25 (seen em both 😉 )
    #41 ( I do that every time I watch it 🙂 )
    #46 (aced it 🙂 )
    #49 (she was so weird-ed out)
    #57 ( I ship Prim an Rory and Gale and Johanna and Snow and Coin)
    #66 (Effie)
    #68 (Just did that today I was crying cuz it was the one of Katniss and the chair and Peeta in his chair so yeah)
    #73 (saw it live LOVED how she feel OH jen I love you haha)
    #83 (at that level now 😉 )
    #84 ( did that to my little sister she screamed so loud haha)
    #85 ( got 98.95% WOOHOO!!! 🙂 true fan)
    #89 (did that to my mom like 1000000 times haha) (and said Wheres the ice? with out knowing it) (And said “THESE ARE BAND NEW PANTS to my BFF with out knowing it xD)
    #93 (all da time haha)
    #96 ( I so want to!! )
    #98 already have 😉
    #100 ( I am gonna cry the whole day the movie comes out 🙂 )

    And fav Fireside chat memory was when we got to talk about the Trailer!! 🙂

    (wasnt sure were to post so I posted it on both pages 🙂 )

  • Alexis says:

    i have already done so many of these! but i definitely wanna try stealing someone’s knife!

  • 34, 38, 97, 100

  • Tess says:

    I’m definitely going to write a letter of appreciation to Suzanne Collins (6) and make a Catching Fire shirt (18)

  • Casey says:

    #100 stock up on kleenex because my daughter cried thru the first movie and I teared up so we’ll need them for the next one

  • julieann aaron says:

    loving #’s 11, 31,39,42 and 75-

  • Ellie says:

    #5, #9, #15, #34, #75, #85, #90, #96

  • Tricia says:

    Im going to take up archery. Thank you for your consideration in this contest =)

  • Josy says:

    I want to do the writing fan mail one xD

  • aracely says:

    58 sounds great!!

  • Angie Maria says:

    I’m most definitely going to write a letter of appreciation to Suzanne Collins for writing an amazing series that inspired me to follow my dreams of becoming a writer. And I can’t wait for catching fire 😀 the trailer is out in two weeks and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go into cardiac arrest!
    Peace Out 🙂
    Btw I would die if I got a Peeta catching fire poster 😉
    That is all!

  • calli easthon says:

    i did 54 and i wrote victorys village on a paper and put it on my door so I did 42 🙂

  • hungergamesfan number one says:

    I have done so many of these i’ve lost track!! Haha, can’t wait until November 22nd!

    <3 THG

  • Melody says:

    I have done a few of these without even noticing!! Can’t wait till November 22nd!!! Also I will defiantly try and do almost all of those ideas!

  • Rosey says:

    I have done so many of these, but I think it would be really cool to make a life sized Finnick!!!! (although that would take a lot of macaroni)

  • Logan M. says:

    I totally want to do #’s 61,18, and 3

  • Jessica C says:

    #28 Figure out the secret behind the pencil is red
    I know. There was an explanation on one page about it has to do with Jennifer’s wardrobe.

  • Julio Capa says:

    #31 for sure! Saying Tick Tock, Tick Tock in a situation like is totally my thing!

  • Iris Collier says:

    I will do # 25 watch sam clafinin snow white and th huntsman and not an o but also watch pirates of the Caribbean: on stranger tides; also # 100 kleenex cause when I cried when rue died I definetly need alot for catching fire 😉

  • Iris Collier says:

    # 66 I would love to do this dress up as a catching fire character for halloween I would do Johanna cause its close to my name but I dnt want to scare the children lol ^.^ but katniss is like me in every way sssooo i’m definitely doing her but for my birthday wish that I would love to come true as an actress is to be in the mockingjay movie as delly XD

  • Iris Collier says:

    for my little sister’s soccer game on thursday night I will do # 69 do the three finger salute instead of applauding and I even did tht during the movie too

  • Iris Collier says:

    I’m going to take the impossible hunger games movie quiz on thefandom.net #85; then do #87(well I hve already done this) dye my hair blonde to brown;then #88 dye it back from brown to blonde already done it;#91 I will futher explore the series, read V. Arrow’s Panem Companions;#96 I’m not considering I want to register for the victor tour of 2013 and here is my sign up right now and #99 not only do I go hiking on sunday I go running everyday. I seriously will and do this!! XD Only to hope and dream to be in the mockingjay movie

  • Will Carleton says:

    #49 “Who ordered this pig?!” (so funny)
    #60 Make your own Mockingjay Crackers (for a movie watching party)
    #61 Hold a Hunger Games movie watching party (already planned 😉
    #66 Dress up as a Catching Fire character for Halloween (think I can pull off Peeta)
    #75 Start training lika a career (first time high school football player)
    #89 Say thanks for your consideration to someone who is ignoring you
    #92 Wear a white rose to prom (Three weeks ’til)
    I can’t wait for November 22nd! It’s going to be awesome! I missed The Hunger Games midnight and opening day because I was on a retreat 🙁 But I am looking to go all out for Catching Fire! Thanks HGFireside Chat -from a looonnnnngggg time listener 😉

  • Leslie says:

    #101 When ever it is dead-quite say grimly, ” Our canary’s stopped singing…” and run away screaming, “NO….. Poor Wiress!!!!!!!!”

    Haha, I love these and will try and attempt ALL of them (:

  • Morgan says:

    I did the tick tok one and my friend was like what the heck are you doing and I ran away laughing like a crazy person

  • Josh says:

    OMG!!!!!!! lol rate this a thums up if you cant wait till caching fire comes out!!!!!!

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