3/8/13: Cool Stuff We Found This Week Friday 08 March, 2013

This week, the Hunger Games fandom has been abuzz over the release of a series of Capitol Portraits featuring various characters from Catching Fire. So, we thought it only fitting to use this installment of Cool Stuff We Found This Week to showcase some fan-made graphics/edits that incorporate the portraits.

If you’ve found any other graphics that you really love, please leave a comment below and link them so that we can check them out!

And remember, you can click on each image to see the full-size version. We especially recommend doing this with Marlon Gobel’s Capitol Museum of Art graphic.

From notkatniss:

From mutedlikesunset:

From morsemordred (this gif set is animated, so click the screecap below to go watch it in action):

From j-hutchy (thanks to Alexis for sharing the source with us!):

We found this next edit via Panem Propaganda’s Twitter, but neither they — or us — know the source. If you know who made it, LET US KNOW.

From marlongobel:

From classyglitt3r (not sure if he/she made it, but we found it on his/her Tumblr):

From strawberrycupcakeprincess:

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  • Alexis says:

    link to the johanna edit: http://j-hutchy.tumblr.com/post/44740567338/they-cant-hurt-me-im-not-like-the-rest-of-you

    • Savanna says:

      Thank you SO much! We spent so long trying to trace that image and failed! We’ll update the post giving j-hutchy credit. Thanks again! 😀

  • Allison says:

    This is the coolest gif set I’ve seen on tumblr to date


  • Funbrain says:

    I like hanger games I’m glad you post this article.

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