3/15/13: Cool Stuff We Found This Week Friday 15 March, 2013

Okay, okay. So we’re a couple days late on this one. And we’re also cheating and making it look like we published it on the 15th when today is actually the 17th… Please forgive us!

This week’s cool finds include a couple of hilarious BuzzFeed features and a fan-made Catching Fire trailer!

First, we go to BuzzFeed…

You may remember there was a meme-y thing going around comparing Jennifer Lawrence to a weeping Disney princess after she tripped and fell at the Oscars. Well, BuzzFeed has taken the Disney princess comparison a step further by bringing us images of Jennifer and thirteen of her Disney dopplegängers.

Like us, BuzzFeed also noticed that some very important characters in Catching Fire were not given Capitol Portraits. To help alleviate this injustice, they created this post featuring portraits that Lionsgate should have made. We’re especially fond of Lady’s, pictured below.

Now, on to the fan-made Catching Fire trailer! One of our fan site friends showed this to us recently, and we were pretty impressed. Yeah, it’s fan-made, so the production value is low. But it’s clear that the creators put a ton of thought into every frame, even filming “on location” in a rose garden and on a rocky beach! Their Effie is also absolutely hilarious.

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  • I love that they included the detail of the monkey mutt chair being scratched. 😉 I’m not sure why Peeta’s burnt bread got the comfy chair, though – shouldn’t it have the ordinary wooden chair like Buttercup?

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