10/26/12: Cool Stuff We Found This Week Friday 26 October, 2012

Warning: Today’s installment of “Cool Stuff” is full of things you’re going to want to buy. So, if you’re trying to save money or don’t have a lot of money to spend (like us!), you might want to proceed with caution. 😛

First up is something for all you candle lovers out there! Liz Schulze of the TwystedCrystal Etsy shop is selling a line of handmade soy candles inspired by The Hunger Games! The one we’re featuring here is her “Quarter Quell” candle, which has a scent inspired by the arena in Catching Fire (a tropical paradise with “a much darker and dangerous undertone”). Liz’s description of the fragrance is as follows:

Quarter Quell is an intoxicating blend of tropical florals like sweet orange blossom, yuzu, Mediterranean fan palm, rosemary, sandalwood and Tahitian vanilla beans. The fragrance is deepened with Patchouli to give it that subtle darker base note.

The line also includes a “Capitol” candle with a cotton candy scent base, a honey and opium-scented “Tracker Jacker” candle, a “District 4” candle with a scent inspired by the ocean, and a sterile-yet-soothing “District 13” candle. We love how much thought Liz put into the creation of each candle! ($8 each on Etsy)

Now, we know everybody loves the Capitol Colours from China Glaze, but if you weren’t able to buy any polishes from that line (it was limited edition), you might want to consider picking up a color or two from QTNailsHunger Games collection. Her “Girl on Fire” polish is pictured here, and the collection also includes polishes inspired by President Snow and the Capitol. ($8.50 each on Etsy)

Regarding these next items, we have to say that we really have no way of knowing for SURE if they’re “legit” or not. That being said, the shop owner (Vera Cubero) does live in North Carolina and all of her explanations make total sense! She includes the following blurb:

The Lionsgate legal team has already investigated and approved our claims of authenticity. These are GENUINE, one-of-a-kind keepsakes from the fire scene of the ORIGINAL Hunger Games MOVIE SET in DuPont State Forest, in North Carolina. You cannot get them anywhere else, and supplies are limited so order yours today!

So, what are they? They’re “fire wood” necklaces cut from “the VERY TREE that the Gamemakers fell on Katniss in the fire scene.” Awesome, right!? She’s also selling necklaces made from a metal gas pipe used in the film, so go check those out as well. Hooray for upcycling! ($12.99 each on Etsy)

Lastly, we found something that might be of use to you if you’re planning to dress up as a Capitol citizen for Halloween or maybe even a tribute in his or her parade costume. (Yeah, we know these are mostly for women, but this is the Capitol — anything goes!) You may have noticed that false eyelashes played a pretty sizable role in the Hunger Games movie. We saw them on Effie, Katniss, and various Capitol folks in crowd shots. If you’re looking for some particularly unique and Capitol-esque false lashes, definitely check out The Cat’s Meow on Etsy. A lot of Rachel L. Olson’s designs would fit right in at one of President Snow’s famous parties. (Prices vary)

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