Halloween, Panem Style Wednesday 31 October, 2012

Like many of you, we love Halloween.

Like all of you, we love The Hunger Games.

So we were pretty thrilled when Perri Nemiroff from Movies.com asked us if we’d like to be involved in her Halloween-themed Hunger Games Countdown.

We — along with Perri and a bunch of your favorite fan sites — have attempted to guess what costumes our favorite Hunger Games characters would wear on Halloween and what tricks and treats they’d dole out.

Ours and a couple of other favorites are below. Click here to read the rest and see Perri’s HILARIOUS accompanying images, and be sure to let us know if you think we’ve got it right. ūüôā

President Snow
Costume:¬†When you’re the tyrannical ruler of a nation, not just any costume¬†will do. Snow keeps it simple, elegant, and authoritative by dressing up in¬†full Roman emperor garb (complete with scarlet paludementum).
Trick: Poisoned candy, of course. Would you expect anything less?
Treat:¬†Given his obsession with roses, it seems only natural that President¬†Snow’s treat of choice would be rosewater-flavored Turkish Delight.
(Savanna of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat)

Katniss Everdeen
Costume:¬†Knowing how Katniss is, I picture her sticking it to the Capitol by showing up for the¬†Halloween¬†Ball at President Snow’s mansion dressed as Seneca Crane. Similar to how she freaked out the Gamemakers during her training session, this costume is bound to scare the pants off of any Gamemaker present.
Trick:¬†Ever the resourceful one, Katniss’ costume¬†isher trick.
Treat:¬†Having grown up with less, Katniss isn’t one for gorging on candy, but her resolve weakens once she sees the cheese bun shaped gummies Peeta made as a joke for her.
(Crystal, Mockingjay.net, FictionalFood.net)

Finnick Odair
Costume: Dressing up as a young Triton, the Merman son for Poseidon and Amphitrite in Greek mythology, Finnick embraces his love of the sea and his killer abs.
Trick:¬†Finnick will go around sweeping all the “damsels in distress” off their feet in the Capitol, but rush away before fulfilling any fantasies, using the excuse that his lower half is a fish!
Treat:¬†It won’t be all disappointment! Finnick will leave everyone with a token of yummy saltwater taffy in memory of him and the sea.
(Kait of Victor’s Village)

Effie Trinket
Costume:¬†Effie’s known for her eccentric everyday style, but for Halloween she’s doing what every¬†Mean Girls¬†wannabe does – she’s adding “sexy” to the first part of her costume, so she’s going as a “sexy Katniss Everdeen.” She’s basically wearing lingerie – with a bow and arrow.
Trick:¬†She put your name in the Reaping bowl¬†twice. Just kidding, no she didn’t. Or did she?
Treat: Mahogany tables for everyone!
(Sara of The Hunger Games Examiner)

Want more?

(Image from The Hunger Games Adventures. Go play their Halloween quest line if you haven’t already!)

Source: Movies.com

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