Panelist of the Week: Ellie Thursday 13 September, 2012

To help you all get to know our regular panelists a bit better, we’ll be spotlighting one (or two!) here each week — or whenever we have the chance!

This week, we’d like you to meet Ellie, a staff member at Down with the Capitol and Head Gamemaker of Victory Tour 2013!

Which is your favorite book in the series?
I hate this question. My answer tends to change depending on what’s going on at the time that I’m asked. For a while I said Mockingjay, mostly because it brought everything together into the full series. Then I went with The Hunger Games, because it was the beginning and just amazing. But right now I’m thinking Catching Fire, probably because of the excitement surrounding the movie. But I just love the arena and the new characters introduced, though VERY few of my favorite moments from the series are in that book. I think that’s why I get so confused. Basically, I just love them all and can’t choose!

What do your friends and family think of your Hunger Games obsession?
They find me ridiculous, but know I have always been this way. Many of my friends love the series, too, so they can at least put up with my nonstop chatter about it. While 3 of the 4 members of my family have read and enjoyed the books, they do not particularly approve of how deep I let myself fall into the fandom. They do not understand how I can spend hours and hours on something like this. With that said, they do make sure to let me know whenever they hear anything related to it or see the movie — so they’re not completely repulsed by my obsession.

Which district would you most like to live in?
“Most like to live in” is an interesting term. I think my life would be the most peaceful in District 1, though I don’t think I’d get along too well with the people there. I wouldn’t be happy, but I think I’d be safest there. Personality wise, I think I’d fit in much better in District 11 from what I’ve seen. I’ve taken a couple personality tests and usually get placed there in 11.

Which Hunger Games character do you think you are most like?
I have always considered myself as a combination of Peeta and Rue, but for now I will just go with Rue. I was a climber growing up and I am certainly not a fighter, so I would have taken her techniques in the Games. I am also an observer and usually a pretty good judge of character, which are all traits Rue has. I am also always singing a song, though with me it’s usually show tunes.

Which two tributes (victors included) would you most want to ally with in the arena?
Katniss and Finnick. Just read Catching Fire. Though I’d have to always be watching my back…though I don’t think Katniss would be able to kill me. I give off too much of a “little sister” vibe, even to people a couple years younger than me.

If you could ask Suzanne Collins ONE question about the series, what would it be?
Oh, gosh, just one? I have so many! I think I’d ask her to explain the beginning of the rebellion to me (when different characters got involved, how early it was planned, if they knew Katniss would be a right person to back from the beginning, etc.).

What are some of your interests outside of The Hunger Games?
My other obsessions are Harry Potter, Broadway, and Disney. I also really enjoy writing, working with children (I’m a teacher), watching television, and watching movies. I have recently rediscovered my love for reading books. This summer I read some other amazing YA novels such as Divergent, Delirium, The Maze Runner, and a few more. They were all great and I would recommend them to all Hunger Games fans.

You can follow Ellie on Twitter at @MuchMoreMacho.

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