Who Is the Mystery Woman? Wednesday 05 September, 2012

After a brief hiatus, Perri Nemiroff of has returned to continue her Hunger Games Countdown series! For her latest piece, she decided to focus on the Mystery Woman at and asked some of the fan sites (including us) to explain who we think it is and why.

In case you have no idea what we’re talking about, there’s a mysterious box featuring an unnamed woman at Lionsgate’s Catching Fire casting page (see screenshot below). We first talked about “Mystery Woman” on Episode 66 of the show, and while most of us concluded that it’s probably Annie, there are quite a few other popular theories out there.

Our theories and a couple of our favorite responses are below; for the rest of the fan sites’ thoughts, read the full article at

Savanna of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat
From what I’ve seen online, everyone seems to think the Mystery Woman is either Annie Cresta, Madge Undersee, or Alma Coin. And these are all great guesses, as I think each of these characters would elicit an excited response from fans. Imagine how cool it would be for Catching Fire to end with a quick glimpse of Coin looking all authoritative in her District 13 bunker! I’d also love to see Madge re-incorporated into the pin storyline (and I do think it’s possible). All that being said, however, my money’s on Annie. Annie is a pretty important figure in Mockingjay, so it would make sense for them to go ahead and introduce her in Catching Fire, even though we only get a brief glimpse of her in the book.

Crystal of
I’m very much convinced at this point that the Mystery Woman will mark the return of Madge Undersee. She’s the only person that I think Lionsgate has sufficient reason to hide like that. Anyone else would simply be a reveal and are too small as-is to be on the casting page. Mrs. Everdeen is a named part, presumably in all four movies, but she’s not even on the page. To me this leaves out people like Hazelle Hawthorne, Greasy Sae, Bonnie, Twill, Maysilee Donner, Alma Coin, and even Annie Cresta. Because people made such a huge deal out of Madge being cut from the first movie, I think hiding her name is the perfect way to lead up to a crazy unveiling of her appearance in Catching Fire. I’ll certainly be disappointed if it’s anyone but her. (Read more of Crystal’s thoughts on the mystery woman casting right here.)

Jacqui of My Hunger Games
I’d like to think that the mystery person is Alma Coin. While we don’t meet her until Mockingjay, it would make for an interesting cliffhanger to see the woman that is essentially the lynch pin to the future of Panem make an appearance. The film could end with Coin playing a crucial role in the rescue of Katniss from the Arena. As those that have read Mockingjay know, Coin presents an ever-present danger to Katniss. She is more than willing to let Katniss die once she’s fulfilled her duties as the mockingjay. An actress that could capture the very ruthlessness and duplicity of Coin would be someone like Sigourney Weaver. She manages to play women with great presence and tenacity.

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Annie Cresta and Madge Undersee art by Isaiah Stephens.
Hazelle Hawthorne art by nikmarvel.
Bonnie art by catching-smoke.


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