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With Catching Fire casting now underway, it’s probably safe to say that we’ve all started to think about which characters might not make it into the movie. We’re all very familiar with the “controversial” decision to eliminate Madge from the first film, and a host of other familiar characters — like Mayor Undersee, Greasy Sae, and Lavinia — were also cut.

For her latest Hunger Games Countdown piece, Perri Nemiroff from asked representatives from several fan sites — including us — to talk about the minor Catching Fire characters that we really hope survive the transition from page to screen! Our responses are below (along with a couple other answers that we really liked). You can click the “continue reading” link to check out the full article!

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Adam of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat – Purnia
We all know the main heroes and villains who populate most of the story, and rightfully so, but there are plenty of quiet objectors who make a difference in intricate ways. Purnia, a kind-hearted Peacekeeper from District 12, is precisely one of those. Her one defining moment is when she intervenes during Gale’s whipping – playing off Romulus Thread perfectly – and ultimately lessening Gale’s sentence by declaring it his first offense. Without her brave act, there likely would be no Gale, and perhaps an unsuccessful rebellion. Her contribution may seem meager, but it comes from an admirable place, and the effects of it are far-reaching. And as for casting, how about Anna Frielwho dazzled in Pushing Daisies and many other film and miniseries roles?

Savanna of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat – Maysilee Donner
Though we’d only get to see her in flashbacks or video footage, I’m really hoping that Maysilee Donner is included – or at least briefly referenced – in Catching Fire. For those who have forgotten, Maysilee was Madge Undersee’s aunt, and she competed alongside a young Haymitch Abernathy in the 50th Hunger Games. She’s such an integral part of Haymitch’s past, and we need to see some Haymitch backstory in the sequel in order to better understand him: his motivations, his reasons for drinking, etc. While Maysilee may not be as strong and influential a character without her connection to Madge (cut from the first film) and the mockingjay pin origin story (changed for the movies), she’s still quite important, and I’ll definitely be bummed out if we never hear about her.

Crystal of and Fictional Food – Cecelia
I know she’s a very small character and appears for all of two sentences in Catching Fire, but I think Cecelia’s reaping scene still shows a lot. Katniss watches as Cecelia detaches herself from her kids and the scene shows readers an alternate future that Katniss could have had to endure if she’d not already chosen to not have kids. She’d already known that her own kids would not be exempt, but to me, that small scene with Cecelia shows the flipside of young children having their Victor mother torn away from them by the Capitol. It’s just another look at what Katniss is fighting against.

Angie of The Hob – Enobaria
I hope that Enobaria is one character casting that does not get underplayed. (I’m picturing someone like Essence Atkins for the role). District 2 is the most loyal district to the Capitol and, like most tributes from her district, Enobaria volunteered for the 62nd Hunger Games and won. Her background and Games experience directly impacts the choices she makes inCatching Fire, and those choices define her role in Mockingjay, making her character more significant later on. There are a few key scenes with Enobaria from the book that I can only hope will be included in the Catching Fire movie such as the brutality of the Careers at the Cornucopia, the Careers stalking Katniss and Peeta’s group throughout the Games, and Enobaria as one of the last tributes alive when the Games end.

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  • I’m surprised no one mentioned Hazelle. If they cut Madge, they could easily cut Hazelle out, but I think it would be nice to see her. Someone did a fantasy casting of one of the original women from ER, so that is who I picture now, even though I can’t remember her name.

    • Savanna says:

      I’m a little surprised, too. They’re going to need to show us Gale’s family in Catching Fire if they want to flesh him out more as a character…

  • Satsuma says:

    Interesting that despite the original question being “minor characters you want cast”, many of the replies are about minor Tributes, who actually *are* being cast; I guess people interpreted the question to mean, who they’d like to see get actual memorable scenes. So I’d add that I really want to see the D6 “morphling” Tributes get some real scenes, though I confess I can’t come up with specific actors to play them. I saw the “Idiom” casting call for extras with the “morphling” look with saggy, yellow skin, and that made me wonder if they were planning on dropping the idea of morphling addiction and just present that look as a freaky genetic mutation common in D6.

    Now, I really hope they don’t do this, because the idea that the D6 Victors reaped for the games both turned to drugs in order to cope, really shows how no one truly “wins” the Games, the best you can do is survive. I also hope they keep the scene where the female morphling jumps in front of Peeta when the monkey-mutt attacks him, and how he comforts her as she dies. That shows us a lot about Peeta’s character as well. How he’s one of the few in Panem who treat others with compassion even when it doesn’t benefit him at all, other than with the satisfaction of having done the right thing.

    • Savanna says:

      I almost wrote about the female morphling, for that very reason!

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