8/10/12: Cool Stuff We Found This Week Friday 10 August, 2012

Our first find is definitely one of the coolest pieces of handmade Hunger Games “merch” that we’ve seen. Rich Neely Designs is an Etsy shop that sells, among other things, “booksis” — iPhone and iPad chargers made from old books! This Hunger Games booksi caught our eye, but there are tons of other options, with something to suit pretty much anyone’s literary tastes. They’re a bit pricey (most are between $50 and $80) but could make a really fun gift for someone.

Next up is this fascinating bonus feature clip from the Hunger Games Blu-ray and DVD, courtesy of Vulture.com. If you’ve ever wondered what all went into creating the “fire wings” on Katniss and Peeta’s chariot costumes, then this is a must-watch! Gary Ross and visual effects supervisor Sheena Duggal explain the process and show us some incredible concept art! Click the image below to watch.

Lastly, you may recall that Irish singer/songwriter Glen Hansard wrote two songs for the Hunger Games companion album: “Come Away to the Water” and “Take the Heartland.” “Take the Heartland” is all right, but we absolutely love “Come Away to the Water,” so we were a bit bummed out when we discovered that Maroon 5 had performed the song for the album and not Hansard himself.

Fortunately for us, Hansard recently released a new album entitled Rhythm and Repose that features “Come Away…” as a bonus track. You can purchase the album on iTunes, and we’ve embedded a video of Hansard performing the song live on Exclaim! TV. Enjoy!

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