7/6/12: Cool Stuff We Found This Week Friday 06 July, 2012

The first cool thing that we found this week is this live performance of “Just a Game” by Birdy. As you know, “Just a Game” is one of the songs featured on the Songs from District 12 and Beyond companion album. Even if I weren’t a huge Birdy fan (this is Savanna, by the way), I still think this would be my favorite song from the soundtrack, and it totally didn’t get the attention it deserved — in my opinion, anyway! This is the first time I’ve actually seen Birdy perform the song live, and watching her is such a treat! She’s just brilliant!

To go along with one of my favorite lines from “Just a Game” (Take my hand and my heart races / The flames illuminate our faces / And we’re on fire), we’ve got this stunning piece of fan art from nikola-nickart. It’s so gorgeous, we can’t help but wish it were available in poster format. We’d buy it for sure! Click here to view the full-size version.

Next up is an adorable/hilarious piece of fan art by gingerhaze. How cute are her characters!? Click here for the full-size version and to discover Katniss’s response.

Lastly, we found this super cool graphic on Pinterest that was made by Tracee Orman of HungerGamesLessons.com. This is pretty much the first piece of Jena Malone-as-Johanna fan art that we’ve seen! Click here for a bigger version.

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  • Ha! Love that fanart by gingerhaze… very funny.

  • Emily414 says:

    Savana, I completely agree- Just a Game was an absolutely amazing song, and almost nobody will recognize that! I love that I’m not the only one that loves it. I feel the same way about Rules by Jaymee Dee. Those two were my favorite songs on the soundtrack, but they’re often overlooked.

    • Savanna says:

      Rules is so great!! It took me a while to discover it, but now it’s one of my favorites. So underrated!

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