7/27/12: Cool Stuff We Found This Week Friday 27 July, 2012

Can you believe July is almost over? While we don’t want the summer to end, we sort of want time to fly faster so that we get Catching Fire casting news sooner!

Speaking of Catching Fire casting news, the first cool thing we found this week is a three-part WIGS series on YouTube starring our new Johanna, Jena Malone! The series is called Dakota, and it’s about a young single mother (Malone) who pays the bills by playing poker. The series is short (about 30 minutes total) but really interesting, and Jena Malone’s performance is fantastic. You can watch the first episode below!

Next up is a Catching Fire poster made by asheathes and a piece of fan art by rainbowunico (which we found via HungerGamesFandom.net). Both of these images got us thinking about what Plutarch’s mockingjay pocket watch will look like in the movie and whether or not we’ll see replicas for sale at Hot Topic next November. Until then, there are a TON of beautiful handmade mockingjay watches for sale at Etsy. Click here to see them all!

This week’s final “cool thing” is something that might interest those of you who live in or near Los Angeles. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Josh Hutcherson more than we already do, the man went and organized a celebrity charity basketball game to benefit Straight But Not Narrow. The game will be part of the 2012 Nike Basketball 3ON3 Tournament, and while we don’t yet know which celebrities will be participating, we do know that Josh himself will be playing! The game is set to take place on Friday, August 3, and tickets are already on sale! Click the image below for more info/to buy tickets!


  • Maia says:

    Good for Josh I love that he supports this campaign

  • Em says:

    Loved the first two episodes of Dakota, but i cant find the third episode! so sad!!

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