Finding Finnick Odair: Week 18 Monday 18 June, 2012

Welcome to Week 18 of Finding Finnick Odair! Because there are SO many potential Finnicks out there, the major Hunger Games sites have gotten together to introduce you to a number of actors who, at some point or another, have had their names tossed into the “Finnick ring” by fans. Each week, we’ll showcase a different actor and assess his Finnick potential. If you missed Week 17, click here to read what we had to say about Trevor Donovan.

Note: With a casting announcement imminent, this is actually the very last article in our Finding Finnick Odair series! We’ve had so much fun doing this and hope you’ve enjoyed it as well! Thanks for leaving so many great comments!

This week’s topic of conversation is Ryan Kwanten, an Australian actor best known for playing Jason Stackhouse on the hit HBO series True Blood. While many think that Kwanten’s good looks and natural swagger make him an ideal Finnick, others argue that, at 35, he’s simply too old. Here’s what the fan sites had to say:

Hunger Games Fireside Chat
Savanna: I love you, Ryan Kwanten, but I’m currently incapable of separating you from your True Blood character, Jason Stackhouse. And Jason Stackhouse would be a terrible Finnick. I’m sorry. Adam: Jason Stackhouse and Finnick Odair have some surprising similarities; they both do quite well with the ladies, and they’re both likely from southern coastal areas. However, the one great differentiation, which cannot be ignored, is that Jason Stackhouse is as dumb as a trident and Finnick Odair wields a trident with as much brain as physique. Kwanten truly is Stackhouse, so much so that he simply cannot be Finnick.

HG Girl on Fire
Sheila: First let me say that I love Ryan Kwanten. I love him on True Blood, and loved him in Summerland and while I definitely think he has the physique necessary to play Finnick, the question remains: Is he the Finnick for me? Sadly I have to say no, he isn’t. In my opinion, Ryan looks older than the Finnick I imagined, and for me, Ryan is so connected to his character in True Blood, that I’m afraid I would have trouble not seeing him as “Jason Stackhouse.”

HG Movie Site
My argument over Ryan Kwanten as Finnick is similar to the one I had for Ian Somerhalder. Ryan is handsome, talented and has abs like a washboard. Unfortunately, he is too old. I can’t think of any other reason why he couldn’t be Finnick except his age. The end.

The Hob
Amanda: Ryan Kwanten is such a hard actor for me to debate for Finnick! He’s absolutely gorgeous, with the body and looks for Finnick. And I have no doubt he could pull off the necessary charismatic attitude. I’ve loved him from the second he stepped on screen on the CW’s Summerland, so separating him from his Jason Stackhouse character on True Blood isn’t an issue for me. Give me this choice 5 years ago, and I’d be all over it. But Ryan today, in his mid-thirties, just looks too old for Finnick, as much as I hate to admit it.
Crystal: There’s no doubt that Ryan Kwanten has the looks and the body (woohoo!) for Finnick, but he’s played the ditzy southern manwhore for so long on True Blood that I don’t know if I could ever separate the two. It’d be an interesting experiment to see if it’s possible for him to throw out a completely new performance and see if we all buy it, but Finnick isn’t exactly someone you want to experiment with. He’s a great actor, in my opinion, but he just carries too much character baggage with him.

Victor’s Village
Rebekah: I’ve been a fan of Ryan Kwanten’s since before he was on True Blood, but as much as I love and adore his work now and in the past, there are too many factors going against him in the case of being a good candidate for Finnick Odair. For one thing, he is contracted to HBO for months on end each year, and those months I’m pretty sure fall during the time in which Catching Fire is going to be filming. Another factor is that he’s too old for the part, Ryan is in his mid-30s, and to me he looks it. Finnick we know is 24, Ryan cannot pass for 24 anymore, this is evidenced by his character on True Blood being looked at funny when he tries to hang out with a younger crowd. So there you have it, too busy, and too old. Moving on!

Well, you’ve heard what we have to say! What do YOU think? Do you think Ryan Kwanten would make a good Finnick? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  • d says:

    dude you guys did all these guys that have no fan base to be finnick when you still havent done chord overstreet which alot of fans want him to be finnick

    • Savanna says:

      Actually, every actor that we showcased is considered a “fan favorite” and all of them have a lot of fan support. So far, all of the actors that have been featured in the media as “rumored Finnick contenders” have been featured in Finding Finnick Odair (with the exception of Sam Claflin). I personally haven’t seen anyone mention Chord Overstreet until now. Sorry we weren’t able to include him!

  • Cela(: says:

    JEREMY SUMPTER IS PERFECT PEOPLE!! He played peter pan in the movie itself, and i have to say would be absolutely excellent as finnick!!
    there is a photo 😀

  • yo says:

    ni idea si ya se eligio pero a mi me gusta james gaisford y tambien hunter parrish pero mas james

  • pepika says:

    Why has no one thought of Justin Hartley for Finnick? He’s not the drop dead gorgeous that Finnick is described as, but no one will be. He has the appearance, and the capability to play a deep role, as he did in Smallville. He is 36, which might make him a bit out of the Finnick role, but does he look it? Nope. He is 6’2, definitely Finnick height, and can play the cocky side, and he is fit!

    • Savanna says:

      Justin definitely looks like a Finnick! You do know that Finnick was cast and the movie has already been filmed, right? They shot most of it last year. Finnick is being played by Sam Claflin.

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