Celebrating One Year: A Look Back at the Last 52 Weeks Monday 02 April, 2012

Hunger Games Fireside Chat is a year old. Can you believe it? We know it’s a cliché, but time really does fly when you’re having fun! When we first started, Josh, Jennifer, and Liam had just been cast, and — if you can believe it — Seneca Crane’s beard did not yet exist! Now the movie is out, the beard has over 18,000 “likes” on its Facebook page, and we’ve already started to look forward to Catching Fire (less than 600 days to go!).

We’ll be celebrating our anniversary on tonight’s episode of the show, and we’re also holding a One Year Anniversary Giveaway featuring an awesome prize pack. But we also wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on the past year and share some of our favorite memories.

Adam: Hosting the Fireside Chat podcast with Savanna has truly been one of the greatest decisions of my life. What began as a fun opportunity for Hunger Games fan sites to share their passion together turned into a much grander operation, and yet it still feels as simple and well-intended as when we started. Along the way, we’ve shared incredible memories, connected with wonderful listeners, and watched our child (the Hunger Games fandom) grow from an infant to a strapping Finnick Odair. Now, one year later, all I can do is say from the bottom of my heart: Thank you to the fans, to the amazing sites we have on every week, and especially, to Savanna for making this dream possible.

There were so many highlights this year, it’s hard to know where to start. CinnaWatch2011 being revealed during our show is a moment I’ll never forget. All the teaser, trailer, and TV spot episodes were such a blast, along with the great Fireside Chat jokes like “orange backpack” and the little phrases we would adopt. Doing that Ustream together from Los Angeles was such a phenomenal experience, and I only wish the devoted fans could have been there with us.

More than anything, though, my favorite moments have been the relaxed and silly episodes, where we all just enjoyed ourselves cracking jokes and appreciating the latest Hunger Games happenings. It’s been an honor, a privilege, a great source of pride, and a life-changing experience to host this show. Let’s make this next year even better!

Savanna: I have to echo everything that Adam said above; I am continually amazed at how far we’ve come. When we started Fireside Chat last April, I had no idea that we were embarking on a journey that would last this long and allow us to meet so many wonderful people. I’ve been able to connect with other Hunger Games fans throughout the United States AND all around the world, which is really pretty incredible when you think about it. I’ve made some truly special, lifelong friends, and it’s all thanks to this show!

One of my favorite memories from our first year will always be the Lenny Kravitz casting announcement that was made DURING Episode 8. I love that our “live reactions” to the news are forever immortalized for everyone to hear. Like Adam, I also loved all of our teaser and trailer analysis episodes! Other moments that stick out in my mind are our first Unscripted episode, our interview with Gamemaker Rowan, and Music Night. And how can I leave out our awesome “new Panem anthem” contest? If you weren’t listening to us back then, Sam Cushion set the winning anthem to music, and you can listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKQXGouEgGI&ob=av3e

I can’t talk about the past year without mentioning our trip to Los Angeles for the world premiere of the movie. Attending the red carpet premiere of a film is something I had only ever dreamed of doing, and I still can’t quite believe I was actually there, watching The Hunger Games in the same theatre as the cast, crew, and Suzanne Collins! The best part of that trip, however, was getting to meet all of my fan site friends in person. I don’t know how I’m going to last 20 months without seeing them!

Honestly, though, those are just SOME highlights of an unforgettable, unbelievable, and indescribable year of a lifetime.

Fire is catching, and we’re ready to help kindle the flames!

(The fan sites with Jackie Emerson! Savanna is fourth from the left, Adam is third from the right! Photo by Denise of Welcome to District 12.)

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