We Want Your Pictures! Thursday 01 March, 2012

Give us your pictures!

Remember when we made that “100 Things to Do Before The Hunger Games” video back in December? Well, as of today, it’s been viewed over 36,000 times on YouTube! With March 23rd drawing ever closer, we decided that we really want to do a follow-up video. But we need your help!

First of all, if you haven’t watched the video, do so now! It’s embedded below. You can also click here to read the list of 100 things in “document format.”

In order to make our follow-up video, what we need from you guys is PICTURES! Send us pictures of you/your friends/your family doing stuff on our list. Please don’t just Google images that fit — we actually want YOUR photographs. A great example is the photograph we’ve included in this post, which features @DerekJackson82 and his Seneca Crane-style beard (#12 on our list).

Submission criteria:
– Please email all pictures to us at FiresideHosts@gmail.com.
– All pictures MUST be sent to us by 5pm Eastern Time/2pm Pacific Time on March 13th.
– Tell us WHICH ITEM ON THE LIST your picture represents, just in case it isn’t clear.
– When you email us, please let us know HOW you’d like us to credit you. You can give us your real name, your Twitter username, etc. If you’d also like to include your location, you can do that too. But keep in mind that this information will be published online, so if you want to remain anonymous, don’t send us this info.

If you have ANY questions, please leave a comment here, email us, or tweet us at @HGFiresideChat.

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  • Brandi Bagley says:

    Is this list the same as original? Having difficulties locating it.

    • Savanna says:

      Brandi: I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean… The original video is embedded into this post, and there’s also a link to the “100 Things” in document format on Scribd.

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