The New York Times and Nightline Wednesday 21 March, 2012

As you may have seen, last week we were featured in both the L.A. Times and PARADE Magazine — wow! Today, we’re thrilled and honored and slightly overwhelmed to announce that we’ve been featured in a New York Times article about Hunger is Not a Game, Imagine Better’s new Hunger Games-themed campaign. We’ve talked about Hunger is Not a Game here, here, here, and here, so the project should be familiar to ALL of you at this point.

This week, we’re encouraging everyone to show their support for the fight against hunger by signing the GROW Pledge. So go do that now!

This week, Suzanne Collins’s “The Hunger Games” hits the big screen. As the latest wildly popular young adult (Y.A.) novel becomes a film franchise, it’s not just box office dollars that will be captured, but potentially nascent citizens. At least that’s the goal of the social campaign called “Hunger Is Not a Game” which aims to connect fans to the global food justice movement.

“The Hunger Games” devotees have long congregated on sites like, Down with the Capitol, and the “Hunger Games” Fireside Chat podcast. Now Oxfam, with its long history focused on famine relief, has joined forces with a small, fan-focused group called Imagine Better to encourage the mostly young people who gather on these sites to sign Oxfam’s GROW pledge.

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We were ALSO featured on ABC’s Nightline last night in a segment all about the Hunger Games craze. The video is embedded below! They did a lot of filming at the party we hosted the night before the premiere. You can see Adam at 2:08 and Savanna saluting behind the couch at 2:06. Other fan sites represented in the clip: Down with the Capitol,, Victor’s Village, HG Girl on Fire, Welcome to District 12,, Sam Cushion, and Aldrin (the District 2 mayor). Also featured is Emily Ansara Baines, author of The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook (and past Fireside Chat guest!).

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You can click here for some great screen caps from Welcome to District 12.


  • Windlesham says:

    I hope you will talk about how I can set up shop at my movie theatre to get signatures for Oxfam. I see information on your web site and meet up site about food drives but nothing that would help be figure out how to do tabling for Oxfam’s GROW petition. Thanks!

    • Savanna says:

      We did! Did you listen? If not, look for a post late tonight or early tomorrow morning with details on where to send the Pledges.

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