Midnight Showing DOs and DON'Ts Thursday 08 March, 2012

The time has come… Well, almost! The 23rd is nearly here, and most of you have probably already made plans to see The Hunger Games at midnight. If you have any experience with midnight showings, you know that there’s much more to the event than merely seeing the film; midnight showings are an experience in themselves!

To help you prepare for what is sure to be the highlight of your year, Perri Nemiroff of Movies.com rounded up the fan sites and asked us to share our midnight showing DOs, DON’Ts, and MUST-HAVEs. What did we come up with!? Here are a few examples (including our own):

Savanna of Hunger Games Fireside Chat

Do: Chat with the people around you in line and in the theatre before the movie starts. Get to know some fellow Hunger Games fans! A midnight screening is the perfect opportunity to connect with other Tributes in your area and hopefully meet some new friends who are just as obsessed with the trilogy as you are.

Don’t: Get angry at and snub moviegoers who haven’t read the book. Just be thankful that they’ve discovered The Hunger Games in some form and encourage them to read the books as soon as possible!

Midnight Screening Must-Have: A shoulder to cry on. Even if it belongs to someone you just met. You’re going to need it.

Adam of Hunger Games Fireside Chat

Do: Go with people who live on an Effie Trinket time schedule, so that when you’re inevitably late like I always am, they’ve saved a spot in line for you. Also, absolutely eat and go to the bathroom before you get to the theater (especially ladies. Sorry, but men’s bathrooms are usually a lot quicker.)

Don’t: Sit there comparing the movie to the book scene by scene. That never ends well. I made that mistake when I went to see Deathly Hallows I and couldn’t help myself from focusing on all the differences. That’s why I think it’s good not to read the book too close beforehand. You want the movie-watching experience to be pure and fun.

Midnight Screening Must-Have: A sweatshirt or jacket that you can take off or put on easily. They jack up the AC in a lot of these theaters, so you might get cold. If they don’t turn the AC up, all those bodies can make it pretty steamy.

Sara of Hunger Games Examiner

Do: Bring seat cushions! Sitting on a movie theater floor waiting to get into the theater can be tough on your tushie. For the last Harry Potter movie, my mom and I crafted seat cushions using a square of foam from the fabric store and even covered them in Harry Potter fabric. You can easily make something similar for The Hunger Games — maybe use fabric with a flaming print, or go for plain black and decorate it with movie quotes.

Don’t: Bring folding chairs or camping gear. Most theaters don’t allow them and you’re the jerk in line taking up too much room and we all have to wait for you to haul your crap back to the car when we finally get into the theater. Pack light!

Midnight Screening Must-Have: Caffeine! Past the age of 21, staying up past midnight becomes much more challenging. Soda, coffee, energy drinks – consume whatever you need, because sometimes no amount of excitement can keep you awake without some extra help. Just be sure to take a carefully timed bathroom break about ten minutes before showtime.

Melanie of HungerGamesMovie.org

Do: Bring some form of entertainment, preferably Hunger Games related, like the Neca board game to not only keep you entertained, but to also keep you in the Hunger Games mood.

Don’t: Bring the Twilight board game or merchandise, or even dress up like you favorite Twilight character. You’ll most likely receive dirty looks from others in line, plus we don’t want any more comparisons between the two movies.

Midnight Screening Must-Have: Comfy clothes! After standing in line for hours, and gorging on junk food, you’re going to want to be as comfortable as possible while watching this movie.

(Cute costume, but save it for Breaking Dawn – Part 2!)

Click here to read ALL the suggestions! What are YOUR midnight showing DOs, DON’Ts, and MUST-HAVES? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Movies.com

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