TheCapitol.PN Mayor Q&A: Part 2 Thursday 05 January, 2012

As you probably know, nine of the elected mayors from TheCapitol.PN appeared on Episode 39 to compete in a “Battle of the Mayors” and answer YOUR questions in a fun and informative Q&A session. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we weren’t able to ask every question that was submitted. Because they are so devoted to their citizens, however, the mayors agreed to respond to the remaining questions in writing!

Please note that all questions are in bold, and the mayors’ responses are in italics. We’ve organized the questions by mayor (or district), with questions directed at ALL of the mayors appearing last.

Thank you again, mayors, for being such wonderful podcast guests and for taking the time to answer these questions!

Hey, Claudia and Gabby, how is it to be both recruiter and mayor? How is your relationship with other recruiters? (from Nathale Rebello – District 2)

Claudia, District 1: Being both recruiter and mayor is awesome! I am super tight with the other recruiters, we are all like one big happy family! It’s like I have 3 moms now! 🙂

Gabby, District 5: Being mayor isn’t that much different than being a recruiter. I usually check up on the Facebook page once/twice a day, as opposed to just monitoring things on Twitter. At the basic level, mayors and recruiters do the same job: helping people get excited about the 74th Annual Hunger Games!

As for my relationship with the other recruiters, I agree with what Claudia said: we are all one big happy family. Everybody I’ve worked with — regardless of if they are a recruiter, a mayor, or a citizen — has been super friendly and eager to make this year’s Hunger Games the best Games ever!

Questions for District 1 (Claudia):

What will our team colors be? And will you pick them or can we vote on them? (from deltreece – District 1)

Claudia: Our district colors are white and gold. White to represent diamonds and show support of President Snow, and gold to represent luxury and gold from our mines.

Questions for District 2 (Aldrin):

What was the hardest/easiest part about running for mayor, and what do you have in store for us? (from Grace – District 2)

Aldrin: It was easy to get my friends excited about voting for me at first, they really wanted me to win. It got hard when we all realized that the voting period would last for weeks, so I was afraid my friends would get tired of me asking and eventually stop voting for me. As you can see, it all worked out in the end!

As for what I have planned, the mayors and I are currently coming up with something that everyone in Panem can participate in. Look out for updates!

Hey Aldrin! When do you hope to publish your book based on that amazing squirrel video you made? (I’d buy it!) Also, will any citizens of District 2 get the chance to go to the Hunger Games premiere? (As a citizen of the week I really hope there’s a chance for me ;D hehe) Thank you so much for all the fun everyone! (from Jason Fotheringham – District 2)

Aldrin: Right now I’m working on collecting funds through Kickstarter, since I can’t really publish the book with my current budget. If you’d like to support the book or spread the word, the link is right here:

If my funding is successful, I’m HOPING to have the book done by March (since Hunger Games is also released then haha).

Don’t have word from the Capitol on who will be lucky enough to get to go to the premiere, but as soon as I know, I’ll pass that info to everyone!

Questions for District 10 (Alison):

What are you planning to do about the Occupy Panem protesters? (from devin – District 10)

Alison: Devin, any talk of any type of rebellion against the Capitol will not be tolerated. Peacekeepers have already started to track down the start of this obscenity, and they are fully on top of it.

How many Victors does District 10 have? (from Kade – District 10)

Alison: There have been seven previous Hunger Games Victors in District 10.

What was the first thing you did after finding out you were elected mayor? (from Macy Dykes – District 10)

Alison: It is a little bit of a blur trying to remember what the first thing I did was, because I was so in shock. I screamed a little, possibly jumped up and down, and proceeded to thank all the proud citizens who voted for me, and let them know that I won’t let them down.

Questions for all of the mayors:

If you took part in a Hunger Games, what would be your strategy to win? (from Pascale Audette – District 5)
What weapon would you use in the arena, or would you pull a Foxface and not use one? (from Samantha – District 7)

Hunter, District 4: In reply to Pascale Audette — I would try to take out as many people as possible at the Cornucopia and head for the forest. Wait for the others to kill each other off and then come out of nowhere. In reply to Samantha — a trident, of course!

Aldrin, District 2: Even though I come from the land of Career Tributes, I’m not that confrontational. I’d probably pull a Foxface as long as I could, but if I had to use a weapon, I do like the idea of bow and arrows.

Claudia, District 1: I would also try killing as many people as possible at the Cornucopia and getting all the supplies that I can get my hands on. I would then head for the area where most tributes ran, and kill them off one by one. The weapon I would use would have to be a knife; I prefer hand-to-hand combat.

Alison, District 10: If I was chosen to be a tribute, I would gather as much as I could at the Cornucopia, including a bow and arrows. I am a fast runner, so I would get out of there as fast as I could, and leave the first bloodbath to the bigger tributes. I would hide somewhere not far off though, between the trees, so I can take out some distracted tributes, and soon disappear into the woods. During the time at the Capitol, I would have already made up my mind of who I would want as an ally. If they are still alive after the Cornucopia, I would find them. I would hope not to use my weapon for as long after that as I could, but when it comes down to it, of course I would.

Nick, District 7: Probably outwit everyone. Pull a Haymitch.

Gabby, District 5: Personally I’m not that strong of a person — sports have never really been my forte — so I would probably try and rely on my wits more than my skills in battle. Allies are just as important as the weapons you use in the arena, so I would probably try and form an alliance with the careers until the very end when I would either plant some sort of trap, or escape in the middle of the night. As for my weapon of choice…I’m a dual dagger-wielding kind of gal.

Kayla, District 9: Well, let’s say I am not a fighter — in fact, I could probably not throw a punch even if I tried! However, I have a very rational mind and a lot of common sense! So I would probably take more of a Foxface approach and be smart about it. Learn what I can and can’t eat in training, some basics in survival, as well as trying to put on a little muscle and learning the deadliest places to cut somebody. Then when I got into the arena, grab what was closest to me, and then clear out and try to stay hidden for as long as possible!

Jenn, District 8: Honestly, the strategy would depend on the situation and the arena that I would be placed in. But being unpredictable would probably be my only saving grace. Being elusive is one of the greatest traits a fighter can have and if you need to have your opponent guessing what your next move will be that’s where you’ll already have the upper hand. As for the weapon of choice if I were to choose one or if I would go à la Foxface style and go without and depend on agility, honestly, personally for me I don’t think I can depend on agility, therefore, I’d probably choose something light but deadly. Maybe poisonous darts.

Why do you believe your district can win the Hunger Games? Why do you have so much faith? (from kathryntomasi – District 12)

Hunter, District 4: District 4 has always been a strong district and I believe that we can win the Hunger Games because our tributes have a history of winning.

Aldrin, District 2: Our tributes train for this their whole lives. Plus, have you seen Cato and Clove? Strength and brains right there!

Claudia, District 1: My tributes have grown up in a privileged district. They have been fed properly and have been well-trained unlike other districts. This gives Glimmer and Marvel a great advantage in the games and is why I have much faith in them.

Alison, District 1: Here in District 10, every single citizen is trained to work with animals. There is not a day that goes by that they do not have to deal with one. This helps them be aware of how to deal with people who act like wild animals. We have some great tributes this year, who contain the potential to do great. We have to have faith in our tributes, or we might as well all go mad.

Nick, District 7: Like the trees we cut down, District 7 is strong and stable. We are capable of doing anything we put our minds to.

Gabby, District 5: District 5’s tributes have the distinct advantage that nobody knows much about them, not even me as their mayor! I’ve been through their files and can say they both are in fine standing in school; Foxface is actually ranked number one in her grade, she’s definitely a tribute to watch out for! I wouldn’t count Tribute Boy out though — after all, somebody as mysterious as he is must have quite the secret to hide. I have the utmost confidence in our tributes this year, they’re definitely going to help make this year’s Games truly electrifying!

Kayla, District 9: I believe so strongly in my tributes because I know right now they need my love and support. All the tributes do, but as they are from my district I have a strong sense of loyalty to them and care about their well-being. For me it is more about the pride in my district, than for one specific reason or another. These tributes share something with me — a district — and because of that I am bound — and I hope the rest of my district feels the same — to support them and wish them well, no matter who they are and what their skill level is!

Jenn, District 8: Without faith, the despairing emotions would most likely consume my district as a collective. We may not have been trained at birth, we may not have the best advantages, but I can say that when we are giving a task, we will try to push forward to the best of our ability. As for the tributes sent into the arena for the 74th Hunger Games, they’ve picked up a stone cold, somewhat hardened façade on both of their faces from the moment they stepped on D8’s platforms. Honestly, I will support them for their sake, their families’ sake, and my citizens’.

What plans do you have to fix up your districts issues? (from kyle – District 2)

Hunter, District 4: Well, it depends on what “issues” you are referring to. 1) I’ll contact the Capitol and have the Peacekeepers help resolve our political issues such as major rebel uprisings and poaching. 2) In case of a food emergency, I will call the Capitol to subsidize District 4! By the way, serious uprisings and famines will never reach District 4 under my leadership!

Aldrin, District 2: I’m a big fan of talking to citizens directly, so talking to as many people as I can would be a start. After finding out the problems, I’d work with the Peacekeepers to ensure the happiness of everyone in District 2.

Claudia, District 1: If there are any district problems, please know that any citizen is open to stop by and talk to me at the Justice Building. Together we can discuss the problem and I will do all that I can to solve the issue. If needed, Peacekeepers will always be available to help control any circumstances.

Alison, District 10: As with every problem that has been solved so far in my term as mayor, communication is key. So many issues are because people have been only told one side of the story, or are missing information. I am here to make sure every story is set straight, which leads to fewer problems. When things get above a light verbal argument, Peacekeepers are brought in for everyone’s protection.

Nick, District 7: I don’t know about the other districts, but [District] 7 is enjoying a peaceful time.

Gabby, District 5: No government is perfect, which is why I try my best to work with the citizens of District 5 to figure out what they want to change, then work together towards making that change a reality. If you’re a citizen of District 5 and have any issues you would like to discuss, please stop by the Justice Building. I would be more than happy to meet with you!

Kayla, District 9: Right now my district is fairly peaceful, but I run on an open office policy. So if issues do arise, I hope my citizens can come and speak to me personally and resolve the matters quickly and calmly, without things getting out of hand and becoming bigger issues than they need to be!

Jenn, District 8: Any of the issues that arise from my district are taken care of as soon as possible — if not immediately — by myself, my team, and also my recruiter Amy Beaudine. We both will be on when we can to answer any questions when the Capitol supervisor or a Peacekeeper cannot. We recently had an intruder from District 3 who had decided to give in plans for rebellion propaganda through out all the districts, since then they have been eliminated from sending further messages to all other districts except for my own and D10 but that will swiftly be fixed. If a citizen of mine needs more tesserae, they will receive some, if they need more cloth, more yarn, more threads, pins, needles, I will provide it for them. The main goal is to keep the district thriving in the best way possible without going to extremes.

Are you against the Capitol? Why or why not? (from Nicki Mellark – District 12)

Hunter, District 4: As far as a fan, I am against the government of the Capitol, as far as the citizens of the Capitol go, I feel no animosity toward them at all. As the mayor of District 4, however, I am in full agreement with everything the Capitol says and does. Long live President Snow!

Aldrin, District 2: I do question some of the things the Capitol does, but I have faith that it will all work out in the end. In the meantime, keeping my district safe and happy is the best job I could ask for!

Claudia, District 1: I don’t even know why you would ask that question. Myself and my district are by far the most loyal citizens of all of Panem and we do not question the authority of President Snow.

Alison, District 10: Of course I am not against the Capitol. There is only respect for the Capitol and all that they do in District 10. Any negative emotion or action is subject to punishment.

Nick, District 7: Why would I be against the Capitol? They are a very powerful, yet amazing structure.

Gabby, District 5: The Capitol has guided Panem through many challenging times in its history. There were the droughts, storms, floods, and fires that stole so much of Panem’s land from it. There were the Dark Days that set so many of us against each other — citizens killing citizens, destroying our homes, our cities… As mayor of District 5, I firmly believe that the Treaty of Treason is what keeps our country and our citizens safe, and without the support of the Capitol, that Treaty could not be upheld. To answer your question simply, Nicki — I support the Capitol in all of its endeavors, in hopes of preserving the safety and peace of mind for the citizens of Panem.

Kayla, District 9: Yes, I do support the Capitol wholeheartedly. I may not understand the reasoning of their decisions, but I only have to look at my district and our peaceful country of Panem to know that whatever they are doing, they are doing it right! I never want to see a return to the Dark Ddays, and I think anybody who supports the notion of rebelling is foolish. Our society is stable and it works, and has been for 74 years. And because of that I have to put my faith in the Capitol that they will continue working to maintain the peace and well-being within Panem!

Jenn, District 8: The Capitol has given me an opportunity to protect a portion of Panem that I am adamant about so in that aspect I support them in letting me just a bit closer into their ulterior motives. However there are some morals that conflict with my own but that’s common in most government-based relationships. I don’t have any means to go against their word though suggestions can and will be sent from time to time. It’s disheartening to see that this “lesson” has gone on for 74 years, but at the end of it all, it’s surviving that keeps my faith in the Capitol. As soon as they promise some form of stability my faith will not falter and my heart will continue to thrive for Panem and District 8.

For Part 1 of the Q&A session, listen to Episode 39: Safe & Sound!

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