Best 'Hunger Games' Moments of 2011 Wednesday 28 December, 2011

For her last Hunger Games Countdown article of 2011, Perri Nemiroff over at asked us and a bunch of other fan site representatives to recap some of the most memorable Hunger Games moments of the year. 2011 was so jam-packed with Hunger Games excitement, we had a tough time choosing which two “events” we wanted to write about! We can only imagine what 2012 will bring…

Our contributions are below, and you can click here to read the full list! What were your favorite Hunger Games moments of 2011? Did we miss any monumental events in the Countdown? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Savanna of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat

As far as sheer hype goes, the premiere of the teaser trailer at the MTV Video Music Awards back in August probably takes the cake. Up until that point, the only glimpses of the movie we had seen had been in the form of still images, and everyone was desperate for more. And, unlike most of the other big Hunger Games-related events of 2011, we knew about the debut of the teaser well in advance, so rabid fans (myself included) had a lot of time to get excited and form expectations. Regardless of whether or not these expectations were met, the teaser’s impact can’t be denied. It convinced naysayers that Jennifer Lawrence could actually pull off the role of Katniss, showed us that the love triangle would NOT be a focal point, gave us our first taste of the film’s overall tone, and introduced Rue’s whistle. Too short? Maybe. Monumental? Absolutely.

Adam of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat

As interest in The Hunger Games swelled and scorched, the inevitable comparisons to Harry Potter and Twilight ensued, with many people wanting The Hunger Games to stand alone on its own two feet. I never disliked those comparisons because more than anything, I wanted The Hunger Games to be incredibly successful; what better model than to be considered in the same league as the two most successful YA franchises? (And come on; who doesn’t love Harry Potter?) Still, it was refreshing to see Lionsgate do something so creative and clever when they unleashed the motion poster. Between the lovely music, crackling of fire and the fact that it MOVED, it was a smorgasbord of sensory innovation. It was an amazing concept, and it was carried out exquisitely. Nice work, Lionsgate!

Sara Gundell from the Hunger Games Examiner also published several articles to help Hunger Games fans usher in the new year. Take a look!

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Happy New Year, everyone!


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