Battle of the Fan Sites at Wednesday 02 November, 2011

Perri Nemiroff of has struck again! For her latest Hunger Games Countdown, she decided to go all out and organize her own version of the Hunger Games and pit nine fan sites (including us) against each other in a crazy battle. Each site chose male and female characters to serve as tributes and explained why their chosen competitors would surely come out on top. It’s up to you to decide who wins, though, so please click here to read the entire article and then vote in the poll!

We want you to make an objective decision, of course, but it’s clear that our tributes are the fiercest in the arena…

District HUNGER GAMES FIRESIDE CHAT – Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark & Winter’s Bone’s Ree Dolly

Who better to send into the arena than Katniss herself? She’s Everdeen, bread and butter (or whatever the Dolly line is). Full of resourcefulness, determination, and survival skills to boot, Ree would undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with in the arena, especially when partnered with the youngest Stark daughter. Except Arya Stark is so badass, she’s dressed like a boy and passes for one, National Velvet style. Her cleverness and tenacity will surely get her far, especially with Ree watching over her. While neither Ree nor Arya possesses much more polish than a dead slug (in the eyes of the Capitol, anyway), with a little bit of wax and interview tips, we feel confident that we can turn these lumps of coal into sponsor-worthy pearls.


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